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As a result, while Zhou Tian was chasing the top level of the fish people everywhere, the army of the fish people also began to slowly appear a large number of casualties at that time. If it is normal, it is estimated that those high-level fish people can really see something. Unfortunately, at that time, they were chased by Zhou Tian and did not have the energy to pay attention to those things. As a result, when the fish people high-level has been used to being chased by Zhou Tian, just have the intention to pay attention to the war, they were surprised to find at that time, unconsciously, the forces around them, has been let Zhou Tian's men to almost all won. When that situation was discovered, the face of the senior fish man changed at that time. According to the power of the fish people, their troops naturally can not only be so little in the nest at the moment. Even if a large number of troops are killed now, as long as they are given a certain amount of time, when the time comes to pull out ten or eight equal troops, there will be no problem for those high-level fish people. However, the problem now is that even if the fish people can pull out more troops, but at least at this time, those troops can not appear in their lair,digital signage screen, so the problem is also appeared. If there is no army in hand, then even if they can pull out more troops in the future, it is meaningless. In the face of the threat of Zhou Tian, there are no soldiers in their hands, but the situation of those fish people can be said to be quite dangerous. Then is also like that, after the fish person high level discovered at that time the situation, actually is also anxious immediately. At that time,thermal imaging camera, the heart was also anxious to think. As things stand today. What do they have to do to turn the corner. Unfortunately, according to the situation at that time, as long as Zhou Tian refused to let them go, those high-level fish people really could not think of any way out of trouble. On the contrary, because they were frightened by their situation at that time, in the case of standing on the spot, they were directly caught up by Zhou Tian, who was chasing after them. Before those fish people high-level constantly change places, unless Zhou Tian is to kill all the troops of the fish people, otherwise they really can not take them. But now. Those fish people high level actually stopped the footsteps, in this way, naturally also gave Zhou Tian an easy chance to catch up with them. After catching up with those fish people, Zhou Tian did not hesitate. But he directly ordered his men and horses to surround them. Kill those fish people high-level things Zhou Tian is not to do, although Zhou Tian is not concerned about the life and death of those fish people, face detection android ,digital signage kiosk, but Zhou Tian heart is very clear, those fish people high-level, especially those fish elders in the fish people family but has a very special status. It can be said that if Zhou Tian wants to formally subdue the fish people, then there is no lack of help from the elders of the fish people. In such a case, Zhou Tian naturally can not kill them, can only catch them first, and then think of ways to subdue them. Although the fish people can't hear the voice of Zhou Tian. But to this problem is to see very thoroughly, so most of the fish people to the top is not worried about their lives, so that when they see themselves surrounded by Zhou Tian's men, immediately there are quite a number of fish people directly at that time also made the move to break out. The idea of those fish people is not right or wrong, but there is no doubt that their current behavior is absolutely wrong. Because when they do that, they completely forget to think about another problem. Yes, Zhou Tian really can't kill all the fish people, otherwise without them in hand, then Zhou Tian wants to rule the fish people will become an impossible thing to do, and that situation is absolutely not what Zhou Tian wants to see. Just. The fish people, while considering the situation, had completely forgotten one thing. The only thing that Zhou Tian could not do without was the fish elders. But as far as a fish-man elder in the Council is concerned, he is really not an indispensable figure for Zhou Tian. If it is normal, Zhou Tian will not really do anything to those senior fish people, but if they are not willing to cooperate. Then Zhou Tian really doesn't mind giving them an'example '. Then in such a situation, unexpectedly some fish people high-level thought that Zhou Tian did not dare to attack them and prepared to forcibly attack the encirclement of Zhou Tian. Under such circumstances, it is naturally impossible for them to come to a good end. Dare to trespass, kill! As soon as Zhou Tian gave the order, his sea people and sea beasts had no idea of showing mercy. When the top level of the fish people rushed towards them, they were slaughtered directly. Everything happened so fast that Zhou Tian had just given the order here, and Zhou Tian's men and horses started fighting directly, so that when they found out that something was wrong and some of the fish people wanted to go back, they had no time to go back, but they were directly killed by Zhou Tian's sea people. When he saw that his former familiar companions were killed by those sea people, and then even directly eaten by those sea animals as food. Naturally, it is impossible for the faces of those fish people at the top to be much better. However, as their faces changed, they were more awed by Zhou Tian. If there is no accident, now at this time, after such a move, those senior fish people really dare not do any more tricks. Give you two choices, surrender or die! Zhou Tian did not have the time and energy to talk to the top level of the fish people, so as soon as he went up, he was forced to surrender directly at that time. However, it is clear that for the matter of taking refuge in Zhou Tian, most of the top fish people are still opposed. After all, their fish people are already used to be the overlord of the sea, and now they want these overlord figures to be Zhou Tian's subordinates, how can those high-level fish people be reconciled. As a result,smart whiteboard price, in such a situation, after listening to Zhou Tian's words, it was immediately that some senior fish people could not help but stand up and denounce Zhou Tian at that time. hsdtouch.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable