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Second marriage: Forensic concubine 420 Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:11   Security & Safety   Daltonganj   263 views Reference: 51
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"I haven't seen the maidservant. I only know that the young lady has booked Room 13 in the Cuiweiju Inn in the suburbs of Beijing. The maidservant sends the silver tickets and letters to the designated place in the room according to the young lady's orders. I dare not ask much about anything else." "Green Pearl's answer is still watertight." Cuiweiju? Jun Mo Ran turned his head and gave a low shout: "Blue One!" Jiang Mei was wondering, as if it was just a blink of an eye. With a whoosh, Lan Yi came out of the room like a ghost and stood at his side with his hands down, as if he were already here. Go to Cuiweiju in the suburbs of Beijing. "Yes ~" There was another whoosh, and the blue disappeared into the air as silently as it had come. Jiang Mei stared and didn't say a word for a long time. She had always thought it was a secret conversation, and now it seemed that there was more than one around her. All right, you go back first, and if you think of anything again, remember to report it in time. Jun Mo Ran asked her some trifles again, some of which she answered, some of which were still very vague, and when she asked again, she could not find anything useful, so she let her go. There were only three people left in the room, and they were speechless for a moment. Mo Ran, how credible do you think Lvzhu's words are? Li Yuchen thought over and over again,artificial grass panels, or took the lead in breaking the silence. Jiang Mei kept silent and cast her eyes on Jun Mo Ran. After all, it's all his family business. If he doesn't make a statement, she won't be able to dominate. Half and half. Jun Mo Ran sighed and cast his eyes on Leng Hui, who was lying quietly on the bed. Huier, why are you so stupid? Is there anything in the world that can't be solved? Do you have to risk your life to face it alone? Is my adopted brother so unworthy of your trust? Would you rather put your fate in the hands of a strange killer than let me share it for you? Seeing that both of them did not speak, Jiang Mei carefully interjected,large ficus tree, "What kind of person is Drunken Knife?"? If you are from Jianghu, how do you know Leng Hui? It sounds like a professional killer in a martial arts novel, so how can Leng Hui, a daughter, have a chance to know and hire him? There's no secret "Drunken Dao is the most famous lone bandit who has been active on the border of Inviting the Moon and Eating the Stars in recent years. His asking price is extremely high, and it is rumored that he has never failed since his debut." Li Yuchen explained with a smile. My teacher has a knight-errant reputation in the martial arts world. He is known as the first master outside the martial arts world. Although he washed his hands of the golden basin in his later years, most of the people in his family are Jianghu people. Although Hui'er doesn't practice martial arts, under the influence of what she sees and hears, it's not difficult to find a drunken knife if she turns to someone. Jun Mo Ran added. Oh ~ "Jiang Mei nodded, still hard to let go.". Suddenly there was a commotion in the courtyard. Jun Mo Ran frowned. "What's the matter?" "Go back to Wang Ye," Lan Er reported outside the door. "The old lady is coming." "What?" The three people in the room were all startled. They stood up, decorative palm trees ,fake ficus tree, pulled the door open and went out. A soft sedan chair fell in the courtyard, and Mei Xue and Lan Xin, one left and one right, slowly walked out of the sedan chair with the old lady. It seemed that they had aged ten years in half a day. Niang ~ "Jun Mo Ran steps forward quickly:" Do not rest in the room, run here to do what? " The old lady's voice was hoarse, and the mist slowly condensed in her eyes: "I want to see the flowers." "Gan Niang ~" Li Yuchen consoled in a low voice: "Hui Er Fu Bo, you don't remember her, take care of your health is important." "White hair person sends black hair person, teach me how not sad?" Jun Mo ran hurriedly grabbed up, held her arm, and gave Jiang Mei a wink. Jiang Mei understood, retreated to one side, took advantage of the chaos out of the Manyin Pavilion. Ruyi was so anxious that he couldn't get in. He kept turning around outside the wall. When he saw Jiang Mei coming out, his eyes lit up and he ran over quickly: "Miss, you can come out." Just as Jiang Mei was about to answer, a cry came from inside: "Who is so cruel that he won't let you go after he dies? He wants to disembowel you and dig out your heart.." "Yes, you did it?" Ruyi shivered and looked at Jiang Mei with respect and fear in her eyes. Let's go. "Jiang Mei secretly rolled her eyes and pulled Ruyi to leave quickly.". Outside the Forgetting Moon Garden, Liu Wufeng was walking back and forth with his head down, as if he was full of worries. When he heard the footsteps, he looked up and saw them, and smiled awkwardly. Jiang Mei observed his words and expressions and knew that he had something to say. She hurriedly said to Ruyi, "Ah, I left my handkerchief in Manyin Pavilion. Go and get it for me." "Oh ~" Ruyi had no doubt about him and turned to leave. Liu Wufeng walks over: "Nine madams ~" "Would the housekeeper like to walk the dog with me or come in and serve tea?" Jiang Mei smiled. Liu Wufeng was stunned and sighed to herself: "Walk the dog ~" "Scooby-Doo ~" Jiang Mei shouted outside the courtyard, and Scooby-Doo jumped out and circled around her feet affectionately. This beast is quite affectionate with the nine ladies. "Liu Wufeng laughed." Don't you? Jiang Mei bent down to touch Scooby's head and looked at him with a smile. "Dogs are the most loyal animals in the world. Once they identify their masters, they will never betray them." "Is it?" Liu Wufeng walked slowly up the hillside with her hands behind her. It's just that he's half a shoulder behind her. Jiang Mei smiled, knowing that he did not want others to see him gossip, and felt good about his carefulness and thoughtfulness from the bottom of his heart: "Does the housekeeper have anything to say?" "Liu is to blame for Miss Leng's death." Liu Wufeng kept silent for a long time and answered in a low voice. Jiang Mei is slightly stunned: "How can housekeeper have this kind of idea?" "Yesterday, if only I had been more gentle to her." Liu Wufeng blamed himself. "Otherwise, I should have appeased her with empty words and promised to take her away to calm her mind." "The housekeeper has done his best for her." Jiang Mei frowned disapprovingly. Life is only once, and everyone must be responsible for himself. Even if it is found out today that Leng Hui really hanged herself, it is also due to her own weak will and extreme thinking, and she has no worries with others. What's more, she did not hang herself, but was murdered, which is no wonder Liu butler. However, Jun Mo Ran has decided not to disclose the case,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, she can not tell the truth. In fact, I made more mistakes than that. Liu Wufeng hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth and said. hacartificialtree.com

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