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No North and South Author: Lu Moyao Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:07   IT & Telecoms   Sahāranpur   274 views Reference: 42
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Jiang yuan pursued fiercely: "What can you do, is not to go home to serve your husband?"? Don't put sex before friends, just for one day! Mo Beibei shrunken mouth helpless: "No way, is to serve him, but not home, is their company's annual meeting." "Ah!"! So he's going to parade you through the streets? Jiang yuan was surprised and excited, "Mo Beibei, won't you be all over the newspaper tomorrow?" "Of course not!"! He's not that influential! "You don't understand this. If you can't go to the financial edition, you can also go to the entertainment edition!" Mo Beibei sneered: "What is the entertainment version? I am not a star!" " Begged a few words Jiang yuan finally gave up, Mo Beibei was ready to start work, picked up the mobile phone to look at the time, only to find that yesterday's missed call is still displayed on the screen. She pressed it casually, and the string of numbers jumped into her eyes without warning. She remembered that the phone rang and hung up last night. Somehow, she could suddenly imagine what Ji Yuyang looked like when she dialed the phone. It was estimated that she was in a daze with her cell phone, looking at a number for a long time. Perhaps he was still standing by the window, and the night wind was blowing in his face, making his skirt tremble gently. Cold and lonely. After a few seconds, Mo Beibei sneered again, lonely? How is it possible that Zhou Xiaoqi should still be next to him? Maybe he pressed it by mistake. Not knowing whether she was unconvinced or curious, she pressed the green dial button on the number. Just one sound and someone picks it up. The voice of the man over there was a little deep and hoarse,ultrasonic molten metal, as if with a feeling of forbearance. Ji Yuyang said, "Beibei, it's me." Mo Beibei calmed down a little and told himself to take a businesslike attitude, but his words were still trying to cover up: "I wanted to ask you if you had any work orders when I saw the missed call." Ji Yuyang's phone call was not made during working hours, and she wanted to make a mockery of it. But on second thought, he found that he was calling him now, and it seemed that he had no position to speak coldly. Ji Yuyang's words were not on the topic,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and his gentle voice showed a little humility: "." Beibei, do you have time now? Now? Mo Beibei looked at the comic magazine spread out on the table, the sarcastic faces of the little people on it jumped vividly in front of her eyes, and the voice, which was obviously hoarse, was heard by her. She's not in a hurry right now, but she's thinking that she can't run up the pole as soon as you say it, as if she cares. The pause was long enough, and Mo Beibei could hardly make a sound: "." I'm not free now. Maybe in the afternoon. When Ji Yuyang heard this, he said, "Well, let's talk about it in the afternoon. I'll pick you up." "Don't!" Mo Beibei hurriedly stopped him and sneered coldly, "Thank you, Mr. Ji, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, for your kindness, but I can't afford it.". Please tell me the address of the office, and I won't bother you about the rest. Ji Yuyang was suddenly silent, and suddenly both sides were silent together. Mo Beibei could only hear him breathing gently over there, not very steady and regular, as if he was suppressing something. She did not know what she felt for a moment. She knew that she had spoken heavily, and that anyone could hear the sarcasm in her tone. She thought she would feel better if she let him hold her back, but for some reason, she felt as if she had been blocked by a thick cotton, and her stuffy breath could not come out of her chest. It seems that the action of force is really mutual. For a long time, Ji Yuyang finally compromised: "Well, Beibei, you should pay attention to safety when you come here." Then he gave her the address in a low, soft, hoarse voice. Mo Beibei took a pen here and wrote it down on the memo, his hand trembling slightly all the time, and the lines of the font he wrote were shaking, as if he had gone back to the past in an instant. She has been thinking about why Ji Yuyang is still throwing care in a good voice and perseverance when she is so aggressive. Is it because he's sorry and guilty? But what's the use of guilt? He made a decision years ago, didn't he? She spent the whole morning in a daze, with colleagues knocking on her desk and jokingly reminding her that "spring hasn't arrived yet, and your blurred eyes are too inappropriate.". Mo Beibei did not want to be in such a trance, but she was thinking uncontrollably about what she was going to say in the afternoon, but felt that it was not appropriate to say anything. She suddenly wanted to put away all the sharp thorns, not only because her temperament was not the kind of person who could fight with others secretly, but more importantly, she found that she did not want to make Ji Yuyang uncomfortable. After all, every time he felt uncomfortable, her own heart seemed to have been cut twice. Later, when she didn't have a good lunch, Jiang yuan cried out for waste and picked up all the beef in her bowl. Mo Beibei did not reciprocate with her for the first time, but also simply pushed the entire bowl in front of Jiang yuan. She wanted to call Chien Hao-nan to complain, but then she thought he must be very busy today, otherwise he wouldn't have gone out early in the morning, so it's better not to bother him. Thoughts have not been sorted out, the bus has arrived at the station. Mo Beibei got out of the car and put on her head with the hat on the back of her clothes. The wind was a little strong today, and the howling of ghosts and wolves was in line with her mood now. When she walked into Ji Yuyang's office, Ji Yuyang was standing by the window smoking. When he heard the sound of opening the door, he quickly turned his head and put out his cigarette. Mo Beibei was originally confused, and even can be said to be a little surprised, before Ji Yuyang did not touch alcohol and tobacco, do not know when he learned this skill. But a few seconds later Mo Beibei was relieved, Ji Yuyang went to such an open foreign country, not to mention smoking, it is estimated that smoking marijuana she should not feel strange. Mo Beibei closed the door,ultrasonic dispersion machine, no good opening remarks, also too lazy to say tit-for-tat meaningless dialogue. He simply went straight to the point and said, "Hurry up and say something." fycgsonic.com

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