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Cool Han Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:23   Public Service   Dausa   195 views Reference: 78
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The young girls were bustling, but they didn't expect it to be Han Fei. Han Fei, you hide deep enough. There is a sports car. We don't know when we bought it. Zhi En is also in it! "This is from the manufacturer!" Han Fei explained. "Wow, I am so envious that there is no manufacturer looking for us to endorse a car, and then get one!" Lin Yuner touched her chin and daydreamed. You go up first, and I'll park the car! Said hello, Han Fei looking for a parking space, nine girls sat on the elevator first, if you wait for Han Fei together, the elevator really can not squeeze into so many. When Han Fei and Li Zhien came to the private room, the people inside were almost ready. There are five tables for the staff, two tables for the actors, plus the "family members" of the actors, and two tables for Girls' Generation, sperjwr and hine. The box is very lively. Han Fei is here! Ji-eun also came, the girl sat at the girl's table, Han Fei sat here! Cui Shiyuan said to Han Fei. Lee Ji-eun and Girls' Generation were seated at a table that was just full, while Han Fei sat with sperjwior and hine. After all the members arrived, Yin Xihu took the lead in standing up and toasting, saying: "After three months of busy work, we worked together and finally completed the shooting of Love Rain.". For this TV play, I am very satisfied with everyone's performance in the play, and I am very happy to work with you! Don't go home without getting drunk today! "Don't go home without getting drunk!" Of course,inflatable air dancer, this is aimed at boys, and the top of the table is full of drinks when they are young girls. However, Lin Yuner quietly asked Minho for two bottles of red wine. This night, Han Fei became the target of everyone's "attack". Girls' generation, sperjwior, hin went to battle again and again, and he was dizzy. Gradually, my consciousness became blurred. Chapter 439: Finishing Party. Chapter 439: Finishing Party, to the website. [Chapter 440: When a Good Woman Loves a Bad Man] Chapter 440: When a good woman falls in love with a bad man Pain,Inflatable indoor park, like a needle prick, the whole body is weak and weak. .... Han Fei is lying on the bed. I just feel like I'm cracking all over. Last night, white, red, yellow, repeatedly "bombing", and finally directly lying on the table do not wake up the world, Han Fei's memory, here is the end. Eyes slightly open, eyes do not roll, staring at the ceiling, very strange. Looking at his surroundings, he was sure that he was lying in a hotel room. At this time, he saw a girl lying on the bed, and there was a doubt in his heart. Is it Ji-eun? It's not "Lee Ji-eun's hair is black." Is it Xiaoxian? It's not one. "" Xu Xian's hair is not so curly. Who's this? Han Fei felt dizzy in his brain. She tried to poke the girl leaning against the bed with her hand, and the girl woke up with confused eyes and dilated pupils. Taeyeon, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, how could it be you?! Han Fei opened his eyes wide and was very surprised. Drunk last night, Han Fei thought it was not Lee Ji-eun to take care of himself, or Seo Hyun, how not to wake up, leaning on the bedside will be Kim Tae-yeon. "You're awake!" Kim Tae-yeon took a faint look at Han Fei and then said, "Are you sad?"? I'll pour you a cup of boiling water! He went around to the counter, poured a cup of warm water, and handed it to Han Fei. What are you doing here? Han Fei took the cup and asked in surprise. Kim Tae-yeon stretched herself and sat on a chair beside her. Her faint tone made Han Fei very uncomfortable. It seemed that after a night, she seemed to have changed. What, it's not me? Who do you think?! "Where is Ji-eun?" Sleeping in the next room! What else do you want to ask, Xiaoxian? Xiaoxian went to the restaurant and ordered breakfast! In Han Fei's surprised eyes, Kim Tae-yeon said to herself. Han Fei was stupefied, feeling that after a night, as if everything had changed, I do not know why. Now Kim Tae-yeon is not like Kim Tae-yeon before today, a strange sense of distance wandering between the two, as if they just knew each other today. Han Fei was afraid to set Kim Tae-yeon, who was developing in the direction of the explosive barrel, on fire. He said cautiously, "Sister Tae-yeon, what's wrong?"? You're not normal today! But Kim Tae-yeon asked in reply, "Have you forgotten what happened last night?" Hearing Kim Tae-yeon's words, Han Fei was immediately startled. Did what happened last night baffle the chaos? Thinking of this, he immediately checked his clothes, which were in order and had not been taken off. ^/very literary/^ With a suspicious look on his face, Han Fei said, Last night? What happened last night? I just remember the last time I drank myself unconscious, and I don't remember anything after that. "You were so good last night that you drank all the boys at the same table!" Hearing this, Han Fei felt a burst of joy in his heart. It seems that he had a good record last night. Then he went on to ask, "What happened next?" "Later, I, Xiaoxian and Zhien helped you into the room together!" Han Fei secretly patted himself on the chest, thinking that something big had happened, and that nothing had happened to the three of them. Looking at Han Fei's relaxed face, Kim Tae-yeon wished she could go up and slap him. Han Fei, do you know there is a saying called telling the truth after drinking?! Han Fei, who was secretly happy, put down his heart and hung up again. He thought to himself, "What did you say last night that you shouldn't have said?" "I really forgot what happened to sister Taeyeon. Just say it!" Han Fei knocked on the head, really can not remember, to fight to kill, he is ready. { Uncle Last night, Cui "Well, don't drink him any more. Look at him. Can he still drink?"? Don't get any alcohol poisoning! Taeyeon, you girls are careful. Help Hanfei up. This is the room card. I've been on guard against you today, and the room has been opened long ago! As Yin Xihu imagined, as expected, someone drank unconscious, but he did not expect that this person would be Han Fei. Kim Tae-yeon stood up, Seo Hyun also hurriedly stood up, and Lee Ji-eun is not left behind,large inflatable water slide, three people together holding Han Fei, into the elevator, to the guest room forward. joyshineinflatables.com

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