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Your Majesty, I want to destroy you + text Full-time Job

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The roar of panic resounded through the four directions, flying in the cold wind. Military forces, fighting and retreat in this side of heaven and earth, dancing. This year's winter is surprisingly cold. In the winter of 451, Wangtianya defeated the Brahma Pavilion and led his troops to annex the eleven cities of the Brahma Pavilion. The remaining forces were led by the vassal kings from all over Brahma Pavilion to defend them to the death, but they were not what they used to be. Lord of the Brahma Pavilion is missing. Fo Xian Yishui and many forces are washed again. Foxian Yishui has entered another turbulent period. Reach the same goal by different routes 1-10 Birds sing in the mountains and morning bells fly. Above the water of this turbulent Buddhist immortal, Wangtianya, who was in the earliest turmoil and in the most dangerous situation, became the biggest winner by the wind and waves. The wind suddenly rises, obviously the chill is still the same, but the beauty of early and late spring. Look at the end of the world, Kyoto, the magnificent palace of the end of the world. A group of heroes stand side by side, and the king goes to court. The solemn and excited gesture was far beyond his time. Return to the king, hermit, Milin, Qi, Feng Chengguo, retreat, power greatly reduced, the surrounding small countries see the situation rise.. "Thirteen small countries were defeated and came to submit. I look at the horizon.." "Abundant materials, planning to rebuild the three major checkpoints.." One by one, the news flew up in the palace, which was the first morning after the victory of the war. Cough.. The cloud killed the sky and sat on the throne, coughing lightly and laying out the four directions. …… This time,silk ficus tree, I hope Tianya can repel the enemy, turn defeat into victory, the greatest contribution is.. The wind, who read out the imperial edict in a loud voice in a round of attack and reward, had no intention of reading it, and suddenly paused slightly. It is you who have fallen down. After a meal, the wind had no intention of reading out in a deep voice. As soon as the sound fell, the excited and cocky officials of the political palace suddenly fell silent and looked at each other one by one, not knowing what kind of expression they should make at this time. Jun Luyu, harm their king and long princess in the front. This is the enemy whom they look to the end of the world and punish. However,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, this time looking at the end of the world, to say this great merit, no one dares to say not to send to the head of the falling feather. Look at the horizon princes, they are all unswerving, hate evil. No one can say without conscience that Luoyu did not save the horizon this time, not the great benefactor of the horizon. As a result, there was a moment of silence in the palace. An atmosphere of embarrassment or embarrassment and silence floated in the air. The cloud killed the day to sit on the throne, heard the sound to look at the people, low cough twice, eyes such as ice, deep and difficult to understand. For a moment, the silence in the hall made people feel more and more depressed. Seeing this, Feng Wuxin coughed. He stood out and said in a deep voice, "If you have a grudge, you will embrace it. If you have merit, you will be rewarded. I hope that the horizon is not a place where there is no distinction between good and evil.". Although I did not witness with my own eyes the deeds of the last emperor who fell and surrounded the emperor Brahma and sacrificed his life to protect the king of Wangtian. However, I believe that there should be many people who see and participate with their own eyes. A word said this, artificial plant wall panels ,silk olive tree, the wind unintentionally face extremely serious glanced at the side of Yan Fei and other generals. Yan Fei and others bowed their heads together. Seeing this, Feng Wuxin continued to say in a deep voice, "Brahma Pavilion Emperor Brahma is insidious and cunning. He uses Jun Luoyu's parents to plot me to look at the end of the world. It doesn't matter whether she is really calculated or allied.". The truth is only one point, this time the above two, has been able to completely offset her great sin. Save me and look at the horizon of thousands of people with it, this to look at the horizon, grace with the reconstruction. Is there anyone who objects to the truth? As soon as it fell, the silent officials in the palace shook their heads. "No, the prime minister is right." "Yes, the reward and punishment are clear, and the merit of your falling feather is really the same as the word" rebuilding "." "There is no doubt that you are really my king." All of a sudden, all the important officials in the court opened their mouths to judge. In the past, the princes who wished to cut the fallen feathers to pieces. Today, all are ashamed. Among them, especially Yan Lin, Yan Chen, Yan Fei, three people. The three of them were almost too ashamed to raise their heads. The princes do not understand the falling feather, but the three of them are the longest to remove the falling feather. Unexpectedly, there was no guess at all, so he made such a judgment, not to mention, but also issued a kill order. Had it not been for Jun Luoyu's going to the Demon Fire, I'm afraid he would have been caught up and killed by their people in Foxian Yishui. This simply puts them to shame. Light glanced at the face of shame of the three and princes, the wind unintentionally nodded: "Well, since everyone has no objection, then this matter is so conclusive.". “ Then he turned his head and leaned against the throne. The cloud, who had not spoken, bowed down and said, "Your Majesty, since you have fallen into the feather, you have been kind to me and affectionate to the king.". I look at the horizon, how can I let her wander outside. This forgets that the other boundaries of the mainland are good, not as good as the place where the king is, and not as good as the place where home is. We used to misunderstand her and didn't let her feel that Wangtianya was her home. In the future, I absolutely must let Luoyu feel one heart and one mind, all serve her as the main, here is her home. Therefore, I implore the king to punish, and can let me personally go to the devil's fire to pick up our princess back. A word fell, the wind unintentionally bowed to the ground and bent deeply. Feng Wuxin, the head of all the ministers, has already spoken like this. What else can the other ministers say, what else dare they say, what else will they say. Now, bow down and plead for your life. Your Majesty, please allow me to go and invite you. The sound fluttered in the air, with neatness and respect that had never been there before. Yan Fei, Yan Chen, Yan Lin, three people look at each other together in this ambition. Get out of line and kneel on one knee toward the cloud and the sky. I three people plead, please allow me to three people to go, I three people have misunderstood the princess too deep, deeply ashamed. This time, I will try my best to ask the princess back and ask for forgiveness. Yan Fei saw with his own eyes that the falling feathers of the day did not answer their king's words and left. Their king was so fond of her rather than the world, and she was gone. You can imagine how difficult it will be to invite Luoyu back this time. However,faux ficus tree, no matter how hard it is. The three of them also threw caution to the wind. Even if Jun Luoyu wanted to kill him, they would never frown, just beg her to come back. hacartificialtree.com

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