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White Fox World _ Luoshui _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:23   Transportation & Logistics   Farīdkot   347 views Reference: 79
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Zaza immediately raised his arms, shouted and cheered, and began to talk nonsense. The rest of the cadets also stood up and talked to each other to say hello. The quiet cabin immediately became lively. Cheerful laughter came from time to time, and even the air in the cabin seemed to be alive and kicking. Looking at the faces full of vitality, a touch of sadness passed through Han Gaofeng's heart. General, they are just like us. The cold thunder shield team leader turned away, and his complicated eyes fell on the gradually clear New York City outside the porthole. Get up, get down, get up, get down. Only one of the cadets, Omar, sat alone in the corner and did not join the exchange. He stared at the coffee cup on the dining board in front of him with melancholy eyes and words in his mouth. The coffee cup was miraculously manipulated by his eyes, rising automatically into the air and falling slowly, as if an invisible hand was moving below. In a low roar, the plane landed slowly. w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m Fourteen, officially take office. Small./said the Paradise Plane was parked at a secret military airfield,Inflatable meltdown, surrounded by armed guards. A black bulletproof saloon car was waiting in front of the gangway, carrying people to the United Nations Security Administration in Manhattan, New York City. The magnificent tall buildings flashed by the windows, the crowd surged, and the traffic was like the sea. The students all had a comfortable feeling of returning to the familiar world. Bi Shengke and Lance Ruo had a lively discussion about the human feelings in New York. Mori kept looking out of the window curiously. Omar sat in the back row and closed his eyes to meditate. Zaza did his best to catch the funny things all the way. Kadanya laughed so hard that her body trembled, and her plump and elastic chest accidentally rubbed against Feng Zhaoyuan's right arm several times. It makes the latter restless and constantly produces natural physiological reactions. It was not until he arrived at his destination that Feng Zhaoyuan breathed a sigh of relief. Since he had been absurd in the stalactite cave,inflatable castle with slide, he knew that he could not resist the temptation of women, which was his greatest weakness. I can really work here. Looking at the imposing building of the General Security Administration, Zaza said excitedly to Feng Zhaoyuan, "I can finally work in a senior office building like a white man. Damn, it's unbelievable." Feng Zhaoyuan patted Zha Zha on the shoulder and said with a smile, "This is the result of your efforts." The elevator took them to the conference hall on the nineteenth floor, where they were personally received by Director Yuld of the General Security Service. Your task is to eliminate some special terrorists with different abilities around the world. "There is no doubt that this task is very dangerous, but for this you will also be paid a high salary of $20,000 a month and enjoy a month's paid vacation every year," Yould said. Unless they die or have special physical conditions, they can only retire automatically after the age of fifty. "Twenty thousand a month is two hundred and forty thousand a year. I am twenty-four years old this year, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable water obstacle course, and I can get twenty-six years' salary. Twenty-four times twenty-six is the _ _ _ _ _ _". " Bi Shengke, a short and fat Italian student, lowered his head, pulled his fat white fingers, wriggled his lips and pinched them in a low voice. Feng Zhaoyuan was amused to hear Bi Shengke constantly muttering twenty-four times twenty-six, but he hadn't calculated the exact number for half a day. 624 ." Feng Zhaoyuan whispered. Oh! Bi Shengke's eyes shone and his voice trembled: "How much Italian lira is 6240000 US dollars?"! I'm rich! God, I'm rich! "You can also get a generous pension after retirement." Yould added: "But while in office, you must not violate any of the rules and regulations of the General Security Service.". Otherwise, it will be cleared at any time. Do you understand? Seeing the crowd nodding in awe, Yuld said with satisfaction, "In the future, Han Gaofeng will be your immediate superior, and his orders must be obeyed unconditionally.". Guys, are there any other questions? A white and red fat hand was raised. Bi Shengke licked his big mouth and asked greedily, "Excuse me, sir, how much is the pension?" "Ask this question when you can live to that day.". ” Han Gaofeng suddenly snapped, "If you just want to get money, then you don't deserve the different abilities that God has given you!" The room was silent, and Yould smiled and announced that his welcome was over. After the departure of Yuld, the grim momentum of Han Gaofeng was like a thunderstorm brewing silently, which made the air extremely depressed. A staff member distributed the work manual and magnetic card certificates to the crowd in turn, and another staff member walked into the conference hall with a large plate of shiny things. The plate was filled with luxurious and expensive watches. Han Gaofeng said in a deep voice, "You can each pick a watch to wear." With a cry of joy, Bi Shengke took a glittering Rolex watch and put it on his wrist first, and the rest of the students chose their favorite styles. Now check your watch. It's 11:47:59. The students looked down at their watches, and the time was exactly the same. Han Gaofeng's eyes flashed and he shouted, "Omar, why didn't you take off your original watch?" Omar was silent for a moment. "That's what my mother left me," he said. "Remove it!" Han Gaofeng's voice is beyond doubt. Omar looked cold, then lowered his head, slowly untied the worn electronic watch, carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief, and put it in his arms. Han Gaofeng's indifferent voice sounded: "From today on, you must wear this watch at any time. Once it is removed, it will detonate the miniature bomb inside." There was a sudden commotion in the conference hall, and the students shouted uneasily,Inflatable 5k obstacle, staring at the shining watches on their wrists and trembling with fear. You Feili stretched out her weak and boneless wrist and said with a smile, "Don't panic. Group leader Han Gaofeng and I are wearing the same watch.". If you take a closer look at page 30 of the workbook, you will understand everything. The clatter of the paper immediately made a loud sound. joyshineinflatables.com

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