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Empty su star mark Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:22   Transportation & Logistics   Dausa   290 views Reference: 75
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With a flash of purple light in his eyes, he rushed into the black fog and grabbed Melis's shoulders with both hands. The magic of heaven wrapped Melis's body from the outside to the inside. Through the soul contract, he clearly felt that the dark powers in Melis's body were like turning over rivers and seas, constantly flooding back and forth in the meridians. Once her meridians could not bear it, they would inevitably explode and die. Without the slightest hesitation, she poured her magic into Melis's body, forming a protective film on the surface of her skin and all the meridians, replacing Melis to resist the impact of the power left by the blood emperor. At the beginning, the blood emperor left the blood bat and forgot to tell Luo Jia that if he wanted to absorb the dark powers in the blood bat, he had to have the strength of the Prince of Vampires. That is to say, the dark powers had to be close to level 60, so that his body strength could withstand such a huge impact of dark powers, so that his own abilities could be fully integrated with the dark power of the blood emperor. Chapter 131 of the main text: The pleasure of the original peak (I). However, by mistake, because he felt the crisis of Melis through the soul contract, he replaced Melis's body with his own magic to bear the impact of the power of the blood emperor's inheritance. With the ability of the magic change, he has exceeded the sixty-four levels of the judge, and it is much easier to cope with it. Melis's own dark powers are protected by the magic. In her body, crazy and the power of the blood emperor's inheritance blend with each other. The magic of heaven not only protects Melis, but also transforms the magic of heaven into the purest dark power for fear of hurting Melis. Therefore, it also changes Melis's constitution and makes her meridians stronger. Blood light is more and more abundant, as the impact of the blood bat continues to increase, the sky mark also strengthens its own release of the magic of heaven, red and purple light is constantly entangled, a huge impact has been blocked by the magic of heaven into the body of Melis,uns s32750 sheet, without any leakage. As a result of not using a powerful attack, the time of Tianhen's magic change was much longer than before, but nevertheless, after twenty minutes, he gradually felt that he could not stand it. The impact of the blood bat had no tendency to feed at all, and because Melis's dark power was much weaker than that of the blood bat's inheritance, it was only absorbed and fused for a while. With the gradual weakening of Tianmo, the calm Melis gradually frowned, and the power of blood bat inheritance began to affect her meridians again. Feel the change of Melis,316l stainless steel pipe, day mark can not help but be anxious in the heart, he wanted to help Melis get more powerful first, and then tell her about the blood emperor, support her to become a new generation of blood emperor, but did not expect that the ability left by the blood emperor was so strong, with their own magic change unexpectedly can not support to the end, how can this be done? If it continues to develop, when her magic changes disappear, the power of inheritance in Melis's body is bound to erupt, and then Melis will be finished. Nope. Never allow such a thing to happen. Tianhen gritted his teeth and endured, relying on his firm willpower, he brought his potential to the limit. Melise's body gradually changed, black bat wings naturally rushed out from behind, her whole body was shrouded in blood, her long flowing hair had completely turned into blood red, a red lightning around her body constantly rotating, with the continuous fusion, 316 stainless steel plate ,uns c68700, her ability is increasing bit by bit. The sky mark is very clear, as long as he can support the strength of Melis more than the power of the inheritance of this delay. Then, you have succeeded. But is it really that easy? It's been half an hour since she accepted the inheritance, but Melise's powers still can't get the upper hand. And the ability of the sky mark has reached the limit, this kind of pure ability to guard, there is no skill, after all, the sky mark is not a real dark judge, he has reached the brink of collapse. As a result of overuse of celestial magic, his mind has been somewhat blurred, the purple light is much dimmer than at the beginning, and now he can only barely maintain Melis. Suddenly, in the depths of his soul, something seemed to break, and a cold current came into his mind, bringing his hazy mind back to consciousness. As soon as his mind moved, the sky mark suddenly thought of something that could save Melise from fire and water. Without any hesitation, he turned the remaining magic of the sky completely into his left palm, holding on. He opened his space bag and took something out of it and put it on the middle finger of Melise's left hand. Dark breath suddenly, the mark of the sky only felt a shock all over the body, was bounced up, the body is still in the air, Tianmo has disappeared, a roll in the air, fell heavily to the ground. At this moment, Melis's ability has not exceeded the power of inheritance, but she did not burst to death, a layer of black gas attached to her body, constantly offsetting the damage of blood-red light to the meridians. Although Melise kept noticing the sound of groans, she held on after all. Sky Mark fell to the ground, unable to move a finger. Looking at Melis floating in midair, he murmured, "This is really right. It seems that the Ring of Darkness should be called the Ring of Darkness Guardian." Just now, in a hurry, he remembered the ring of darkness in the three holy vessels of darkness that the Dracula family had been holding, and he had no choice but to take a risk. The Dark Sword has a powerful attack power, while the Dark Mask has the ability to assist in attack and defense, so the Dark Ring must be the holy vessel of full defense. At the beginning, the sky mark suffered on the ring of darkness, and was almost destroyed by the blood emperor. As it turned out, he was right, and after Melise took the Dark Ring, she finally entered a stable inheritance process. Although the ability is exhausted, but because of the strong mental strength, the sky mark still keeps awake, a movement in my mind, white light flashes, the silver body of the star mark appears beside the sky mark, there is no need for language communication between the star mark and the sky mark, a wave of wings, put the sky mark on his body, with space power, straighten his body, look at Melis,uns s31803 sheet, there is a star mark. Mark can also rest assured that the absorption of energy molecules in the air to restore their ability, Melis is at a critical juncture at this time, how can no one guard it. lksteelpipe.com

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