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Mountains and rivers are endowed with m Full-time Job

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Shaochao's expression was also somewhat loose: "He is a loyal man.". I was going to take your sacrificial flag and spare your life for the sake of your loyalty. You can go. The murderous look in the hall disappeared with such a sentence, and some people joked that the elder sister, this person is on the Danxia camp, how can he casually let go, what if he welcomes the officers and soldiers to do, I think, ah, it is better to leave him here, such a beauty is just right for the elder sister to be the husband of the village. Shaochao burst out laughing. He waved his hand and said to Rizhao, "Did you hear that?"? However, even if you bring officers and soldiers, I am not afraid. If my Danxia camp was so easy to take, I would have died thousands of times. You go, don't you want to live and die with your master? I'll write you a note to let you pass through the stockade until you arrive in Chaoyang County safely. However, you are so young and beautiful, I advise you to take more care of yourself. Rizhao blushed, but still held his head high and said, "When Rizhao left Danzhou, he thought about going to Chaoyang County regardless of everything. But he thought that if he went to Chaoyang County like this, it would be useless except for death. He also thought that this proposal would be beneficial to the elder sister and the heroes of Danxia County." Mantang was stupefied again. This time it took him a long time to hear Ning Chuan say, "Oh, listen to what you said. Would you like to wait for me?" All the good books can be found in the first chapter of the www.cmfu.com, the twenty-second chapter of the night talk in the mountain city (from 3Q to 3Q, 3Q to 3Q). Update time: 2005-6-16 9:40:00 Number of words in this chapter: 4214) In August, the bandits in Xiangnan Prefecture were amazing. Hua Ziye supported the troops at Baihe Pass, while Wei Fang was single-mindedly defending the three passes. While Shaowang Fu was trapped in Chaoyang County, another court official was also trapped in a small shop in the countryside because of the banditry, and could not move forward for several days. This man was ordered by the emperor to go to the front of Yuzao, the four original officers of Qiuguan, as the inspector of Qiuguan. After she left the capital, she went to the crane dance day and night, and she didn't even go to see Wei Fang when she passed Danxia County. She was burning with anxiety, but things in this world are often the more impatient you are, the more you have an accident. When you get to the three passes, you will see that you are getting ready for battle. The population inside the pass is sparse, and on the way to the state,Beverage packing machine, you will see people helping the old and the young from time to time. As soon as I inquired, I couldn't help saying that there was a mountain king in Xiangnan who attacked the county seat, killed the state officials and county officials, and burned the state government. Next to these three passes, there was also a great mountain king, who said that he would attack the three passes to meet Xiangnan, so we all escaped. Yuzaoqian turned pale with fright, thinking that if the road was blocked and he couldn't get to the crane dance, it would be really fatal. For a moment, he wondered if he should go out of the three passes and make a detour to the white crane pass and enter the crane dance. But on the one hand, she wanted to go directly to Mingzhou to see Prince Yong before she started to handle the case, and on the other hand, the circle of taking the White Crane Pass was really too big, and she went back and forth in the wrong way. If Prince Yong knew about it, she might think that she was sneaking into the crane dance. Such a thought, immediately give up the original idea, still go south to the crane dance, so ordered the people to speed up the journey. As a result, water filling machine ,juice filling machine, to Shen County, unexpectedly is a step also can not walk past. Shen county is a mountain city, sandwiched in the two mountains, the county houses choose the gentle hillside to build, because although the terrain is not close to the city without heavy troops, can always be vulnerable to attack, if not not in the main road must become a name. These days, the small Shen County suddenly became lively, and business travelers gathered to fill the only inn in the city. These are all people who want to make a detour to the crane dance because they are trapped in the bandit chaos in Xiangnan. Where to think of here to see the gate locked, posted a notice saying that because the bandits besieged Chaoyang County, several roads were blocked, in order to protect Shen County, so stop opening the gate. Yuzaoqian wanted to take the official document to the county magistrate to open the city gate, but as soon as he settled down, he heard that the path was full of bandits, and heard that people who did not listen to advice took the risk of leaving the city, resulting in all things lost and no one alive. He also said that the official of the Yamen Office was in an emergency and asked the county magistrate to open the city gate. As a result, he was caught when he walked out of a hundred miles. Up to now, his head is still hanging in front of the camp for public display and so on. Hearing this line of people's hair stand on end, the officer asked cautiously, "My Lord, do we still want to go forward?" Yu Zao rolled his eyes and said, "Go, where are you going? Go to die!" Although the words were ugly, everyone could understand that she was depressed and was overjoyed to hear them. According to the meaning of the servant should go to the county government to settle down, good food and drink and a group of people to wait on, but before the jade algae just want to stay in the hotel, said in the capital every day to the size of the officials have not had enough, since out or inn free. A group of people stayed in Shen County for three days, and they were burning with anxiety in front of Yuzao. The heart said that he was the one who had received the emperor's order, and that it was a big or small case, which would be inexplicably trapped in a small county town and could not reach the crane dance. When the news gets out, people won't sympathize with your bad luck. Maybe you'll be impeached for delaying the emperor's life. You can't even tell with ten mouths. During the day, she wandered around the county town to relax, but Shen County was too small and desolate. There were few shops, theatres and brothels. She was so bored that she sighed every day. And that inn, the day they came in, was fine, but more and more people lived in it, and only those who came did not leave. On that day, all the rooms were crowded with people, and the shopkeeper sighed and said that if the guests came again, they would have to trouble everyone to live with them. When he said this, the guests had just finished their meal. Anyway, they were bored and did not disperse. They sat in the dining hall and rambled with each other. When they heard the shopkeeper say this, someone shouted, "Don't stuff it here, I'm afraid of noise.". "I wouldn't object if it were a beauty," said Yu Zao with a smile. As soon as I said this, I heard a man outside shouting, "Shopkeeper, I want a room, and feed the horse." The shopkeeper sighed, "It's wrong to be afraid of anything." The crowd looked at the past with a smile, but saw a person lift the curtain and enter, a look down to hear the sound of sighing everywhere. Yuzaoqian originally smiled and followed to watch the scene of bustle, but when he saw the face of the man, he was really taken aback and said to himself,liquid bottle filling machine, "How did this man come?" It was a young man of twenty-five or twenty-six years old who came in, with beautiful features, neat clothes and elegant gestures. gzxilinear.com

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