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Fanxia Tianjiao Witch-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:22   Medical & Healthcare   Farrukhābād   312 views Reference: 74
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Helian Qingxia came up with a salute and said, "Old monk, you saved my life that day, and I haven't thanked you yet.". Brother Yelu, he is- "The old monk laughed and said," I already know who he is. Wulin Tianjiao is waiting for you across the river. You should go quickly. Don't waste time here. Xin Qiji was a little surprised to see that they were two young men in Hu clothes. Geng Zhao said, "These two are friends of Nvxia Liu. I met a strong enemy just now. It was with their help that I got out of danger." Xin Qiji began to get rid of his suspicion and folded his fists to meet them again. Yelv yuanyi took out a small flag embroidered with an eagle and said, "This is the flag of my younger brother. If we meet on the battlefield in the future, please recognize the flag. Maybe we can help each other." "Strong man," said Xin Qiji in astonishment, "you are.." Yelv yuanyi said, "Wanyan Liang, the gold owner, has a family and country enmity with me.". You can know my origin by asking Nvxia Liu in the future. I have no time to talk about it now. Xin Qiji accepted the flag, and Yelv yuanyi and Helian Qingxia hurried away. The old monk suddenly stared at Geng Zhao with his eyes shining. "What's the name of Nvxia Liu?" He asked. Geng Zhao said, "It's Liu Qingyao, who is known as the witch of Pengcai." The old monk seemed taken aback. "When did you meet her?" He asked. "Where is she now?" Geng Zhaoxin said, "The old monk beat Gongsun Qi away. He must have known Nvxia Liu. It's all right to tell him." "Ten days ago," he said, "Nvxia Liu and I were in Lin'an together. Later, they parted ways. I came to Jiangyin with General Xin, while she and an elder went to Feilong Island outside the mouth of the Yangtze River. "You were with her in Lin'an,x52 line pipe," said the old monk. "Was she dressed as a man?" "How did you know?" Asked Geng Zhao. The old monk sighed and said, "I really missed it face to face!" Geng Zhao's heart moved and he said, "Master, are you the second masked man that Nvxia Liu met in the palace?" "Not bad," said the old monk. "Well, I was dressed as a layman at that time, and she was dressed as a man, and we both missed each other!" "Master,x56 line pipe," said Geng Zhao, "have you been looking for Nvxia Liu for a long time? And you are The old monk said, "The past is like a lifetime ago. I don't want to mention it.". Geng Ju Shang, today you and I meet, is also predestined, do you know, you have been seriously injured? "Master," said Geng, "you have a discerning eye. The younger generation was injured when they fought with others just now. But it's much better now. Master, please save these two first. The Sa brothers gave Gongsun Qi an acupoint, but he was still lying on the ground, unable to move. Geng Zhao was well aware of the power of Gongsun Qi's acupoints. He thought to himself that he had no ability to solve their acupoints, so he asked the old monk for help. Qin Nongyu thought carefully, "Everyone can see what happened to my brother. Why did the old monk solemnly ask him if he knew?" Hurriedly: "Old Zen Master, what kind of injury do you think he suffered?" The old monk untied the acupoint for the Sa brothers and said, x70 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, "Master Geng, your wound is much heavier than theirs.". You were wounded by Gongsun Qihua's bloody knife! Geng Zhao was taken aback. "I didn't fight with him just now," he said. "Let me feel your pulse," said the old monk. As soon as he felt Geng Zhao's pulse, he frowned and said, "You were injured two months ago. Who treated you?" Geng Zhaoxin said, "I made a few moves with Gongsun Qi last time, but I didn't hit him in the body, and that was only last month.". Although the old monk's eyesight is very strong, it is not very accurate. But Geng Zhao could not say that he was not sure. He only answered his question, saying, "It was the elder Dongyuan who treated me." "Elder Dongyuan?" Asked the old monk? Is it the East China Sea Dragon? "Not bad," said Geng Zhao. Did the master know him? "We met once thirty years ago," said the old monk. Did he give you Yang He Guben Dan? Geng Zhao said, "Elder Dongyuan gave me ten pills, saying that they have the function of invigorating qi and calming the nerves. He told me to take one pill every three days. Now I have taken three pills.". But I don't know if it's Yang and Guben Dan? The old monk sighed, "Wrong, wrong!" Geng Zhao was stunned for a moment. "Did the elder Dongyuan give you the wrong medicine?" He asked. The old monk said, "What he gave you is Yang He Guben Dan, but the medicine is not symptomatic." Geng Zhao was dubious and said to himself, "Every time I take the medicine, I feel better. Why does he say that the medicine is not right?" The old monk went on to say, "The Dragon Doctor of the East China Sea was very skillful, but it seems that he didn't know that you were wounded by a bloody knife.". This Yang He Guben Dan has the function of consolidating the foundation and cultivating the vitality. If it is used to cure common internal injuries, it is the best elixir. But when it is used to cure poisonous injuries, the poison will give you the power to condense the Dantian and eye medicine, you will feel very good. Within this month, your condition will not deteriorate, but the poison will condense the Dantian. Even if you can save your life, you will inevitably be disabled for life. Both Xin Qiji and Qin Nongyu were taken aback. Xin Qiji said, "The master knows the source of the disease. He must be able to cure it. Please be merciful." The old monk hesitated a little. Then he said, "I will do my best for Mr. Geng's injury.". Geng childe, you were injured, according to the judgment of the Lao suo, is GongSunQi with finger force into your acupoint, did not touch your body. It should be three months later that he died of poisoning. Now that you have taken three Yang and Guben pills, the poison will condense, relax outside and expand inside, and the date of the poison will be one month earlier. Fortunately, you met me today, otherwise in a few days, it will enter the third month, can not be cured. Geng Zhao, still with mixed feelings, said, "So powerful?"? But my injury is. "Now I know the reason," said the old monk. You were injured a month ago, but because you took the medicine of the East China Sea Dragon,uns s32760 plate, the poison was sent a month earlier. So when Lao Xiu first felt your pulse, he misunderstood that you were injured two months ago. When Geng Zhao saw that what he said was so conclusive, he was completely convinced. He was shocked and hurriedly sought treatment. lksteelpipe.com

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