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Back to Primitive Society as a Chief Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:20   Security & Safety   Wani   274 views Reference: 70
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Now, Po turned back with the head of the tiger tooth and threw it on the ground with a sound. He snorted, "Father, I have cut off the head of the tiger tooth." The patriarch was frightened again, and the limestone nodded: "Thanks for your hard work." As he spoke, Limestone turned to look at the patriarchs in the tent and said, "The tiger's head crossed my command and incited everyone to attack. We suffered nearly three hundred casualties. We should be killed!"! What do you think? Several patriarchs who had befriended the tiger's head were immediately angry. They stood up and stared at the limestone angrily. They roared, "Limestone!"! What are you doing? Are you crazy! Why did you kill Tiger Head? Limestone did not speak, but Fenglin hurriedly ran over to make peace: "What everyone, don't quarrel, don't quarrel, we are all our own people, what are we quarreling about?" Several patriarchs are angry to push away Fenglin, this all of a sudden, Fenglin also annoyed, roared: "You want to die!" " When the words fell, Feng Lin clapped his hands, and more than thirty people from the Feng Lin tribe came in directly from outside the tent. After they came in, they saw the appearance of Feng Lin Nu's mouth without saying a word. In a flash, there were several more corpses on the ground. Feng Lin looked at the bodies lying in a pool of blood and spat at them: "What a shameless thing! You want to die!" As soon as the rest of the patriarch saw this scene, he was so excited that he stood up straight and dared not say a word. Feng Lin looked around,Artificial Marble Slabs, then came to the limestone side, said: "Limestone eldest brother, has been solved, you say, what to do next." Seeing this scene, as long as you are not a fool, you will know what is going on. Fenglin is colluding with Limestone to entrap everyone. This damned Fenglin, did he forget that everyone was a companion from the Tianling Mountains? A group of people scolded Fenglin in their hearts,grey marble slab, but how did they know that limestone had drawn Fenglin to him, but had given him the promise of the leader of the Round Valley Mountains? Now, the troublemaker has disappeared, everyone, next, it's a good chance for us to work together to defeat Liya and conquer a large mountain range! Goshawk! Limestone shouted, so that the goshawk startled, hurriedly nodded, lest the limestone pointed the spearhead at himself. You know, counting the people of Fenglin, there are nearly sixty people in the account now, but nearly fifty of them are limestone. In the past, they complained about why the limestone used such a big and good tent as a place to discuss things. Isn't it good to live in it? Now, everyone understands that the tent area is bigger, so that more people can squeeze in. Immediately, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Pietra Gray Marble, listening to the shouts of the limestone, the goshawk stood trembling in place, not daring to say any more nonsense. He gulped his saliva and said shakily, "Yes, yes, yes." Limestone took a glance at the goshawk, walked over and patted him on the shoulder. It was such a movement that the goshawk was so frightened that he was sweating along his neck. Don't be afraid of the goshawk. I don't mean anything else. I just want to discuss with you. What do you think of your son's plan to climb over the mountains and disturb the mountains? The goshawk was stupefied when he heard this. Limestone laughs: "You stay by my side, we give Li Ya pressure in the front, do you say?" The goshawk understood what the limestone meant. He's not a fool! Limestone is using himself as a hostage to threaten his son. Bah, limestone bastard! Now I can see that the grizzly goshawk with a smiling face is very annoyed, but he has no other choice but to listen and accept. Didn't you see that the blood of the tiger's head on the limestone hand hasn't been wiped clean yet. With a chuckle, the goshawk reluctantly raised the corners of his mouth and smiled awkwardly: "Well, well, Brother Limestone, you are so smart. I listen to you." Limestone laughed and looked at the rest of the patriarchs: "Patriarchs, how about giving your people to me?" Limestone this is obvious to seize power, how can those patriarchs agree? But as soon as he saw his companion killed by the patriarch beside him, he immediately chose to close his mouth and nod, almost hating Fenglin to death in his heart. This bastard is not a human thing, he, how dare he betray the Tianling Mountains? Betrayed everyone! No matter how angry he was, he could not stop the limestone from seizing power wantonly. In the morning, or can only command the movement of more than a dozen people's limestone, so will be transformed, the entire pasture nearly two thousand people, have become the hands of the limestone. All the patriarchs, including the goshawk, fully believed that with the help of the maple forest and the cleverness of the limestone, sooner or later they could digest the two thousand clansmen. For a moment, everyone regretted it. You shouldn't come to the Round Valley Mountains with the limestone, but you shouldn't even bring a clansman to look for the limestone this afternoon. Where are you going to argue now? No matter what the patriarch was thinking, the limestone was proud now. He feels successful now and seems to have seen victory beckoning to him. Li Ya sought her own death to find reinforcements, so that there is no way to catch their own flaws, defeat Li Ya, just in the blink of an eye. The tiger-headed goshawks died and sent two thousand clansmen in the Tianling Mountains to themselves in vain. When the time came, they would be rescued by their own clansmen who were captured in the mountain tribes. At that time, there would be nearly three thousand male clansmen who could fight. Ha ha, three thousand! It's the peak period of the whole mountain range, and that's all, right? Unconsciously, he actually achieved the same force as Ji thief! Sure enough, he was the master of a large mountain range! If there is a word to describe the joy of the ash rock music, it is probably a success. 1267.-Don't step on you. Grey rock happy happy, happy happy, but he probably forgot what Ji thief had said when he chatted with him. That is extreme joy begets sorrow. Just as the limestone was holding back its laughter and sulking its face, all of a sudden, it heard the cry of killing the sky outside the pasture,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and the momentum was moving. All of a sudden, the limestone was so frightened that it almost fell to the ground without legs. What's wrong Asked the limestone. The patriarch is also confused, how do we know how the heart said. forustone.com

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