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I heard that Liu Wendian was a member of the Tongmenghui in the late Qing Dynasty. Together with Sun Yat-sen, he had made a revolution in Japan. He was a very old man, and he was completely unrestrained in the old literati's habits. His ragged gown was stained with oil, some buttons were buttoned, some were not buttoned, and he looked sloppy. One thing I think is true. During the Northern Expedition, Liu Wendian was the president of Anhui University, and Chiang Kai-shek went to Anhui to invite local celebrities to meet. Chiang Kai-shek was a man who paid great attention to appearance, but Liu Wendian was a wizened old man who wore a pair of glasses. Seeing that he was ugly, Chiang Kai-shek asked, "Are you Liu Wendian?" "Are you Chiang Kai-shek?" He replied. Chiang Kai-shek was annoyed at once. At the time of the Southwest Associated University, Mr. Liu was probably the oldest, and his style was so great that he did not come to class almost most of the time. For example, one year he taught Wen Tingyun and Li Shangyin, the poets of the late Tang Dynasty. It was a very remote class, but he never came to seven or eight of his ten classes. Occasionally, when he is happy, he comes to class and curses casually when he speaks, and then he doesn't come to class next time. Ordinarily, this should not be the case. At that time, people like him could not find another one, but this was his style. Later, because something happened, it was said that he had received tobacco and soil from someone, and the school dismissed him, so he went to Yunnan University. After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, all the others left,interactive panel board, but Liu Wendian stayed in Yunnan. First, Yuntu was good, and Liu Wendian smoked opium, which was unique in the General Assembly. Second, Yunshou was good, and he liked to eat Yunnan ham, so he did not leave. Someone gave him a nickname, "Eryun Jushi". After liberation, he became a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and wore a rightist hat in 1957. Professor Li,smart board touch screen, a senior student of Yunnan University, told me a funny story about Liu Wendian many years ago. During the Anti-Rightist Movement, someone exposed Liu Wendian, saying that he had a black poem, so he took it out and read it. There is a preface in front of the poem, saying that he had a very lovely, beautiful and graceful, gentle and considerate, but unfortunately he died a short life. He was very sad at night and could not sleep, so he wrote a poem in memory of her. That poem is really touching, melancholy and moving. How did it become a black poem? The whistleblower said that Liu Wendian was not such a man at all. In fact, what he missed in this poem was his smoking gun. After liberation, he was not allowed to smoke cigarettes, so he had to miss his smoking gun. I also attended Wen Yiduo's lectures on the Book of Songs, Chu Ci and Zhu Ziqing, but Mr. Zhu Ziqing's lectures were relatively dull. Mr. Bian Zhilin, a teacher of the younger generation in the Department of Foreign Languages, was very famous as a poet and writer at that time, but he was not a full professor in the school. Mr. Bian, smart board whiteboard ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, a native of Haimen, Jiangsu Province, has a very strong accent. One of my classmates took Mr. Bian's English class for a year. When he came back, he said, "I don't understand English in Mr. Bian's class, and I don't understand Chinese either." I understand this very well, because I have listened to his class by leaning over the window. His Chinese is really difficult to understand, but whether a person speaks clearly or not has nothing to do with his knowledge. These are two different things. We all went to Pan Jiaxun's class to learn English in the first grade. Mr. Pan translated the complete works of Ibsen in the May 4th Movement. He was always in his fifties when he taught us. Because Mr. Pan's professional course is phonetics, his pronunciation is very standard, and he speaks slowly and clearly, almost every word can be heard, so we all like to go to his class. Qian Zhongshu is so famous that I went to listen to him. His lessons are basically taught in English, occasionally with a sentence in Chinese, but sometimes he is a little mysterious, not very clear to speak out, but to remind you that you have to rely on your own experience, so you have to be very smart people to keep up with him, stupid people are not right. At that time, I caught up with Chen Yinke, one of the four tutors of Tsinghua University, who taught the history of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, but at that time I was still a first-year student in the Institute of Technology and was not qualified to choose such a professional course. There are very few people in Mr. Chen's class, about seven or eight people, but Mr. Chen is famous, and everyone knows that he is a master, so people often lie outside the window to listen, and I am among them. In class, Mr. Chen came in with a bag and opened the book, but he basically did not read it, because he was familiar with the materials, and opened his mouth to quote a paragraph from an ancient book and the original words. According to the standards after liberation, his way of teaching was not qualified, there was no syllabus, and he spoke at random, but before liberation, he was allowed to speak in this way. Mr. Chen speaks with an accent, and his speech is not very brilliant. He is not the kind of teacher who relies on eloquence to win. Moreover, the things he talks about are too specialized. We have not read the ancient books quoted, so we do not understand them at all. Mr. Chen left the next year. He was supposed to go to England to lecture at Oxford University. Because Germany had just occupied France and was about to cross the sea, Britain was in danger and had to stay in Hong Kong. wwWxiaoshuotxt.com The library is not a treasure house. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don The General Assembly has a large library, and each department has its own library, which is very rare during the war. All the libraries are open shelves, and students can freely enter the stacks, read whatever books they want, and stay all day without anyone caring. Some books look good and take them out and read them. If they feel bored, they put them back. Some are very interested and lend them out. It's like soaking in the sea of books. It's really wonderful to enjoy them. After liberation, I worked in the Institute of History for 30 years. Even as a researcher, I could not enter the stacks. If I wanted to read a book, I had to fill in a slip outside and give it to the librarian to get it. Once I discussed with the person in charge of the stack room that I only looked up one material, but I didn't know which book it was in. You let me go in and look through it, so I didn't have to fill in the note back and forth to change the book. It was too troublesome. In fact, I was quite old at that time, more than fifty years old. He "allowed" me to go in and look up books. He also took a flashlight and stared at my buttocks, as if he was afraid that I would steal books or destroy them. This kind of surveillance makes me feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable. Now the National Library has the same problem. Many libraries can't be put into storage, so first fill out a slip outside and borrow only three copies. Maybe only one copy will be found for you, and it may not be what you want. Come on,electronic board for classroom, this half a day is equivalent to wasting time blindly, turning over a useless book, and the time is scrapped. hsdsmartboard.com

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