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Qian Li Xiao Pansy + Fanwai Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:12   Security & Safety   Dausa   291 views Reference: 53
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When they saw the announcement of the auction in the afternoon, they discussed buying the magic harp as a wedding gift for Qian Lixiao. A hundred thousand yuan is not a lot of money for them to share equally. The next one to be auctioned is-Fish King Scales! On the display stand, there is a long black box with two golden shell-shaped scales on a complete vertebra, and the edges of the scales are rendered with a layer of dazzling blood. This! Faint eyes-aren't these two pieces of "omen" on the chest of the Mermaid King? "Take a picture of the scales of the fish king and present the backbone of the dragon!"! These two materials are unparalleled in the world, and are one of the necessary materials to build the best equipment! The starting price of 50 gold, plus 10 gold, raise your card once, please ask for a price. Dragon's backbone? Could it be the dragon's backbone, which is one of the materials for upgrading the "inverse color streamer"? Just as he was thinking about it, he saw Qian Li raise his placard with a smile. Bid number 99 for 60 gold! There is more than. Before the host finished speaking, the first row lit up with red light: "100 gold." "100 gold!"! Number 2 bid 100 gold! Is there anyone higher than 100 gold? Qian Li raised his placard. No.99 bid 110 gold! Aries followed the button: "200 gold." "You raised the price on purpose, didn't you?" The phoenix takes the eye to be crooked he: "Pretend what uncle!" "No!" Seeing Qianli stretch out his hand to press the button, Pansy stopped him hurriedly: "It's not worth it!" "200 gold, is there anything else to bid?"? Is anyone 200 gold higher? "Silly girl, let go." Holding his hands, Pansy shook her head desperately. 200 gold once! Qian Li laughed and could not take her, so he chatted with Phoenix privately: "Help me bid." "200 gold twice!" "200 gold 3.." The red light comes on. The host excitedly nailed down two hammers in a row: "1000 gold!"! Number one bid 1000 gold! The public is in an uproar! Phoenix hesitated a little when he heard the price. But Qianli's attitude is very firm, and time does not allow her to think too long. It hurts for him,artificial coconut palm trees, but. Look at the blue face of Aries is really cool to the extreme! It's not that Aries is deliberately raising the price. Fish King Scale is the only target for him to participate in the auction. What Qian Lixiao wants will never let people. If he keeps carrying it.. Do you really want to see how much money he is willing to pay? Unfortunately, he miscalculated that Qian Lixiao had come to buy the magic harp, so he only brought more than 800 gold with him. 1000 gold-deal! The number shocked the pansy. After the surprise, an open fire jumped up from the chest. A thousand smiles! Are you sick? Letting go, she got up and ran to the exit. Listen to me. Qian Lixiao took her hand, but was thrown away vigorously. Knowing that Phoenix didn't have so much cash on him, he didn't catch up. Out of the auction house, pansy ran forward for hundreds of meters in one breath. After the momentum, the pace slowed down, and finally sat down against the corner. Take off your eternity ring and bury your head in your knees. She's not happy, outdoor palm trees ,outdoor ficus tree, not at all! At the beginning, she gave the pet egg to the natural roll because she didn't want him to spend money for her. I just like him now. If he treats her like this again, what if one day she falls in love with him? …… We agreed to ignore the reality. She was afraid that she was getting deeper and deeper into the feeling of liking him, as if she was the only one in the deep. This recognition made her want to cry. 1000 gold for two "bad omens".. How sad! Besides, she just called him sick so loudly. I have a big head to think about. I'm depressed! The ground suddenly shook heavily, and I looked up to see a fire rising from a distance, turning the night red-the center point was the location of the auction house! Pansy got up on her knees before she could figure out what had happened? Then listen to the town channel shouted: "Not good ~ BOSS massacre!" Chapter 41 Demon King and Demon Queen. Stupid little humans! The mortal body dares to kill the people of my demon clan! The King of Japan will teach you a lesson!] The thunderous voice is very deterrent and mandatory to everyone's ears. [System Message]: The Demon King and the Demon Queen are attacking, and the world is in chaos! Brave and fearless hero! Quickly take up your weapon and throw yourself into the battle of defending your country! From a distance, I saw a huge object coming out of the roof of the damaged auction house and flying into the air! This BOSS snake tail, the whole body is blue, the nails are hard and long, and a row of barbs are raised on the back, extending from the top of the head to the tail, which is a sharp weapon. Between its arms and body, there is a layer of flexible membrane, which can be deployed to fly. This is the demon queen! The ground shook again! A green-brown half-human beast jumped up from nowhere from the auction house, and when it landed, its tail swept across a row of houses. This BOSS holds a crescent moon broadsword, its upper body is like a man, its lower body is like a horse, but it drags a long tail similar to a pangolin, and its whole body is covered with thick scales. Every time it takes off and lands, the ground will shake greatly. This is the demon king! "Town Channel" What a Big Tree: Jurassic Experience Edition? Online 94 Focus: Damn it! Come to BOSS without prior notice! Give me two more! Tangtang is not sweet: Ah ah ah ~ ~ new BOSS? Handsome! Paper ash machine: This is called surprise! Oh yeah: It's so exciting! Come on, guys. It will be cool to use a few kinds of fairies! Online 94 Focus: *** the surprise! These two BOSS are too tough, I am surprised! This time period is the time period with the largest number of online players, only to see a batch of players holding weapons from the front to the incident point-because the city's death does not explode equipment, hundreds of thousands of players rushed to BOSS from all directions as if they had conquered enemy blockhouses, falling down one by one and standing up one by one. The players who practiced in the field rushed back one after another. The capital is boiling! Shocked, pansy hurriedly took out the ring and put it on, and sent it back to Qianlixiao. The auction house was severely damaged, and there was only one person left in the huge auction hall. Oh,large palm trees for sale, and there are dozens of them over there, and they are climbing up the collapse along the piled stones. Qianli! Thanks to this sudden disaster, he didn't have nothing to say: "Are you all right?" hacartificialtree.com

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