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Your Majesty, wash up and sleep. Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:24   Human Resources   Gandhinagar   287 views Reference: 81
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"The situation forced me to take Pran with me. Rose, you take Pran back first." Yu Xi Sheng Jin stopped the rose from exporting. She could understand that Rose drew her sword to herself in order to win the vitality of Pulan. Rose nodded and told him, "Childe is in the horse farm. I heard that he has chosen many horses." Running all the way to the racecourse, Yuxi Shengjin saw many familiar faces. They greeted her from a distance and saw her roaring past. The racecourse is very busy, the once deserted stables are now full of tall horses, and there are many armored Yuning soldiers carrying new saddles back and forth, which shows that it is not a joke. When someone saw Yuxi Shengjin, he ran over happily and told her that his son was over there. He pointed to a dark shadow in the distance. He was squatting on the ground and did not know what to check. Yuxi Shengjin was about to leave. The man hesitated to stop her and asked, "Lord of the city, are you really the queen of Yanren?" Is it still a fake to be a queen? Counterfeiting outside is wanted by the whole world! Yuxi Shengjin nodded, and the man scratched his head and continued to move the saddle. Step by step to the side of Yu Xi Ling elder brother, Yu Xi Ling elder brother did not notice, still watching people to nail the palm of the horse. Brother Ling. Yu Xiling turned his head, just as the scarred side was facing her. He looked surprised: "Ah Wu, I thought you wouldn't come back.." "How?"? Yuning is my home, and there is no one who doesn't go home. What is this? Yuxi Shengjin asked, while secretly scolding Xi Zhan in his heart. It was all his fault. During the day and night, he seized the opportunity to call Shengjin Shengjin. She was a stranger to Ah Wu. Get ready for battle! Yu Xiling ordered people not to make mistakes. He took Yu Xishengjin to a shady place and sat down to talk. Yu Xiling looked into the distance and talked. He didn't know whether to say it to himself or to Yu Xishengjin: "You have been evading your responsibilities for so long. Everything is borne by you for me. As a man and a husband, it's a failure, isn't it?"? From now on, I will guard the city of Yuning. Ah Wu, just do what you want to do. Don't have any more scruples. "Are you driving me to Yan Chao's harem to be a queen and fight for a man with countless women?" Yuxi Shengjin asked with a smile. Hearing her laugh, Yuxi Lingge turned to look at her. Yuxi Shengjin did not avoid his gaze at all. He said frankly, "I would rather suffer from the wind and sand in the spring and autumn of Yuning and endure the boundless winter than enjoy the warmth in winter and coolness in summer in the palace. In Yuning, I can climb to the city wall at any time to see the desert, the pass and the camels in teams, even if I sit in the mulberry flower shop." See her wine, see her and people tease, this is alive, but in the palace, the sky is only so small! People are breathing, the heart is dead, your brother, you have always been free, so probably can not understand the idea that you would rather suffer than suffer, do not understand the meaning of me. Brother Yuxi smiled and said, "I don't quite understand. After all, it's a place richer than Beidi in the world. The emperor is a man more noble and powerful than the Lord of Beidi." This is true, but rich is not rich, power is not power, how much can she use in her life? "Why don't you become a king of that Western region, build a huge harem, summon a group of minister, and set up a set of complicated rule. You will probably understand when there are rules for what clothes you wear, what food you eat and when you go out every day." Yu Xi Sheng Jin suggested. That's what I'm thinking. Yu Xi Sheng Jin was a joke, inflatable amusement park , but he didn't want Yu Xi to give a positive answer. This time it was Yu Xishengjin's turn to be puzzled. The Yu Xishengjin she knew was not such an ambitious person? "Only power and strength can protect what they cherish." Brother Yuxi's tone was so firm. That's true. Yu Ning is the inheritance of Yu Xi's family. If you don't protect it, can you explain it to your ancestors? Yuxi Shengjin agreed that perhaps men have a deep desire for such things as power in their bones, but they just need an opportunity to stimulate it. Yuxiling elder brother is very busy, Yuxishengjin himself back to the castellan mansion, usually in the castellan mansion to think a lot of things, now Yuxiling elder brother showed his attitude, she is not good to intervene again, all of a sudden feel like they are redundant in Yuning city, find something to do, embroidery? I have lost the patience to embroider a flower and a leaf with a stitch and a thread. Read a book? She had already read all the books in the mansion, and she was not very interested in reading them again. Bavo also died in the fierce battle, and she could not even tease the dog. Finally, Yuxi Shengjin decided to cook something to eat! I don't know where the two old servants in the house have gone. She's hungry. Came to the strange kitchen, looking at the big stove, bottles and cans a little at a loss, only a few poor cucumbers and a wilted radish in the basket, as well as a few eggs, after studying for a long time, Yuxi Shengjin began to wash his hands to make soup. In a hurry for a long time, Yuxi Shengjin finally got a meal and two dishes, and the appearance was OK, yellow egg green cucumber, purple heart radish. Wu? Where are you, cooking? At the door, I don't know when Yuxi will come back. I was surprised to see Yuxi Shengjin turn around and look at him. Right face a piece of black ash, chin a little soy sauce, know for a long time, the first time Yuxi Ling elder brother saw her so no image. I'm not very proficient. It smells good. Would you like to taste it? Yu Xisheng Jin has some expectations for his craftsmanship. Yu Xi Ling elder brother is to come back to send food to Yu Xi Sheng Jin, because want to give her face, so two people sit to eat the thing that she makes personally! Zucchini scrambled eggs, stewed radish, salt seems to be put right, but it tastes strange, strange where it is not clear, after the afternoon, Yuxi Shengjin diarrhea, your brother is not much better, at most less than her two trips to the toilet, noisy until midnight when the stomach is empty. Separated by the inside and outside, Yuxi Shengjin expressed his apology, only to hear the voice of Yuxi Lingge gently pushing the door out, and then gently came back to lie down. A hundred miles away, Xi Zhan returned to the tent from the battlefield. Seeing that the fat gold ingot had just released the carrier pigeon, he asked him what Yuxi Shengjin had done today. The fat gold ingot said, It was the empress who cooked, but she had a bad stomach. Xi Zhan smiled first, then thought about it and pulled down his face, so that yuanbao,Inflatable water park on lake, who was half laughing, put away his smile and was careful. Xi Zhan said in a tasty tone, "I'm in a hurry to go back. I dare to wait on others to eat.". Hum joyshineinflatables.com

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