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Super Student of Rebirth Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:17   Tourism & Restaurants   Fatehābād   329 views Reference: 64
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Oriental Snow Lotus can not help but laugh out, laugh very beautiful, just like her name, like a budding Tianshan Snow Lotus. Chen Yidao happened to see the most beautiful scene of Oriental Snow Lotus. Chen Yidao was stunned and said to himself, "Beautiful, so beautiful.". When Oriental Snow Lotus saw Chen Yidao staring at her, she couldn't help staring at Chen Yidao. Chen Yidao was in a daze again in her delicate scene. "So there is beauty in anger," he said to himself. Sima Mukun was so angry with Chen Yidao that his face turned purple. He wanted to rush up and push Chen Yidao down, and then kick Chen's buttocks one foot at a time. But he was pulled by Xiahou Bin and several of them. Otherwise, he would have rushed up and looked for Chen Yindao desperately: "Don't be angry. We will find the field later." "Let's go." Sima Mukun went to the door of the classroom first. He didn't want to stay here any longer. If he stayed any longer, he was afraid that he couldn't help killing people. Sima Mukun four of them left, so Chen Yidao they have a seat, four seats five people sit, Xiao Ao and Lei Jun these two love to play cool one person sit half of the stool, who told them two did not win, the loser side treatment is always the worst. Boss, you see, that is the Oriental Snow Lotus, how about it? Isn't it beautiful? Xiao Ao spoke to Chen Yidao, but his eyes were looking at the other side. See, barely OK, he is my lover is more like, if you want to be my wife, she is not qualified. Chen Yidao this shameless fellow blew up again, fortunately he is blowing in front of Xiao Ao them, otherwise spread out, Chen Yidao again big ability also impossible to destroy the oriental snow lotus fan group. Boss, I can't refuse to accept you! More shameless than me, bragging without a draft. Oriental Snow Lotus is not only the first beauty of Qiuhai University, but also the most attractive beauty in China. Xiao Aodao. Chen Yidao grabbed the textbook of a male student sitting in front of him, looked at it, and watched Chen Yidao doze off. The things in these books are too simple for him, just like asking a doctor to learn kindergarten textbooks, without any challenge or interest. In addition, the teacher's lecture on the stage was dull and insipid, which made it difficult for Chen Yidao not to doze off. Chen Yidao fell asleep on his desk and had a dream. He dreamed that he and Oriental Snow Lotus were on a high snow mountain. There was no one else on it except him and Oriental Snow Lotus. Dongfang Snow Lotus was waiting for Chen Yidao at the foot of the mountain, facial recognization camera , and Chen Yidao went to pick Tianshan Snow Lotus for her. When Chen Yindao went through all kinds of hardships to pick Tianshan Snow Lotus back, he was about to hand it to Dongfang Snow Lotus, but suddenly there was a sound from the sky that the eldest brother got up to eat, and Chen Yindao was pulled out of his dream. Chen Yidao opened his eyes and saw Xiao Ao in front of him, surrounded by classrooms, only to realize that it was all a dream. But although it is a dream, but such a good dream can do a few a year, so Chen Yidao complained about Xiao Ao. Laosan, can't you be merciful? I finally had a good dream, how can you be so cruel to destroy my dream? "Ah-, I destroy your good dream, boss in the end is what good dream, say quickly, is not a dream of beauty!"! Or did you have a wet dream? Xiao Ao asked with a lascivious face, and Lei Jun gathered around them curiously. Indeed, I dreamed that Oriental Snow Lotus was my servant girl and was helping me wash my feet. I was about to put my hand into her clothes, but you ruined it. If you had been a drop later, I would have touched it. Chen Yidao said that he wanted to use his hand as a metaphor. [Text Chapter 107: The Band: Swinging Beasts] The four of them raised their thumbs to Chen Yidao and said, "The eldest brother is the eldest brother. He is so strong in every dream. Others dream of marrying Oriental Snow Lotus as their wife. But the eldest brother dreams of Oriental Snow Lotus as his wife. It's easy for him to dream of Oriental Snow Lotus. He also lets Oriental Snow Lily be a servant girl. He can play whatever he wants.". Choosing you to be the boss of 00ks.com is the best thing I've ever done in my life. Chen Yidao shook his head coquettishly and said, "I keep a low profile. Don't say any more.". Class is over now. Let's go outside! Class is really not fun, it is better to go outside to see Meimei. ” To the outside, Xiao Ao they automatically go to find the target, although many female students know them, know that they are famous beasts, but there are still many girls can not help but fall into their love net. Fortunately, Xiao Ao, although they are animals, but not to the point of animals, are the point to the end. Xiao Ao they go to pick up girls, but Chen Yidao is lying on the lawn, he is thinking about how to make Shangguan Daidi like himself? And use her to get close to her sister Shangguan Aoxue? When the sound of the piano came, Chen Yidao turned his head and saw a boy practicing the guitar. Ha-ha I thought, music is the natural enemy of women, I have so many future songs, why not use it to pick up girls! Chen Yidao thought of his feet sticking up to the sky, his back sticking up, and his body standing up like a spring. Second, third.. Come here quickly. Chen Yidao shouted to Xiao Ao, who was playing. What's the matter? Xiao Ao ran over and asked. How about we form a band? Chen Yidao said what he thought. Okay! I want to be the lead singer. Lei Jun jumped up excitedly. He was originally engaged in music. Can he not be excited when he heard that Chen Yidao was going to form a band? You'd better forget it! It's better to be a chorus singer than a lead singer. You're far worse than me. Chen Yidao said lightly to Lei Jun. Boss, you also want to blow, my mother is a singer, I have been learning from my mother since childhood, how can you compare with me? Lei Jun said with displeasure. hsdtouch.com

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