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Jiao Yan Xiong Ying Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:11   Real Estate   Darbhanga   286 views Reference: 50
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Hard to hide. If there is a sentry guard along the Xu faction, those who speak in will never escape. At the mouth of Ruiyun Valley, there is a small village with only twenty or thirty families, where the victim settled down. You can't hide even if you enter. They took the path of Ruiyun Valley, and as soon as it was dark, they disappeared in the depths of the mountains, and their pace gradually quickened. Those who are in hot pursuit will lose their track. For fear of catching up and causing conflicts in time, the lack of strength has been eliminated. Scruples, can not chase too fast, so the distance is getting farther and farther. More and more people arrived one after another, but it was not easy to pursue them boldly. There were 48 men and women in all. A quick walk on the mountain path stretched back and forth for nearly a mile, and the less energetic people gradually fell behind, and finally met a few people and touched along the mountain path. Suo suffered a lot. The last four were undoubtedly the worst in martial arts. They were all sweating and panting like cattle, with one foot high. The soles of his feet managed to rush, and from time to time he slipped and even rolled down two or three feet, making him dizzy. To say that they have the worst martial arts means that among these people, in fact, they are all successful people. He was one of the first-class masters without shame, but after a long run with all his strength, the mountain path rose and fell steeply, and it was very energy-consuming to run. I've been chasing him for more than twenty miles,faux grass wall, and it's great to still be following him. Four people can finally have the tacit understanding of cooperation, also dare not disperse, support each other to run reluctantly, the foot is actually better than jogging. More slowly. Descending to the bottom of a small valley, the rising slope in front was quite steep, the vegetation was dense and the night was as black as ink, and it was difficult to distinguish ten paces away. On both sides of the narrow mountain path, the ancient forests cover the sky without seeing the sun. No wonder it's so dark that you can hardly see your hand. In front,fake ficus tree, I can't hear the footsteps of my companions. I can't hold on any longer. Take a break. The person who walks in front has an empty foot and reaches forward to support it. Lived: "If you go on like this, it will be a miracle if you don't collapse and die." "No, we have to catch up." The second man grabbed out to help each other, half pushing and half dragging, and still walked forward: "If it happens in front." Fight, and we failed to catch up with the participation, that Lu eldest brother is not willing to forgive us? Cheer up and hold on. No one noticed that someone was waiting behind the big tree beside the road, and those who were about to be exhausted could only focus on their feet. In order to avoid tripping and falling, the sky is too dark, even if there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the dense forest beside the path, they will also look at it. Gone. Four shadows suddenly appeared, one to deal with one, a flash is close to the body, the thunder strikes the arrival, outdoor ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, the ear door comes to a split palm. Knock out with one blow; clean and effortless. Dragged into the woods, away from the path, to the other side of the hillside, first tied the prisoner's hands, hung him on a horizontal branch, and hung him on the tip of his boots. Just touch the ground, a little move on the suspension swing, can not borrow the force, and then wake people up. The first man was awakened, and as soon as his mind cleared, he knew that he was in a bad situation, and then he saw the man hanging nearby. The companion blurred his figure and saw the six discernible people around him. In the fresh smell of vegetation, flowing. A faint feminine fragrance. You You The heart of this man is cold, and when he finds out that he has been hanged, he knows that he has gone! Jianghu friends use Jianghu It is extremely cruel and ruthless to deal with enemies. We're looking for a relationship with you. Luo yuan reached out his hand and patted each other on the cheek: "It proves that you are not enemies." At the same time, will not be cruel to you. Even if it is proved to be an enemy, if your brother confesses to the truth, we will not treat you harshly. He is a person who talks about the morality of Jianghu. Life and death, the opportunity is in your own hands, do you understand what I mean? "You.." "Your brother is deliberately not on the road, is he?" Luo yuan grabbed his opponent's right helix and said, "You can't ask a rhetorical question." You can only answer whatever you ask? You have violated the rules and have to remove your ears. No, I.. I didn't ask, I.. The man snapped. Okay, you didn't ask. Luo yuan no longer tore his ears: "Call your name." "Chase.." Chasing Soul Cold Arrow Tang. Tang Xing. Does Luo yuan know who are the characters in Jianghu? Apart from having heard of some famous masters and celebrities, What else is known is limited. There are thousands of masters and celebrities, but I don't even know much about the old Jianghu of Qianshou Lingguan. I had no impression when I met him. What are you doing here? The arrow knew that the deadline was coming, and hoped to fight for a chance of survival with cooperation: "Your Excellency, where are you?" I can't give you much information from the rest of us. Please believe me live, we are just some bought, or A group of people who are under duress and temporarily assembled, only know to do what they are ordered to do, and other things are forbidden to inquire and know, even ourselves. I don't know what to do. "What he said is true," Su Ruonan said in a low voice in Luo yuan's ear. "There are several groups of people, all of whom are second-and third-rate rivers. Except for a few people who know how to command them directly, the people who are really in charge never reveal themselves. The name is called by the second and third grandfathers. Unless we can catch these three men, we can't get any news. We've tried, A waste of time. "What do they buy you with?" Luo yuan patted the cheek of the cold arrow chasing the soul. I was coerced by them. Chasing the soul of the cold arrow hurriedly made clear his position: "I am in the Taiping Mansion, and I am Zheng An by the hands of Sanyin." Staring at me, several people beat me until I almost vomited blood, and then took me to see their uncle to coerce me to be loyal. "Be loyal and under orders.". And strategist, your organization is really not simple. Luo yuan is really a little frightened: "What is the effect?" Mo Zhong? "It's under orders anyway, and nothing else is allowed.". For example, there were thirty-three of us. It's already here For three days, I've been waiting for the plane to catch people. All the people caught were dealt with by the uncle. Arrest people for what? None of us. Known. At dusk, he was ordered to gather together to kill the eight-pole eagle and catch a woman surnamed Su. Why? We have nothing. Know. "There are more than thirty-three of you." "We don't know anyone else. Anyway,large artificial blossom trees, everyone wears a white scarf around their heads. They are all our own people.". What the hell are they How? We don't need to know; we can't know. "Awesome." Luo yuan said from the bottom of his heart: "a temporary combination, can have such achievements, your master?". hacartificialtree.com

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General raiders-snow mountain fat fox