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Super Soldier System _ 20200215155554. Full-time Job

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"What!" After hearing the answer, Lin Fei almost collapsed, his father's son, he desperately entered the enemy fortress to save people, very not easy to save success, unexpectedly found that he wanted to save people, not caught, it is estimated that at this moment, is likely to be in their own base camp, waiting for their own back. Should be the cult saint dark non-flower looking for someone to contact, he asked her to contact before looking for a girl named Blue Lily, did not expect her to contact, but also saved the Blue Lily in distress. Lin Fei recalled that when he first called the dark flower and asked her to arrange for him to come to Hades, he said something to the dark flower. Lin Fei, who was in a trance for a few seconds, smiled helplessly and began to run quickly to a mecha storage room of the nearest Beast Empire next to the dungeon. It's not that the Fortress of the Hundred Beasts Empire is slow to react. It's really that Lin Fei has this kind of skill that goes against the sky in three minutes. It's only two or three minutes from the beginning of sneaking in and being discovered to the release of prisoners of war. Lin Fei used the skill of going back to the past to completely erase the useless time he spent looking for the prison route. Three minutes later, the Mecha soldiers of the Hundred Beasts Empire completed their assembly, but Lin Fei still had more than a dozen lucky prisoners of war who had found a mecha that could be driven and rode on it smoothly. There are also some Tianlong Federation prisoners of war, after not finding the mecha, can only settle for the second best choice of a few chariots, of course, bad luck also has, can only pick up an energy gun to make do with. But these Tianlong Federation prisoners,Inflatable outdoor park, looking at the corpses of the Beast Empire outside the cell, had a higher admiration for Lin Fei, the God of war who came to rescue them alone, and of course, a higher chance of running out of the enemy fortress alive. Lin Fei piloted an agile Black Hawk X0301, which is 8.2 meters high, with a five-meter-long energy sword, a pulse electric gun and six missiles. The rear of the mecha is equipped with six high-speed power thrusters. Although the choice of heavy firepower model mecha in the hands of Lin Fei,Jumping castle with slide, who has returned to the past skills, will have greater damage, but Lin Fei himself now feels depressed enough, risking his life to save a bunch of teammates who have not met, but found that the people who want to save most are not there, and now he has to lead them out of the enemy fortress. Lin Fei, who was not their nanny, chose the Black Hawk III mecha, which seemed to have strong maneuverability and fast escape speed. If Lin Fei, who has the three-minute (pseudo) skill of God of War, was a destroyer in the Fortress of the Beast Empire when he was wearing a battle suit, Lin Fei, who is now on the mecha, is like equipping the destroyer with enough explosives to become a blaster. Lin Fei quickly controlled the mecha, and the Beast Empire saw a Black Hawk three-generation mecha, holding a sword, Inflatable dry slide ,inflatable water slide, with strange steps, evading the aim of the trajectory again and again, rushing to the dozens of mecha groups they had just assembled in the Beast Empire. The sound of explosions came one after another, and as soon as the Black Hawk mecha waved its energy sword, one of the mecha in the Empire of Beasts was cut in half or its head was cut off and exploded. The Black Hawk mecha, driven by the Dragon Federation Madman, is like entering no man's land. In the face of four or five enemies at the same time, it can come out of the cracks and destroy several armor. And the captives of the Dragon Federation, following the unstoppable Black Hawk mecha, began to break through to the border south of the fortress. Did not grab the mecha dragon Federation soldiers, at the moment there is no time to complain, two legs fast running on the ground, they also know, missed the breakthrough opportunity, and then captured back as a prisoner, I am afraid it is not as simple as killing directly, so many beast empire soldiers were killed tonight, if they were captured as prisoners, it is estimated that tonight will experience ten torture. Dozens of mecha did not stop Lin Fei and the desperate prisoners of war behind him, and soon the line of defense was broken through a gap. Lin Fei's Black Hawk mecha, like a sword, cut through the enemy's defense line and rushed out of the Fortress of Beasts. But just rushed out three hundred meters, Lin Fei heard the roar of artillery fire from the rear. On the edge of the southern perimeter of the Hundred Beasts Empire, six medium-sized hidden batteries suddenly rose from the ground and began to bombard them as they fled the fortress. In just one salvo, one third of the newly escaped prisoners of war were killed. To escape the range of artillery fire, at least three or four rounds of fire had to be avoided, and it was impossible to go back and demolish the shield that had now been raised on the fort. Do you think the Fortress of the Empire of Beasts is so easy to break through! Even if you are the king of individual soldiers, you can't take a prisoner of war today. A prisoner of war who falls into the hands of my bloody Mary has only the fate of death today. In the command room of the Hundred Beasts Empire Fortress, Bloody Mary, holding a red wine glass, saw the Black Hawk mecha on the detector, which had been stopped by the fire of the hidden battery, and screamed excitedly. Go back three minutes. Lin Fei rubbed his temples and used the power again. He had to destroy the battery shields before they rose. Otherwise, in his current state, he has used too many powers today, and it is impossible to survive the next four or five salvos. So the soldiers of the Dragon Federation with heavy firepower listen to the order, turn around, three hundred meters ahead, one o'clock, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock in the direction of heavy firepower salvo for five seconds, do not retain ammunition. According to his memory, Lin Fei marked the direction of the six hidden batteries that had not yet been raised, and controlled his mecha to launch six missiles. Although the escaped prisoners of the Tianlong Federation felt strange to hear the sudden order, whether it was to vent or just to obey the order. Seeing the impact of the Black Hawk III rescuing them launch missiles, they also opened heavy fire at the target. After all, their lives are saved by the other side, what is the waste of ammunition? The "coax" explosion sounded. " All right, all mecha, take the teammates around you, quickly evacuate here,Inflatable indoor park, target Tianlong Fortress. Lin Fei said again using the sound amplification equipment of the mecha. At this moment, in the general command room where the Hades Star of the Beast Empire had just been broken into the fortress, Bloody Mary threw the wine glass to the ground angrily. joyshineinflatables.com

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