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Tragedy in Three Acts _ Agatha Christie _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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"You can rule out Angela." "I know her a lot," said Sir Charles. The egg girl frowned disapprovingly. I can't do that. "Some people are excluded just because we know them," she said. We have to follow the rules. Besides, I know nothing about Angela Sutcliffe. She is as likely to cook as anyone else. And in my opinion, she's more likely, all actresses have previous convictions. Generally speaking, I think she is the most likely person to commit a crime. She stared disobediently at Sir Charles, with a defiant twinkle in her eye. In that case, we can't rule out Oliver Mendes. ” How could it be Oliver? He had met Mr. Babington many times before. He was present at both parties. His presence obviously raised some suspicion. "Exactly." There was a pause,collapsible bulk container, and then she added, "In that case, I'd better count my mother and myself." That makes six suspects. "I don't know." "We have to do things in a reasonable way, otherwise we are acting foolishly." There was a glint in her eyes. Mr Satterthwaite used the food to bring the two of them to a truce. He called for a drink. Sir Charles slipped into a distant corner and admired a statue of a black head. "Miss Eggs walked up to Mr. Satterthwaite and extended a hand to his arm." It was silly of me to lose my temper with him. She murmured,plastic pallet bin, "I am a fool.". But why exclude that woman? Why is he so interested when it comes to playing with her? Oh, my God! Why should I have such disgusting jealousy? Mr. Satterthwaite laughed and clapped her hand. Jealousy never pays. Dear He said, "If you're jealous, don't show it.". By the way, do you really think Mendes Jr. is a suspect? Eggs girl ah mouth smile & # 8212; friendly A childlike smile. Of course not. I said those words so as not to frighten the man. She turned her head and looked to one side. Sir Charles was still sullenly studying the statue of the Negro. You know.. I hope he doesn't think I'm having an affair with Oliver. Because I have no such feelings. How difficult things are in the world! He's back to his kind of.. Bless you, my children, in your good looks. "Be patient." Mr. Satterthwaite advised her, plastic pallet manufacturer ,drum spill containment, "You know, end up with a big melon." "I have no patience." The egg girl said, "I hope there will be a result soon, or soon." Mr Satterthwaite laughed, and Sir Charles turned towards them. When drinking.. They hatched a campaign plan. Sir Charles returned to Crow's Nest. He has not yet found a buyer for the house. Dandan and her mother returned to the house earlier than planned. Mrs Babbington still lives in rumouth. They want to know as much as they can from her. And then proceed as planned. We will succeed. The egg girl said, "I believe we will succeed." She leaned against Sir Charles, her eyes blazing. Here's to our success. She suggested. He gazed tenderly into her eyes. Raise the glass to your mouth. "For success," he said, "and for the future.." (/t/xt | Xiao/Shuo Tian | Tang) www/Xiao shuotxt/C o m Chapter One Mrs. Babington Mrs. Babington moved into a small fisherman's house. The house is not far from the harbour. She is waiting for her sister to return from Japan in about six months. Before her sister's arrival, she had no plans for her future life. The country house happened to be unoccupied, so she rented it for six months. The sudden loss of her husband made her so confused that she had to leave Rumouth. Stephen Babington lived for seventeen years in the Petroc section of Rumouth. On the whole, they passed seventeen years of happiness and peace. Her only regret was the death of her son Robin. Among the other children, Edward was in Ceylon, Lloyd in South Africa, and Stephen was the third mate of the ship Angola. They often write to each other with great enthusiasm. But they could neither provide a home for their mother nor return to accompany her. So Margaret Babbington was very lonely. …… Not that she spends most of her time alone thinking. She was very active in her parish (the new vicar was not yet married) and she spent a great deal of time working on a small plot of land in front of the villa. She is a woman who loves flowers. Flowers are a part of her life. One afternoon, while she was working, she heard the lock on her front door click and looked up to see Sir Charles Cartwright with balls. & # 183; Litton & # 183; Gore stood in the doorway. Margaret was not surprised to see the egg girl. She knew that the girl and her mother would be back soon. But the sight of Sir Charles startled her. Repeatedly she heard the rumor that he had left the neighborhood where he had lived for good. Some information, transcribed from other newspapers, recounted his movements in the south of France. A sign was put in the garden of the Crow's Nest House saying "For Sale". No one will expect Sir Charles to come back. However, he really came back. Mrs. Babbington threw her disheveled hair from her sweaty forehead behind her, and saw that her hands were covered with mud, and she looked remorseful. I can't shake hands. "I know," she said. "I ought to wear gloves and work in the garden. Sometimes I do it with my gloves on, and then I take them off. It's much more convenient to work by hand. She brought her guests into the house. The chairs and sofas in the small living room are all wrapped in printed cotton cloth,plastic pallet supplier, which is very comfortable. There are several pictures and several bowls of chrysanthemums. What a surprise to see you, Sir Charles. I thought you gave up forever: It's a crow's nest. "I used to think that way." The actor said frankly, "But sometimes Babington is too big for us to get rid of fate." cnplasticpallet.com

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