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Lord of Secrecy Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:21   Medical & Healthcare   Dam Dam   277 views Reference: 73
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"Pray for someone to help me get access to the bookmark in Russell's creative manuscript." …… How did Mr. Fool know that I would visit the Russell Memorial Exhibition after closing today and have a chance to get in touch with some things? Audrey listened, surprised, but not surprised: With the personality and ability of Mr. "Fool", it is easy to master such a small thing! As for how to master it, there is no need for ordinary sequencers to understand it. Audrey was about to respond when she heard the Fool speak in a low, flat voice: "You can choose to accept the commission or not." Um. Audrey hesitated for two seconds: "Dear Mr. Fool, I can try, but there is no guarantee of success." She was not very interested in the minimum payment of 500 pounds, and she accepted the task because she was curious about what was so special about the bookmark left by Russell the Great that Mr. Fool's family valued it so much that they offered an unlimited price. Anyway, I was going to look through Russell's diary today, and by the way.. Audrey thought spontaneously. Crane, the "fool" in the fog, nodded gently and replied with a word: "Good." When the illusion disappeared completely, Audrey cast her eyes on the dressing mirror and looked at herself carefully. With a mixture of nervousness and enthusiasm, she made plans for the evening's action: "It cannot be detected as abnormal." "I can't be the focus of suspicion if Mr. Fool's dependents do anything afterwards." "Just touching that bookmark won't work. Once it's lost, all eyes will be on me." "Well.." Therefore, I must show the same interest in all objects, the same attitude, can not let others see that my main purpose is the bookmark, the whole process must be gentle, not abrupt, reasonable and logical. "How do you do small, unnoticeable damage?" "It's just a bookmark." Audrey's gaze, out of focus, swept over the objects on the dresser and suddenly settled on the open jewelry box, on a pair of jeweled earrings decorated with fine needles. The corners of her mouth turned up a little, her eyebrows and eyes curved slightly, and she said to herself: "With Susie's help, it should be enough." ………… At six o'clock in the evening, Baekeland, which hardly sees the sun in the current season, was already dark, and the gas street lights came on one after another. The Kingdom Museum saw off the last group of ordinary visitors, but welcomed a group of visitors composed of noble people such as the young lady of the Earl's family, the children of the Duke's family and the young viscount. Knowing that some of the children of the aristocracy are dandy who often get into trouble, Max, the leader of the "Mechanical Heart" West Team, Grey Marble Slab ,White Marble Mosaic, who is responsible for guarding the memorial exhibition. Livermore had to disguise himself as a security officer. Always stay close by and be prepared for accidents. His hair was neatly combed back, he wore a monocle, and he looked like a university professor. The monocle was actually a seal, codenamed "3-1328", nicknamed "Crystal Eye", through which Max. Livermore can see spirits directly. See ghosts, see shadows, and no longer fear that extraordinary people will drive these normally hard-to-find things to make trouble or steal. Of course, this seal also has a significant disadvantage, that is, it is easy to attract monsters such as ghosts to the vicinity, long-term wear, vision will be irreversibly reduced. In the gloom of Baekeland, she was like the bright sun. At this time, Max was admiring the blonde girl on the side. Audrey looked with interest at the toilet, which was inlaid with gold foil and carved with complicated patterns, and asked the commentator next to her: "Is this the first flush toilet in the modern sense?" "Yes, I personally think that this is one of Russell's outstanding contributions to human civilization. It and its supporting sewer project have changed the phenomenon of the streets full of dirty things in Trier." The commentator wanted to say the word "excrement", but when he looked at the girl in front of him, he felt that he could not lose his elegant posture. Audrey weighed and asked again: "May I touch it?" "Does it still work?" The Viscount Greylint laughed beside him: Why are you so curious about this? No matter how old it is, it's still just a toilet bowl. The rest of the aristocratic children, who were on good terms with them, laughed out loud. No, Greylint, you don't understand. This is the glory of human civilization. Audrey smiled back and made a sick face in her heart. If it weren't for the commission of the "fool", I wouldn't want to do this. She sighed helplessly. The commentator echoed: "Miss Hall said very well that the glory of human civilization is not only reflected in the weapons that have changed the form of war, such as cannons and muskets, but also in every detail of our lives." "Dear Miss, I don't know if it can be used normally, because no one will use it." The docent looked at Max as he spoke. Livimore After receiving a positive nod, he continued:. "You can touch or even open the tank to see the mechanical structure inside, but please be careful." "Thank you." Audrey watched the security officer open the glass wall, hurried forward two steps, stretched out his right palm in a white gauze glove, and carefully touched the pumping button. Then she stepped back slowly and smiled: "Well, that's it. I've satisfied my curiosity. I can't hurt it any more." She always remembered that she was an innocent and curious girl this time. After reading this, they entered the exhibition hall with Russell's diary. After a half-circle introduction, Audrey asked again: May I look through this notebook? We are all interested in this strange symbol. "Well.." I've heard that paper over a certain age can be damaged even by contact with air, not to mention direct contact, right? She blinked,Agate Stone Price, letting her beautiful jewel-like eyes show sincerity, desire, and a slight sense of loss. forustone.com

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