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Dust Fragrance (Revised Edition) Author: Quiet Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:23   Real Estate   Satara   248 views Reference: 77
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Too many memories, like overlapping photocopies, with all the grievances of the moment are surging to the heart, one breath blocked the throat, can no longer say a word. When I was young, my mother often said that children from the countryside were stupid. So, she got a lot of beatings. If you can't draw well, you have to play, if you can't play well, you have to play, and if you sing a wrong note, you also have to play. Mothers have to spot check their homework when they are free, and they will be beaten if they are not good behind their backs. Sometimes when my mother loses in playing cards, she picks up a feather duster and whips her. Sometimes she was punished to kneel, and she was not allowed to eat. But these are actually good. Gradually she grew up, one day her mother called her, thought she must say something, but her mother did not say anything, but while holding a silver tobacco pole, while looking at her. Mother breathed out clouds and mists, overlapping, and the whole air was a little blurred. It was originally a sunny room, but under that kind of vision, it became dark like an ancient tomb, suffused with black. The girl has come out,inflatable amusement park, and she looks very beautiful. After a while, my mother lazily brushed off her cigarette ash. She turned to the teacher and said, "Don't beat me any more, and don't leave any scars on my body, do you know?" Smoke and ash fell on the rose-red carpet, and even the sunshine was like fog. From that day on, she began to have her clothes made to order by master. She was more fastidious than ordinary maids, and the colors were also very bright. But those clothes are not valuable, and the texture is not strong,inflatable floating water park, because the best clothes will be broken when they are pricked by needles. Every time the needle went into the skin, the body could not help twitching until the body was weak and powerless. Finally, the body curled up into a ball. But the pain was so severe that I didn't dare to speak out. I always remembered my sister's words very clearly in my heart: "No matter what kind of pain, don't cry, or it will be worse.." At that time, every time I went to the bathroom to take off my clothes and look in the mirror, looking at the dense red spots on my body, I could only tell myself desperately not to cry, because I always cried and was sold by my parents. Afraid of going to the barber shop, afraid of meeting customers, afraid of trying on clothes for tailors. But under the bright needle, she gave in. And now that she has nothing, what does she have to do? She has nothing left. And Xuanyuan Sijiu pushed open the door to see this scene, Ann's hair scissors were disheveled, slanting down to cover half of his cheeks, his face was red with Rouge because of fever, and he was standing there in a snow-green lace pajamas, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable bounce house with slide, barefoot and pale. What's wrong Flying into the temples of the eyebrow peak, with a domineering evil spirit. "Miss Gu won't have an injection, and we can't help it." The doctor immediately bowed his head, and Nono spoke. Why do you have a child's temper? How can I get better without an injection? As if surprised by this reaction, the corners of Xuanyuan Sijiu's mouth showed a faint smile. The eyes with a teasing smile. Ann's lips moved slightly as if to say something, but before she could react, she grabbed her arm vigorously and was forced to fall into his arms. Don't be afraid, it's just an injection. The man carried her back to bed in a frighteningly soft voice. No The groans between the dry and cracked throats were long, as if they were crying or begging. But the cold needle pierced the arm mercilessly, and the cold pain went into the bone marrow. In pain, he shrank up and bowed into a ball, holding the Xuanyuan Sijiu beside him tightly, as if holding the only lifesaving driftwood, and holding the softest corner of his heart. Be good and obedient. He smiled at the fluttering eyelids in his arms, and he liked her like this. Constantly explore the vulnerability under repression, and pry out the weakness in the protective shell. It makes him want to conquer and dominate her even more. Then all of them withdrew, leaving the two of them snuggling on the bed. Xuanyuan Sijiu gently covered her with a quilt, so gentle that he did not notice it. Ann seemed to be unaware of everything, and under the light and shadow, her long eyelashes trembled gently, leaving a shadow of extreme melancholy on her pale face, as if it were a silent protest. I didn't know that the famous Miss Gu San was so afraid of injections. ” She had her head on one side, and in her hair she had a very fine blue butterfly pin, but it was half off, and her hair fell over her cheeks. With a movement in his heart, he reached out to straighten her messy hair and brushed her burning forehead. Lying quietly, as if asleep, as if not. The wind whistled outside the window, the snow was falling heavily, and the cold temperature began to spread inside. After the panic just now, the room was in a mess, and I don't know when a teacup on the table was turned over, rolled down to the ground, and seeped into the beige Persian carpet, leaving a line of winding wet traces. He watched, and somehow, remembered that when he was very young, his mother was ill in bed, and he stayed in front of the bed, breathing the strong smell of decoction, while staring at the green brick floor. I do not know when to come in a small snail, slowly climb, behind is also flowing out of such a wet trace. Even though the mother was ill, she was still dressed very brightly, her wavy perm was combed very neatly, there was no trace of disheveled, her bloodless cheeks were painted with red Rouge, and her eyes were painted with dark blue eye ointment, which looked not beautiful but old. However, she insisted on dressing like this all the year round, even when she was ill, just to wait for a man who would never see her again-his father. Suddenly, the wild wind in my ears suddenly became very soft, and it felt like a mother coaxing her beloved child to sleep. He sneered slowly. Although he had a mother, he had never been coaxed to sleep peacefully. She withdrew her hand and was about to get up when the shaking of the bed seemed to alarm her. A hand came timidly out of the eiderdown quilt and grabbed the corner of his clothes. She was obviously feverish,Inflatable outdoor park, but her fingers were cold. What's the matter? He frowned, but in a moment of distraction, she grabbed his hand and pressed her hot cheek against it. joyshineinflatables.com

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