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A Record of Seeking Qin Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:16   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Farrukhābād   419 views Reference: 62
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The hall was so quiet that no one could be seen. Xiang Shaolong feels freehand brushwork very much, this kind of peaceful and leisurely atmosphere, it is rare really, surge up the feeling that does not want to do anything lazily, go to a lie down a few lie down. Tian Zhen tidied up her clothes and gracefully walked out. When she came to him, Ying Ying knelt down and said, "What does Master Dong like to eat?"? Go to the slave's house and get it for you. As soon as Xiang Shaolong mentioned it to her, his stomach thundered like hungry thunder. He reached out his hand and touched her face and said, "Whatever!"! Hey! Where is the female tiger? Tian Zhen could not help saying, "The tiger naturally sleeps in its den during the day!"! Xiaofeng went to serve her. He stopped talking and went away with great joy. When Xiang Shaolong closed his eyes and slept, Jing Jun and Zhao Zhi came back together. Seeing that they had no hard feelings and talked happily, he felt more clear and open-minded. As soon as Le Cheng went, the whole stuffy situation changed, and the initiative was firmly in hand. When Jing Jun and Zhao Zhi were dining with him, the latter said, "I've never seen the city of Handan like this. The streets are full of Zhao soldiers. They go from house to house to search and ask questions. All the warriors in our hangar have been recruited to help, which makes people panic." "Does anyone think I did it?" Xiang asked as he wolfed down his food. Zhao looked at him admiringly and said, "Master Dong, the best thing you can do is that you didn't use the flying needle. That has become your trademark. So now everyone is suspicious. My master even suspects that Li yuan did it. Hey!"! That's funny! "I've never seen my sister so happy," said Jing Jun. Zhao Zhiheng glanced at Jing Jun and said angrily,interactive kiosk price, "What a lot of things!" Jing Jun hurriedly smiled to make amends. Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that this was the rule of one thing by one thing. "Where has the eldest brother gone?" He asked. "Elder brother has gone back to the pasture," said Jing Jun. Lowering his voice, he said, "While the people of Zhao are concentrating their attention on the houses, send the wounded brothers back to the pasture to have a rest, so that no one will find out the flaw." Xiang Shaolong was relieved. Wu Zhuo is shrewd and prudent, and he must have a way to deceive the world. Jing Jun added, "The eldest brother wanted to talk to the third brother,face recognition identification kiosk, but the third brother.." Hey! Zhao Zhixing stared and said, "Xiaojun, why are you hesitating? What happened to your third brother?" How could Xiang Shaolong be afraid of Zhao Zhi? He reached out from the bottom and touched Zhao Zhi's thigh. The baby immediately stopped talking and hung his head. Holding a pot of wine in her hand, Tian Feng came out of the dining room and asked, "Would you like to taste the tonic wine sent by Mr. Long Yang?" Jing Jun applauded and said, "This is what the third brother needs most. Come and have a drink with us." The pretty faces of the two women immediately burned up. Xiang Shaolong did not know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn't help laughing and said, "If it weren't for the emptiness, every man would need this thing. Come on!"! Call Zhenzhen here and let's have a good time. Time is spent in this happy atmosphere. At dusk, Shanrou left the bedroom spiritually and took Zhao Zhi to the back garden to worship the dead souls of his parents and relatives. Jing Jun love lively, led more than ten men, the name is to find out the news, in fact, it is to wander around. Xiang Shaolong did not stop him, because this is reasonable, touch screen kiosk ,information kiosk price, they have no reason to ignore the matter of Handan. With Ji Yan ran in mind, but knowing that he was not suitable to go out, he had to suppress this attractive idea and find Tian Zhen and Tian Feng to chat, which made them elated. Other men are only happy with their bodies. How can anyone listen to them? Zhao Zhi has now become his semi-public mistress, simply stay, he can not bear to go against. After dinner, when Xiang Shaolong thought he would be able to have a quiet night, the unexpected guest turned out to be Han Chuang, the Marquis of Pingshan. After sitting down in the hall, Han Chuang carefully examined his appearance. He nodded and said, "Brother Dong is really stronger than a horse. His face is much better than yesterday. Does the wound still hurt?" Xiang Shaolong said, "The Marquis has a good heart. It's much better today.". Alas! I didn't expect General Le Cheng to go like this! Han Chuang showed a cold look and said disdainfully, "If some people in this world are killed suddenly, no one can guess who committed the murder afterwards.". Because there are too many people who have been hurt by him. If there is a chance, I will also insert his two swords. In the past, when Le Cheng was stationed in the Zhao Han frontier, he had invaded my territory and committed many crimes. His hands were stained with blood. Humph! Xiang Shaolong a chill, usually see Han Chuang and Le Cheng call each other brother, but in his bones is such a thing. Pretending to be surprised, he said, "So is General Le such a person?" "Don't mention this man any more," said Han Chuang. "Let's discuss the future." Xiang Shaolong murmured in his heart, was he going to encourage himself to deal with Li yuan again? Han Chuang took the tea from Tian Feng and looked at her back in a leering way. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva before his soul returned to its place and said, "Brother Dong came back to Zhao this time because he hoped to make some achievements.". But raising a horse is raising a horse. At most, it will become two Wu's. There is no hope of an official title. Brother Dong, do you think I'm right? Xiang Shaolong thought to himself that even if I were really Dong Kuang, I would never go to Korea, where the situation was weaker than that of Zhao, to wait for death. On the surface, he said, "The Marquis looks up to me. Naturally, I am very grateful. It's just.." Han Chuang interrupted him and said, "Brother Dong has misunderstood me. Of course!"! If brother Dong wants to come to our country, the Marquis will fall down to meet. But what we have to discuss this time is the vacancy vacated by the death of Le Cheng in the city of Handan. Xiang Shaolong stayed up, Han Chuang as a Korean, which turn to get him to manage Zhao people. As for the city guard, such as the prince of Zhao's escort general, not the prince of Zhao's favorite person, don't want to get his hands on, it is he has not, including the moment in the dream. Han Chuang said proudly, "Brother Dong, I can't believe it. But if you know that Queen Jing is the elder sister of this family, you will know that I am not without influence on the government of the State of Zhao." Only then did Xiang Shaolong remember that Queen Jing had married the Korean royal family of King Xiaocheng under the great plan of the Three Jin Dynasties. Naturally, she had something to do with Han Chuang. She could not help blaming herself for her negligence. She was surprised and said, "I don't know about this!" Han Chuang said proudly,facial recognition thermometer, "As long as I say a few words in front of Queen Jing, she can influence the decision of King Xiaocheng.". Since Zhao Mu lost power, the most influential people to King Xiaocheng were Queen Jing and Zhao Ya. hsdtouch.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable