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Recall Socrates Full-time Job

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I once overheard another of his conversations, and I thought it was his exhortation to his listeners to examine themselves to see how valuable they were to their friends. He noticed that a friend of one of his friends was in a poor condition, but this man did not ask, and he asked Antistanes in the presence of this man who neglected his friend's needs and several others: Antistanes, do friends have a fixed value like slaves? For one friend may be worth two munas, and another not worth half a muna, and another may be worth five munas, and another ten muna. Nicaeus, the son of Nicaeus, is said to have paid a whole tower of silver for a man who was in charge of his silver mines. So let us examine whether just as slaves have a certain value, so do friends have a certain value. "Indeed," replied Antistanes, "for my part, at least, I would rather have one man as my friend than two munas; another I may think not worth half a muna; another I may think more valuable than ten munas; and another I may sacrifice all my money and all my strength to win him as my friend." " If this is the case, "said Socrates," it is worth examining each of us to see what value we have to our friends. Moreover, everyone should try to make himself as valuable as possible to his friends, so that they will not abandon him. For I have often heard a man say that his friend has forsaken him,plastic bulk containers, and others say that he has forsaken him for the sake of a Mna, because he is his friend. I consider, therefore, of all this, whether, as a man is willing to give up a useless slave, no matter how much money he may get,foldable bulk container, it is equally easy for him to give up a worthless friend when he can get more value. I never saw a man willing to sell a useful slave, so a good friend will not be abandoned. ww w.xIaoshuotxt. com Volume II, Chapter VI Novel t-xt paradise What kind of people should we choose to be our friends? Verses 1-5. How to determine a person's character before making friends? Verses 6-7. How to keep in touch with friends, verses 8-13. Friendship can only exist between good and noble people. Section 19. Between such people, despite differences of opinion, friendship can continue to exist. Verses 19-28. The inference to be drawn from that statement is that section 29 — Section 39. I think, since in the following conversation he exhorts people to test the value of the person in making friends, his remarks are very thought-provoking. Tell me, Kritobulus, "he said," if we need a good friend, how shall we find one? First of all, should we not find a person who can control his appetite, his taste for what is in the cup, mobile garbage bin ,plastic wheelie bins, his lust, his sleep and his indolence? For no one who is subjected to such things can do his duty, either to himself or to his friends. "Of course not," Critopoulos replied. Do you think, then, that we should avoid those who are subject to such indulgences? "Absolutely avoid it," Critopoulos replied. Do you think he is a dangerous friend who is profligate, intemperate, unable to support himself, always in need of help from his neighbors, who cannot pay his debts, and who resents those who refuse to lend him money when he cannot get it? "Certainly," replied Kritobulus. Then we must avoid such people? "It must be avoided." "There is also a kind of person who is very good at business, always greedy for more advantages, so it is difficult to coexist, like to take in, but not willing to pay, what about such a person?" "In my opinion, such a man is worse than the former," replied Kritobulus. What about the other kind of people? He was so good at business that he had no leisure time except to think of where he could make a profit. ” "I think we must avoid him, too, because it is no good associating with such people." "What is to be done with a man who is quarrelsome, and who is apt to make plenty of enemies for his friends?" "Of course, we have to avoid him." "What if there is a man who has none of these faults, but only accepts favors from others and never wants to return them?" "It's no good making friends with such people.". But, Socrates, what kind of people should we try to make friends with? "The very opposite of these people, I suppose.". He is able to control his lust, is loyal and just in dealing with others, and must repay the kindness of others. "It is good to make friends with such a person." Socrates, how can we test his character before we make friends with him? "We test a sculptor," Socrates replied, "not by other words, but by the beautiful figures he has carved in the past, and we believe that what he will carve in the future will also be good." Do you mean, then, that people who are friendly to friends of the past will obviously be friendly to friends of the future? "Yes, because I know that if a man who keeps horses treats his past horses well, I think he will treat other horses well in the future." "So be it," said Kritobulus, "but how can we make a friend of someone who seems worthy of being a friend?" "First of all," Socrates replied, "we should ask God if he means to persuade us to make friends with him." "Tell me,collapsible pallet box, then," asked Kritobulus, "how we can obtain the friendship of those whom we think we can associate with and to whom the gods do not object." cnplasticpallet.com

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