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Uniform Beauty (Military Academy, Uniform, Star Science Fiction) Author: Dart Ah Da Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:11   Security & Safety   Canning   278 views Reference: 31
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"Are you Mingxin, the seller of the shopping website?" The young man looked at the teenager coming and was a little surprised. Yes Fu Mingyue nodded, "I'm sorry to keep you waiting!" I just got here, too. I thought you were driving here. The man looked at his clothes carefully, but murmured in his heart: I didn't expect that the seller was so young. Looking at his clothes, the family should be very rich. I don't know which family he is. Fu Mingyue had an elegant smile on her face. "Walking is also a good way to exercise.". It is said that our ancestors liked this kind of aerobic exercise very much. That being said, the truth is, he can't afford that hover car. Uh. You're right! The man did not doubt his nod. This is the Grenny you want to buy. Fu Mingyue took out the communicator from his schoolbag. This communicator is the one that Lu Yusong gave him. Unexpectedly, he just posted this communicator on the shopping website this morning, and someone wanted to buy it in less than a day. The man stretched out his hand to take it, operated it for a few minutes, and could not help praising it: "Very good!" While playing with it, he secretly commented on it and found that it was not a refurbished product, nor a parallel import, but an authentic counter product. Well, I'm satisfied! The man stroked it happily. The market price of this Greaney is at least 11,000 federal yuan, while this teenager only sells 10,000 federal yuan. The price is really very favorable. Had it not been for the high credibility that the teenager had accumulated in the online shopping transactions, and had it not been for the fact that the teenager in front of him was an elegant and romantic rich boy, he would never have believed that there was such a cheap good thing. Not a little while, the man gave him money,wholesale plastic pallet, cannot help asking curiously again: "How do you get this thing?"? Why sell at a low price? If I had known he would ask, Fu Mingyue would have shown a nonchalant expression. "I'm short of pocket money, and I'm embarrassed to ask my father for it, so I want to sell it.". Anyway, I still have a few communicators. He knew that if he hadn't turned into a rich boy today, the buyer wouldn't have believed him so easily. The man nodded and did not think much about it. He said goodbye and turned away. After the man walked away, Fu Mingyue immediately picked up the communicator, entered the optical network system,heavy duty plastic pallet, and logged on to the shopping network interface, operated on his shop, and crossed out the Greene image hanging on it. Later, he walked into the Central Federal Bank more than ten meters away and deposited nine thousand federal yuan in his personal account. Looking at the electronic account records, it showed that the amount of funds was enough for him to go to high school. Unconsciously, he relied on his own efforts to save so much money, really incredible ah! It's just that he has at least one long-distance travel plan next, which is a money-burning plan. Fu Mingyue could not help clenching his fist, so he had to work harder! Keep up the good work and continue to exploit his "little sheep"! 3 3. Chapter 3 Relatives.. This is a shabby deep lane, winding into unknown places. There is no street lamp in the alley, in the dark night, Fu Mingyue relies on his memory, in the dark alley forward. Along the lane wall, Fu Mingyue carried a bag of rice, turning left and right for a while. Every time you come to a corner, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet box, a family will appear. The moon! You're back! "Uh-huh.". Hello, Aunt Hu! Did my father go home? "Back!"! But I saw him with a jug of wine in his hand. Hey! I can't persuade him. Fu Mingyue body a meal, is a pot?! Hu Min shook his head, "Hey!"! Leave him alone and let him go. Mingyue, take these snacks and go back to eat as a midnight snack! Fu Mingyue looked at Aunt Hu's bag of snacks stuffed into her schoolbag, her eyes moist, "Aunt.." Thank you "Why are you being polite to me?" Fu Mingyue smiled, "Auntie, I'll go home first." "Good!" Hu Min patted him on the shoulder, "you hurry back!" Fu Mingyue turned around and walked on. After turning three more corners, Fu Mingyue finally reached the end of the alley. At the end of the alley, there stands a small dilapidated square of only a few dozen square meters. There was no light in the square, and it looked very desolate in the dim moonlight. This square, however, is Fu Mingyue's home. Fu Mingyue sighed, stepped over, stretched out his empty hand, pushed it forward, and slowly opened the half-closed old iron door. Then the iron gate made a few muffled sounds of "click, click, click." Rong. Xiao Rong? A faint hoarse male voice came from the room, Fu Mingyue felt his heart sink, a kind of sadness that could not be exported emerged from the bottom of his heart, and stepped in. Dad, it's me. "Xiao Rong, are you back?" Fu Mingyue turned on the room light and looked at the man sitting in the chair. At this time, his eyes were scattered and he was staring at him. Fu Mingyue gritted his teeth, opened the rice bag in his hand, and poured the rice into the rice bucket. Then he went up to the man, squatted down, stared at him, and said heavily, "Dad, I'm Fu Mingyue, not Qin Rong!"! You see clearly! "No.." No Fu Qing murmured, seeing the people in front of him, seemed to wake up a little, and then slowly shook his head, "It's the bright moon.". You're back. You and your mother look.. It's like. I was wrong.. I was wrong. Fu Mingyue took the flagon away from his hand, "Dad, did you have dinner?" Fu Qing shook his head, "I can't eat without seeing you back." Fu Mingyue stood up and walked into the small kitchen. When he saw the untouched dishes inside, he frowned and said, "Dad, didn't I say that I would come back a little late because I had something to do at school these nights?". My dinner is all settled outside. You don't have to wait for me. No, I'm not at ease. I really can't eat. I'm afraid you won't come back as soon as you leave like your mother. Fu Mingyue took the dish in her hand and slowly put it into the heater, "Dad, I won't leave you." "Good,euro plastic pallet, good!" Fu Qing's face slipped down a line of tears, sighing low, "if she can say so." That's all right. cnplasticpallet.com

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