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Qishen Yang Xiaoxie sequel Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:15   Medical & Healthcare   Gajuwaka   337 views Reference: 57
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Little Ding Jiao said angrily, "Don't give me any bad ideas. How dare you rob the execution ground again?"? You're not tired, but I am. A San was very interested and said, "How about me this time?"? You can't always let the little evil gang leader behave for a change. How interesting Xiao Xie laughed and said, "I'll play something else when these things are done. Life has been so dull recently. I can't stand it. It's time for a change." "Forget it," said Ding Jiao with a smile! Every time you think about it, don't you make a mess? It's so funny. Xiao Xie chuckled a few times and said, "It's done this time. Wait a minute and ask Fang can to see where the Black Turban Killer is."? We'll go for a sneak attack in the evening. "We'll talk about it when the time comes," said Xiaoding. "We'll find an inn to eat first, and then we'll have the spirit to save people at night." "All right," said Ah San with a smile. "Look!" He pointed to the front and said, "There is a dumpling restaurant there. Let's go and eat dumplings." The four of them went to the restaurant. As soon as the time for the three sticks of incense was over, everyone was full. As soon as he was full, the idea came. Xiao Xie laughed and said, "Ah San, Ah Si, wait a minute. You two go and order two clothes or cut two pieces of white cloth." "What for?" Asked Ah Sanqi. Xiao Xie said with a smile, "We've come back to Jianghu. We can't fail to make a name for ourselves. You two go and find some cloth, and then write, 'I don't know how good Ah San is at martial arts. Those who don't believe me can have a try." That's how we became famous. "Very good," cried Ah San, clapping his hands on the table! Very good! What number should I write? "Whatever,digital touch screen board," said Xiao Xie with a smile, "but it's more enjoyable to push from the back to the front. It's not so good to go back from the front." A San thought for a moment and said, "I'd better write the tenth, and then move forward slowly." "Ah Si said with a smile," I'll write eleven. Anyway, Ah San is older than me. I'm always embarrassed to beat him. "You won't beat me if you don't come," cried Ah San. "What's there to be embarrassed about?" "You flatter yourself," said Ah Si. "I lost to you again that time? If it weren't for you,4k smart board, I wouldn't be a monk now. I would have caught up with Xuexue long ago. Fierce stare at a Sanyi eyes. "What's the matter?" Cried Ah San? Do you blame me? In those days, you said that I had a way to find an iron rice bowl and become a monk with food, clothing and sleep. That's not good? Now you cross the river to draw the board, what is it? Pointing to his bald head, Ah Si shouted, "What a bird! I've been pregnant for more than twenty years, and my hair hasn't been born yet. Granny." "All right!" Cried Xiao Xie! All right! You two weigh one and a half catties, and one weighs eight taels. Don't blame anyone. Your martial arts are almost the same. Ah Si, you can write the eleventh. "What about you, Xiao Xie?" Xiaoding asked with a smile? What number do you want to write? Xiao Xie thought for a moment and said, "How about I write that the Evil Skill is the best in the world?"? Anyway, people don't know what kind of kungfu I'm learning, and the world's martial arts world won't be jealous and always find me in trouble. "All right," said Ding Jiao with a smile! You are the best in the world, so how are you going to hang up? Is it written on the clothes? Or is it written on the flag? "Of course it's convenient to write it on your clothes, interactive panels for education ,75 smart board," said Xiao Xie. "Xiaoding, don't you write one and hang it on your back?" Xiaoding quickly shook his hand and said with a timid smile, "I don't want it. I'm a girl and I'm embarrassed." "All right," said Xiao Xie! Anyway, you still have the Beggars' Sect. I won't embarrass you. You can write for us later. "Ah San said with a smile," I want to write beautifully, so that people will think I am very learned. "I'd like to draw a razor on my back," said Ah Si? Name Wulin. "No problem," said Ding Jiao with a smile. "I'll make you beautiful and learned." "Ha ha." The crowd smiled. Just then, Fang can, the leader of Kaifeng Branch of Beggars' Sect, walked into the dumpling restaurant. With a wave of his hand, Fang can said, "Little princess, I didn't know you were coming. I missed you. Please forgive me. There are also Yang Shaoxia and the two brothers." "Don't mention it, Master Fang," said Xiaoding with a smile. "They're not outsiders either. Sit down." Xiao Xie laughed and said, "Master Fang, we've met several times." Fang can sat down and said with a smile, "Yes, Yang Shaoxia has two little brothers. We met in Junshan once. That time you saved the crisis of the Beggars' Sect. Otherwise, the Beggars' Sect would be doomed.". ” "It doesn't matter if we don't talk about it," said Xiao Na with a smile. "If I don't do this, I'll never be able to take the blame." "It's true that you saved the Beggars' Sect anyway," said Fang with a smile. "The Beggars' Sect will always be grateful to you." "I'm already friends with the Beggars' Sect," said Xiao Xie. "It's even more strange to talk about this." "Thank you, Shaoxia Yang, for treating the Beggars' Sect as a friend," said Fang. "I'm very honored." Small evil laughs: "After waiting for me to finish a thing again?? You drink a few glasses of old wine, like the last time in the inspiration tower, drink all the famous wine in Kaifeng, hehe. Xiaoding laughed and scolded, "Are you still in the mood to drink that kind of wine?"? I'm so tired! "I'm not tired anyway," said Xiao Xie proudly. "What's the harm in drinking a few more times?" It was Xiaoding who moved the wine last time. Of course, Xiaoxie won't be tired. Fang said with a smile, "As long as Yang Shaoxia is willing to invite me, I will accompany him." Xiao Xie nodded and said, "That's the decision. By the way, Master Fang, do you know about the Black Turban Killer?" "Now everyone knows about this organization," said Fang, "but in the last year or two I've found very few traces of them. Why? Yang Shaoxia has something to find them? "Yes, I have a friend," said Xiao Xie. "She was originally a black scarf killer, but later she was caught. I want to rescue her." "She's a killer," said Fang Canqi. "Why was she caught?" Xiao Xie explained, "She had to work for the killer because her parents were caught. I rescued her parents not long ago. It must have been a mistake." Fang can nodded and said, "I see. What can I do for you now?"? You can tell me. "I've come to ask you if there is a special place for people in Kaifeng," said Xiao Xie. "You mean your friend is locked up somewhere in Kaifeng?" Asked Fang. "It's possible,smart interactive whiteboard," said Xiao Xie. "That's what I found out." Fang can thought for a moment and said, "There is a big courtyard behind the Xiangguo Temple, where masked men with black scarves often appear. I don't know if they will be locked up in that place." hsdsmartboard.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable