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Shenzuo _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:08   Security & Safety   Sahāranpur   321 views Reference: 44
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Suddenly there was a sound of breaking air, coming from overhead. Lin Xi raised his head in surprise and saw a white pigeon flapping its wings and falling from the sky. It's my aunt's carrier pigeon! As soon as Lin Xi's heart moved, he immediately stretched out his arm and let the carrier pigeon fall on his arm. Taking off the binding tube from the pigeon's leg, Lin Xi let the pigeon go. The ferocious beast is very dangerous in the mountains. The homing pigeon can only spread to the outermost edge. If it goes further, it will be eaten by the ferocious bird. Lin Xi took out a letter from the binding tube, unfolded it, and looked at it carefully. What Meng Jun actually became the acting head! After reading the contents of the letter, Lin Xi's heart twitched mercilessly. He did not expect that he had only been away for more than twenty days, and Meng Jun had made a name for himself. It turned out that Meng Jun took advantage of Lin Xi's absence to mobilize several other elders to convene the Council of Elders again, and recommended himself as the acting head on the grounds that the head had been dead for too long and that the faction could not be without a head for a day. With the support of the other three elders, plus the big elder chose neutrality this time, stay out of it, the three elders Lin Ruyun alone, finally let Meng Jun wish to be the acting head. Lin Ruyun also mentioned in the letter that Meng Jun seemed to have colluded with the people of Lieyang Zong. On the day he became the acting head, the elder of Lieyang Sect came to congratulate him. This old man! The blue veins on Lin Xi's arm burst out, and he gnashed his teeth with hatred. There is no doubt that Meng Jun is using various means to encroach on the power of the headmaster, and at the same time borrow the identity of the headmaster to override his aunt Lin Ruyun. Meng Jun's involvement in the position of head is now well known. By now, he was no longer hiding, but beginning to be blatant. Lin Xi held the letter in his hand and many thoughts flashed through his eyes. Forget it! If Heaven wants to destroy it, he must first make it mad. Meng Jun, let you be proud for a few days first, and have the addiction of acting as a master. When I return from the fierce beast mountain, I will completely deprive you of the position of elder and inherit the power of the master! Lin Xi's face flashed a ray of determination. The tolerance of Meng Jun is enough. When he returned to Wulei Mountain, it was time to clean him up. Lin Xi's cultivation at this time, a thousand miles a day, is much faster than on Wulei Mountain. In just a few months, it has been comparable to others for several years. At this rate, it is almost within sight to reach the sixth divine stage before the age of eighteen. Temporarily put down the mind, Lin Xi turned around,ultrasonic dispersion machine, once again into the crazy practice. Eighteen days later, Lin Xi's strength has grown a lot. Twenty days later, Lin Xi was able to stand in the center of the waterfall, relying on his thick skin to resist the impact of the waterfall. A month later, Lin Xi seemed to be reborn, his muscles were as hard as iron, his bones were as dense as steel, his skin was hard and thick, a thick layer, even tougher than steel wire, and full of explosive energy. Compared with the situation when entering the fierce beast mountains, Lin Xi's physical quality has been directly strengthened several times. By two months later, Lin Xi's physical quality and strength had grown to a terrible level. Under the constant tempering of the waterfall, his skin membrane is tough and elastic, and its density is even several times higher than that of the strong people in the sixth stage of Shenxing. Anti-strike performance, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, has been able to match the seventh giant spirit period of the strong. After two months of sleepless practice of "King's Landing", the strength contained in Lin Xi's muscles is comparable to that of a master who has just reached the seventh giant spirit period. Boom! The waterfall rumbled like a galloping horse, pouring down from the top of the cliff, crossing thousands of feet of space, and hitting the rocks heavily. At the bottom of the waterfall, Lin Xi lowered his eyebrows and closed his eyes, like a rock, standing still. The waterfall thundered against him, making a clanging sound as if it were hitting steel. In the waterfall, the mist curled up like a dragon, drilling into the orifices of Lin Xi's whole body. This is the vitality of heaven and earth attracted by Lin Xi's practice of "King's presence in the world". With the improvement of Lin Xi's strength, he can attract more and more vitality. Now it is like a substance, which can be seen by the naked eye. Since Lin Xi was able to stand firm under the waterfall, he combined the practice of "King's Landing" with the waterfall quenching body to save time and improve the speed of his strength progress. The vitality of heaven and earth around him is getting thicker and thicker, and the dense white fog envelops his body, making him look like a mystery. Hum! Lin Xi's eyes moved and suddenly opened. This moment, like an ancient beast recovery, Lin Xi's body exudes the momentum, monstrous, covering the sky, overbearing. Swish! Lin Xi body contraction, suddenly a vertical, a move "white ape into the air", immediately flying up. Just listen to a bang, the stone broke the sky, this huge waterfall, was hit by Lin Xi's body, directly separated from a wave, a waterfall, into two. Swish! Lin Xi ten fingers deep into the rock wall, a stop, is a vertical. Climb along the cliff again, several feet high. Huge waves hit him, but he did not move. His movements are agile and his speed is very fast. Like a white ape, climbing on the cliff like flying. Unexpectedly, under the impact of the waterfall, he climbed from the bottom of the cliff to the top of the cliff. Boom! Lin Xi turned over in the air and landed gently on the top of the cliff. OK! Now the strength has risen greatly, and then go to clean up the fierce beast! A strong confidence rose in Lin Xi's heart. He's been here for months, and he knows almost everything about the edge of the Beast Mountains. It's hard for an ordinary beast to threaten him. However, more than twenty miles inside, near the border mentioned by Elder Martial Sister Su Zixuan, there were several fierce beast leaders. These ferocious beasts are not fast, but they are powerful, almost as powerful as the sixth ferocious beast of Shenxing. When Lin Xi met them some time ago, he almost died under the claws of those ferocious beasts. Fortunately, however, the speed of those ferocious beasts was not as outrageous as that of the sixth ferocious beast. Although Lin Xi could not beat them, he could still escape. Now,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Lin Xi's strength has risen sharply, and it is not what it used to be. Naturally, the idea fell on the heads of these ferocious beasts. fycgsonic.com

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