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Abuse cry that scum attack [wear quickly] Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:12   Real Estate   Canacona   212 views Reference: 33
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The layout of Xie Qiu's departure from home is exactly the same as that of her family, and the manipulation of some sofas and televisions is exactly the same. These come with the apartment. Xie Qiuli led her to sit in the living room, poured her a glass of cold water, pointed to the things on the table and said: "If you want to eat, you can take it yourself. There is ice in the refrigerator, but I don't recommend you to eat popsicles now." "I know." I can't eat anything now! There were apples and pears on the table, as well as pistachios and other dried fruits, but she didn't want to eat anything, just took a sip of water from the cup in her hand. Did you listen carefully in class today? Should I say that I really deserve to be a teacher? This morning, thinking about leaving with Xie Qiu, she was in a trance, and Lu Xue was playing tricks beside her. She was paddling all morning in class, and she didn't listen to anything. Actually, I heard a little. Cool Chen some embarrassed, completely dare not look up Xie Qiuli. Although she is not her own teacher, she is a teacher, and she will not be happy to hear her paddling! "Hear a little?"? How much is that? Xie Qiuli looked at her appearance and thought of the rabbit with drooping ears, thinking that if she had long ears,empty lotion tubes, she must be drooping now. Maybe, it's a little bit like this. Liang Chen smiled awkwardly and stretched out his hand for a very small distance. How interesting Xie Qiuli did not expect that she would actually come out, and was amused by her earnest appearance. Xie Qiuli smiled, and Liangchen was even more embarrassed. But it seems that Xie Qiuli did not mean to preach. The meal should be ready soon. I'll go and have a look. You sit down for a while. "Huh?"? All right, all right! Liangchen watched her get up and go to the kitchen, and the pressure was a little less. She sat where she was, holding the cup in her hand and looking carefully at Xie Qiu leaving home. Xie Qiuli's things are not many,plastic packing tube, should also not live too long. Everything in her room was neatly arranged and so clean that no trace of dust could be seen. Taking a sip of water, she moistened her dry throat. Xie Qiuli put the fried food on the table, not much, after all, only the two of them, and they will leave later, to come back on the weekend, now do more, basically all waste. All right, you go wash your hands. The voice of Xie Qiuli in the kitchen came out. Liangchen put his backpack on the sofa and went to the kitchen, only to see Xie Qiuli tidying up the kitchen with his back to himself. "Liangchen was just a guest, but he suddenly softened his heart." What are you waiting for? "Nothing." Xie Qiuli made a sound, and she blinked and bowed her head and went to her side to turn on the tap. Cold water flowed out of the tap, custom cosmetic packing ,empty cosmetic tubes, she simply washed it, looked up subconsciously and went to look for Xie Qiuli's figure. I'm not very good at cooking, so I'll make do with it. Xie Qiuli's smile is very exciting. Liangchen did not speak, nodded and watched her fill a bowl of rice for herself, and then handed it to her. Teacher, do you cook by yourself at home? "I don't like going out alone very much." Xie Qiuli sat down and gave her a pair of chopsticks, saying, "It doesn't take much time to cook by myself. I had this habit when I was abroad." "I don't like to go out alone, but there's takeout, and I usually eat takeout." Xie Qiuli shook his head and said: "The domestic media always like to send some'shady stories'.". I'm a neat freak, and although I don't believe in these words very much, I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart. "What dark curtain?" Liangchen has some understanding of common sense, but it is impossible to be exhaustive, and she has no impression of what Xie Qiuli said. Xie Qiuli's face was not very good-looking. He smiled at her and gave her some food. "Eat first, and then talk about it." "Good." "See if it suits your appetite." Liangchen himself is not able to cook, there is no pursuit of taste of her, as long as it is not dark cuisine can basically eat. Xie Qiuli's cooking tastes very good, although not as good as the professional chefs in the restaurants outside, but I don't know how many streets she left herself. It's delicious. Taste is only the second, the most important thing is that this meal is prepared by Xie Qiuli. Like? Just like it. ” Xie Qiuli saw that she was not picky about food and was secretly relieved that her cooking skills were not good, but that she had done too much and would naturally do so. As long as it is not hand disability, strictly according to the recipe, it can be eaten more or less, but don't expect it to be too delicious. Xie Qiuli does not have the rule of eating and sleeping, just to exchange feelings at the dinner table, she has no one to talk with Liangchen, but the topic unconsciously deviated to the family. Cough! Cool Chen is choked suddenly, Xie Qiuli got up hurriedly to pour a glass of water to her, see she did not cough just open one's mouth: "How?"? If I ask.. "No, nothing!" Liangchen raised his hand to stop her and said awkwardly, "I just didn't expect to talk about this." "Oh?" "I spend most of my time with my grandparents, and the relationship at home is just like that." "Not so good?" "No." Liangchen is not very want to mention home, she is afraid to say, suddenly Xie Qiuli showed suddenly enlightened or stunned expression said: "You are Liangru's daughter!"! What is this? "Don't you want to mention it?" "No!" Cool Chen wanted to think, grind one's teeth: "I and mom and dad meet rarely, the job of my mom and dad is very busy." "It's the same in my family." Seeing that she didn't really want to talk about her family, Xie Qiuli smiled and brought the topic to herself: "My parents were very busy working when I was young and had no time to accompany me. Later, when I went abroad to study, they were not busy, but they began to travel around the world." Xie Qiuli shrugged his shoulders and said, "I only saw him once during the Chinese New Year. The rest of the time,aluminium laminated tube, I contacted him by phone or video, but rarely. They didn't like me to disturb their two-person world." Liangchen listened to Xie Qiuli's words and thought of a sentence he had accidentally seen on his mobile phone before-parents are true love, children are just accidents. emptycosmetictubes.com

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