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If I still remember you in the next life Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:16   Security & Safety   Darbhanga   264 views Reference: 61
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I shook my head and said, "No.". You can't type if you wear it. Zheng Kaiwen took my hand and looked at it again and again. He said with a smile, "If you marry me, how can you work and type in the future? You can just be your wife Zheng at home." "No." "You can't deprive me of my personal and social value with a five-carat diamond ring," I said earnestly. Zheng Kaiwen raised his eyebrows and said, "It's so serious." "It doesn't matter. Mrs. Zheng doesn't like the high style. We also have the built-in style." Manager Chen picked up the diamonds carefully. Finally in that pile of rings, I chose a less than 50 cents embedded platinum diamond ring, the price is not expensive, the style is also very common. Manager Chen wiped his sweat and smiled, perhaps because he felt that he was too bad at taking care of their business, so he repeatedly said, "Mrs. Zheng really has a good eye." I laughed and said, "With such a good eye as mine, I'm afraid Manager Chen is going to lose money." Zheng Kaiwen did not speak all the time. Later, when Manager Chen went out, he asked me with a smile: "Why save money for me?" "I didn't mean that." I put my hand on his arm and said, "I don't want anything that money can buy.". What I want is your heart. If you really want to please me, let me see your heart. How's it going Zheng Kaiwen smiled and took my hand and said, "Your price is really high." Holding his face in my hands, I looked at it again and again and said,touch screen digital signage, "Your face is clearly engraved with the word'rich man '. I am not a fool, so of course I ask for a high price!"! Otherwise, he would have lost his life. Manager Chen did not come in for a long time, Zheng Kaiwen went to the side to answer the phone, so I took advantage of the gap to go out to find the bathroom. This underground factory was such a mess that I couldn't find the bathroom for a long time, and there was no sign. When I finally met the sign in the corridor, I suddenly heard someone behind me calling me,outdoor digital signage displays, "Mrs. Zheng." I turned around and saw Manager Chen coming to me with a small bag in his hand. I ruined their business, of course, full of regret and embarrassment, asked in a low voice: "I'm sorry, where is the bathroom?" "It's right ahead. I'll show you." Manager Chen led me all the way. Suddenly he smiled and said, "Mrs. Zheng, you are not from Hong Kong, are you?" I said, "I am from Shanghai." "No wonder," he whispered. I smiled, too, and finally couldn't help holding it in my stomach. I said, "Manager Chen, do you want to say that people in Shanghai are really stingy and weird? Marriage is such a big thing that they don't even want to buy a one-carat diamond ring.." Manager Chen laughed and said, face recognition identification ,interactive whiteboard prices, "I never meant that. I'm going to look at you with new eyes." Be impressed? Is it because I'm a bitch who dislikes the rich and loves the poor? I am more adapted to Yan Xiaonan poking my forehead and scolding: "Liang Luoxin, you are stupid.". 50 cents or 5 carats. Which is bigger? Can't you calculate it. This kind of thing, where the woman disrelishs diamond big, you are a fool! But manager Chen smiled at me in the opposite direction and said, "In fact, there is nothing wrong for women to love jewelry.". But Mr. Zheng brought those girlfriends before, as soon as he saw the diamond, his eyes shone, and he had no intention of listening to my introduction, let alone comparing the good and bad. They only know how to choose the big and expensive ones. He bought it back and immediately changed it into A goods for cash. "Is there such a thing?" "Mrs. Cheng, but." He hesitated a little. I smiled and comforted him and said, "It's all right. If you have anything to say, just say it." He then continued, "Mrs. Cheng, let me say something offensive.". Most of the ladies who come here to choose diamonds are also going out to support their husbands. Mr. Zheng is also a respectable man. Sometimes, you should also think about Mr. Zheng. After all, you go out on behalf of Mr. Zheng's face. This is a word to reveal the secret. I don't know whether to say that he can do business or that I can't be a rich man's wife. Thank you very much, Manager Chen. There are many things I really don't understand. Please forgive me. I'll take a closer look at it later. Please give me more advice. Manager Chen greeted me very politely and then turned around and left. When I came out of the bathroom and washed my hands by the sink, suddenly a perfume came to my face like a strong wind. When I looked up, I saw a very beautiful young woman beside me, who was fixing her makeup in front of the mirror. She saw me, too, and smiled. I smiled hurriedly and tried to remember where I had seen the face. Finally, however, without remembering, she had already turned around and walked out. I also went out, and as soon as I turned the corner, I saw a man talking on the phone at the end of the corridor. The woman walked all the way to the man's side and immediately took his arm, looking very intimate. The man turned his head and saw me. At that moment, I was struck by lightning. It turned out to be Du Zeshan. Chapter 14 I was about to turn around and run away when he strode over and grabbed me. What a coincidence. He looked at me with joy on his face, but I broke away from his hand. Du Zeshan's complexion suddenly changed, and he raised a sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth and said, "Is it Zheng Kaiwen?"? He brought you here to pick out jewelry? What? Necklace? Earring? Bracelet or.. An engagement ring? I glared and sneered, "Sorry, it's a diamond wedding ring." At the same time, I broke away from his hand. The young woman came over. "Have you met a friend?" The bird asked beside Du Zeshan. "An old friend, too." Du Zeshan looked at me, took the girl's hand and went aside and said, "I'll talk to her. You go back and wait for me first. Don't run around." He lowered his head and kissed the girl on the cheek, and the girl turned away with a smile. Seemed to be a sensible woman, although heavily made-up, but still see that she is not old. And not because of my appearance, no wonder Du Zeshan likes her. I have to go. Kevin is waiting for me. As soon as I turned to go, Du Zeshan suddenly grabbed me and dragged me into the women's bathroom. Before I could even figure out what was going on,temperature check kiosk, I heard a snap and he locked the door. I was angry, and the shrew in my bones was about to jump out: "Du Zeshan, what on earth do you want to do?" hsdtouch.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable