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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:13   Real Estate   Farrukhābād   295 views Reference: 54
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Yichen gave a sneer, "Ming, the way I practice is something you dare not try. Don't play tricks any more, and don't be wishful thinking any more. Why can't we put down the past enmity? Why should we hurt the innocent and make the world restless? Why can't we go back to the past?". I know you don't care about the position of the king of the ghost world. Let go of hatred. The ghost is angry, his whole body exudes a strong ghost, he raised his chin and gritted his teeth and said, "You fart!"! Liu Yichen, I am not you, the life and death of their own women can be like the past, disappear! If one day I become as heartless as you, I would rather die than die! His emotions were very excited, and every word he said was shouted out, but every word he said made me feel that his nature was not bad at all, but that he seemed to be fascinated by something. Even so, you shouldn't hurt innocent people! This is between you and me! Yichen was also angry, his eyebrows tied into a knot, and he felt very headache about everything in the underworld. Innocent! You told me not to hurt innocent people? The ghost suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed. After a moment, there were crystal tears in his eyes. "Isn't Asaba innocent?"? Why didn't you think about how innocent she was when you killed Asaba? Compared with your cruelty to the shallow feather, I do this little thing, far from nothing,interactive whiteboard for schools, if I become a villain can make you Liu Yichen pain, I would rather be the most poisonous villain in the world forever, even if it is to let me loose spirit, I do not feel sorry at all! Whenever it is mentioned that the shallow feather is the most angry time, he just finished this sentence, he reached out and threw a black fire to the dust. At this time, he had already lost his mind, and the magic power he threw,65 inch smart board, Yichen escaped effortlessly, and Yichen took back the Fen Shen. He flew forward and grabbed him by the neck while he was so excited that he was not paying attention. "If you want to hate me, you have any grudges against me. Don't hurt others!"! Not to make trouble, there is no peace in the two worlds of man and ghost! Asaba is so kind, I believe that if she can see what you are doing now, she will not fall in love with the original one! I believe that every word Yichen said was knocked into his heart, but he didn't want to admit it. I can also see that Yichen has very deep feelings for Hades and Shallow Feather, and every word of his persuasion comes from his heart. With a sneer, "Liu Yichen, you haven't really loved, you will never understand my feelings for Shallow Feather, so no matter what you say, there is no way to persuade me, because you don't understand love at all!" Yichen turned his face sideways. He closed his eyes and was extremely disappointed with Hades. He clenched his teeth and the veins on his forehead burst out. Finally, smart boards for conference rooms ,86 smart board, he grabbed Hades' neck and threw Hades into the distance. He roared, "Get out!" The original sense of guilt for the underworld has all turned into nothingness at this moment. The ghost was floating in the distant sky, and he laughed, "I will take the pearl from your hand!" With that, he disappeared in a flash. Carry an acre with a claw. Then Yichen fell to the ground and walked to my side. He smiled at me. Why do you have to smile reluctantly? Since you are sad, just act sad. I am your wife, and I am willing to listen to you. I am not the underworld, so I know you do not understand love, on the contrary, you know better than anyone, you are not heartless, you just have your difficulties and unspeakable. I smiled at Yichen, this is really my heart, "there is a misunderstanding between you and Ming, why not tell him clearly?" "If he had listened, he wouldn't be here today.". Let's go Yichen put his arm around my waist and continued to walk forward. Turning around, we found that the others were waiting for us in front of us. They all saw the ghost, but they did not intervene in this matter, because they all knew that the ghost would not pose any threat to the dust at all. "How did Asaba die?" I looked up at Yichen, "I believe you will not kill her, right?" Chapter 183 the spirit of the shallow feather (the second watch). We paced down to the beach. The waves were lapping at my ankles and Yichen's ankles. We pulled down our shoes and soaked our feet in the sea. Yichen was wearing a white shirt and a pair of casual pants, with his hands in his pockets. The sea breeze blew his bangs high. But it still can't stop him from being tall and handsome. I took his arm and rode with him on the beach, step by step. Just met the sunset, the fiery red light, the whole sea is reflected in red, the western sky of large areas of color clouds, reflected in my face and Yichen, everything seems so warm. Dessert and Ling Xuan, Leer and Yue were all immersed in the sea to play. Yichen and I just want to enjoy the dusk with each other at the moment. Standing on the seashore, I put my feet next to Yichen's feet, and his feet were much bigger than mine. I laughed out loud. What are you laughing at? Yichen looked down at me, and his voice was as gentle and beautiful as the light of the falling sunset. I raised my smiling face and let the light of the sunset shine on my face. The sky in the ghost world is always so dark that I can't see any other colors. I used to think that it would be better if I could watch the sunset with you sometime. Unexpectedly, all this has come true here, accompanied by the sea, really beautiful, can have this moment of tranquility with you, I have been satisfied. Lead and carry with joy. Yichen reached out and held me in his arms. His attachment and spoiling to me all turned into a simple hug, "I'm sorry, follow me, don't let you live a stable life for a few days.". When the child grows up, I will give him all the affairs of the ghost world, and then I will take you back to the world and live a real life for both of us, OK? I took a deep breath, the corner of my eyes has been moist, I am looking forward to this day, but also because of the words of Yichen moved,smartboard for business, for me to have such an idea is enough, because I know how difficult it is for him to completely put aside all this, I love him even more. hsdsmartboard.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable