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Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu's Second Peerless Tangmen Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:11   Tourism & Restaurants   Datia   247 views Reference: 52
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Wang Donger's face changed and he said, "Yu Hao, you're not going to participate in the competition.". No, it's too dangerous. This is Mingdu, and there are so many powerful soul teachers there. Huo Yuhao smiled and said, "Isn't it a pity not to take part in such a generous reward?"? Don't worry. I'm not taking any chances. Since these underground black markets hold competitions, security is certainly guaranteed. The contestants are all soul teachers, and they are the most powerful group in the whole RrMoon Empire. If they dare to tamper with the game, can the soul teachers tolerate them? They would never dare. So, you don't have to worry about that. And. I will not compete in my own identity. Isn't it easy for you to cheat people with your transfiguration and my simulated soul skill? Wang Donger frowned and said, "But we still have a big competition." Huo Yuhao said: "The Black Market Soul Mentor Competition is in the evening, which does not affect it.". Donger, for the development of Tangmen, I must take part in this contest. Gambling is a good opportunity for us, but I'm not comfortable betting on others. I am a soul teacher. This is also a good opportunity to test my ability. At the same time, I can also learn more from my colleagues. I'll ask the second brother to go with me. At this point, he paused for a moment and said, "Donger.". This time we came to participate in the competition. What the competition brings to Tangmen is fame. Buying rare metals in private brings us the future of Tangmen. Both are important. Wang Donger thought for a moment and said, "You can go if you want.". I have two conditions. First, you must get the permission of Big Brother. Second,fake blossom tree, I want to go with you. However. Do you really want to participate? Hasn't the game already started? Huo Yuhao said: "Nana just said that there is still one day left for the qualifying competition.". It's not too late for me to go. I agreed to both of your conditions. Go. We're going to see Big Brother now, and then we're going to sign up for the competition. At this time, he is absolutely vigorous and resolute. Purchasing rare metals is one of the most important purposes of his visit. It is of great significance to the future development of Tangmen and the improvement of his own soul teacher's ability. At that moment, Huo Yuhao let Wang Donger push himself to call and vegetable head first, and then went to Beibei's room together. Half an hour later. The sky was already completely dark, perhaps because the competition during the day had consumed too much of the people's power, and the night was somewhat deserted. There are not too many people on the street. Most people have fallen asleep. About 300 meters away from the Mingyue Hotel, in a dark corner,silk cherry blossom tree, the light suddenly distorted, and then four figures appeared. Huo Yuhao is still sitting in a wheelchair, but now his golden tree wheelchair is covered with a black sè cloth cover, and his own appearance is also a big change. He is much more handsome than before. Many subtle changes have taken place. Even if there are people who know him in front of him, it is difficult to recognize him as long as he does not associate through the wheelchair. Wang Donger is still dressed in men's clothes, but her appearance has become much colder and more ordinary. The whole person looks like a very ordinary and cold young man. The biggest change with the vegetable head is the hair. Originally shiny big bald head put on a brown s s è wig, the wig was loose on the shoulders, a black s è mask was added to the face, and the exposed skin was modified to be much whiter. Coupled with a broad black sè robe, the whole person was covered up with a mysterious atmosphere. Nana's change is the simplest, made up into a maid's appearance, simple change makes her give a kind of Chu Chu pitiful taste, standing beside Huo Yuhao's wheelchair, respectful expression is completely unnecessary to pretend. He Caitou exclaimed, faux ficus tree ,artificial banyan trees, "Younger Martial Brother, your simulated soul skill is getting stronger and stronger. You can make so many of us come out of the hotel without any sign.". Now no one can really suspect us. Huo Yuhao smiled and said, "Second Elder Martial Brother, from now on, we will all change our names.". I'm in a wheelchair, so I'm taking advantage of everyone. We are brothers. I call you big brother, and you call me second brother. Donger and Nana are my attendants. Call me master. I will call you Xiaodong and Xiaona. ” "You're trying to take advantage of us on purpose," said Wang Donger angrily. Huo Yuhao laughed and said, "No!"! But isn't our identity the most reasonable? Call the master to listen. Looking at the sly God in his eyes, Wang Donger pouted, snorted, and his voice turned into a male voice, whispering: "Lord, master.." Huo Yuhao said with a smile, "Call it naturally. Come on, call it again." "You.." Wang Donger raised his hand to move, but when he looked at him sitting in a wheelchair, he had to withdraw his hand resentfully. With a snort, he turned his head away from him. Let's go. Set out. It's getting late. Everything went according to plan. Wang Donger pushed the wheelchair, followed by Nana, who lowered her eyebrows and strode with the vegetable head on the other side. The four of them took advantage of the night to go straight to the center of Mingdu. Where there are people, there will be an underground world, whether it is Tianhun, Douling, Xingluo or the RrìMoon Empire. There are many kinds of underworld. The lowest of the low are those who live on the basis of love, killing and human trafficking. The more advanced ones are arms sales, underground political transactions, reselling of rare resources and so on. The underground world, whether low-level or high-level, is, in fact, a plaything in the hands of big people. Otherwise, how can they continue to exist? In the underground world of Mingdu, there are three major forces, namely, the largest Xishui Alliance, the Ordinary Alliance and the Aodu Chamber of Commerce. Among them, the ordinary alliance, which sounds the most common name, holds the whole Mingdu's s sè love industry, and is the most superficial underground force. The Aodu Chamber of Commerce, on the other hand, controls similar killer guilds, thieves guilds and some evil forces. He specializes in collecting protection fees, assassinations, theft and other black jobs for a living. Compared with them,Faux cherry blossom tree, Xishui League is much more high-end, engaged in the most profitable drug and arms business in the underground world, and also part-time human trafficking. hacartificialtree.com

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