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Ten years of ignorance and a hundred years of heart Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:21   Marketing & Communication   Wani   342 views Reference: 71
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The cloud lay face down on horseback, hands and feet hanging in midair, and the panic of unreliability made her scratch and kick and shout desperately. The wind whistled past her ears, her cheeks hurt, her chest was out of breath, her ribs were almost broken, and her whole body was numb. Just as she almost fainted, Chu Xifeng pulled her up with one hand and snorted coldly, "Sit down!" Tighten the reins in his hands, the lion ran faster, and the rocky forest retreated, only to see a faint shadow. I don't know how long I've been running, but the terrain is getting narrower and narrower. As far as the eye could see, the mountains were winding and undulating, and the cliffs on both sides of the river were towering, with craggy rocks, cutting straight into the blue sky like knives and axes. In the middle of a narrow path, only people can pass, below is a bottomless cliff, clouds and mists hovering in the soles of the feet, the mountain wind "whine" blowing from the side, ghosts crying and wolves howling, it is terrible. The cloud closed his eyes and dared not look down. He hugged the lion's neck tightly and asked in fear, "Where are you taking me?" His body was shaking, for fear that he would be unhappy and throw himself down, which was really. Unthinkable. Chu Xifeng thought she was afraid at first, but then he realized something was wrong and touched her fingertips. It was cold and there was no heat at all. Then he remembered that Dongfang said she was weak and afraid of the cold. Thinking of her as a woman with low martial arts, she naturally could not stand the humidity on the mountain, so she took off her coat and threw it on her head. The cloud pulled his hands at random, showed his head, wrapped it tightly,pietra gray marble, and said in a white breath, "Thank you." Chu Xifeng threw a bottle of medicine to her. She held it in her hand and studied it for a long time without eating it. "Don't worry, it's not poison," he snorted. If I want to kill you, do I need to poison you? She says: "Know, this is the east gives you, wait to endure not to live to eat again." This medicine was specially prepared for her by Sai Hua Tuo. When the cold attacks, it can be temporarily suppressed. Dongfang said that the medicine was poisonous and could not cure the symptoms. Unless he had to, he did not let her eat it at ordinary times and kept it all the time. The further you go, the steeper the mountain is. There is almost no way to go. The lion can't even pass through. Looking up, the cliffs on both sides are like two hands together,White Marble Slabs, forming a line of sky, and the light leaks in from the gap of the hands, which makes the lower part more deep and narrow, quiet as ghosts. This is really a place where people can't reach and birds can't fly. Two people dismount, Chu Xifeng let the lion Cong turn around and leave, holding the cloud in one hand and climbing the vines on the rocks in the other hand, "rubbing" to climb up, like an ape, extremely flexible. The cloud pulled his sleeve tightly, only to feel the blood of his whole body rushing into his brain, his chest was stuffy and painful, and he could not help gasping for breath. The more you go up, the heavier the cold is, and the more uncomfortable it is. Chu Xifeng climbed to a stone wall and stopped, took a breath and kicked his feet, holding the cloud in his arms and rolling in from the branches of a pine tree. It turned out to be a cave, at the entrance of which there was a pine tree one person high, forming a natural barrier, which would be difficult for outsiders to find if they did not look carefully. The cave was wet and cold, overgrown with weeds, covered with moss, black and bottomless. The cloud stamped his feet to keep warm, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Slate Wall Panel, his hands shrank in his sleeves, his clothes tightened, and his lips turned blue. Chu Xifeng shook the light of the fire and led her inside. The mountain road is rugged, winding and slippery, and it is very difficult to walk. By feeling, it seemed to be walking from top to bottom. There were sharp stones everywhere, and it was difficult to stand steadily. From time to time, insects, snakes, and other animals crawled under their feet. There were also countless bats and moths. In the dark corner, the green eyes were shining with a silent light, which was very frightening. When they saw the lights, they flapped their wings and flew around, chirping and hissing, which was very unpleasant. This is a dark, dark world, even the sun can not shine in, isolated from the world. The cloud stepped on something soft, but he didn't know what it was. He was so frightened that he cried out. He jumped forward and hugged Chu Xifeng's waist tightly from behind and shouted, "Ah!"! Where the hell are you taking me? I, I, I don't want to go- "She felt her ankle tight, itchy and painful, and said in despair:" Ah, I was bitten by a snake! " His face was white with fear and he almost cried. The snakes here must be extremely poisonous, and they will die in three steps. Holding a torch, Chu Xifeng looked down and asked with an expressionless face, "Where did the snake come from?" She looked down and saw a piece of withered vine wrapped around her foot. After a false alarm, the cloud took a big breath, pulled it apart, rubbed his eyes and said, "This road doesn't lead to the underworld, does it?" Chu Xifeng glared at her mercilessly, pushed her away like a climbing vine, and said in disgust, "Go!" Gradually, there was a glimmer of light ahead. Further on, the light was getting stronger and stronger, and it seemed that it had come to an end. The cloud couldn't help cheering and clasping his hands. "Finally escaped from the gate of death." A huge boulder blocked the way, like a cliff, which could not be pushed away by human power. Yuneryun tried hard, like shaking a tree, his arm as a car, motionless, could not help but look back, a little stunned to look at Chu Xifeng. selinalau 2010-09-04 10:15 Chapter 49 Another world is not human (I) The huge stone stretched several feet to the top of the cave, comparable to a high grey wall, and a few rays of sunlight came in from the gap between the joints. Looking from the dark cave, it was particularly bright, brighter than gold. The boulder was covered with long vines as thick as arms, from the back to the front, in a mess, and the boulder was covered with the shadows of dark green rattan leaves as thick as palms, like countless hands. The cloud frowned slightly and turned to say, "What should we do now?"? Can you push it away? Look at him suspiciously. Chu Xifeng looked at her coldly, snorted lightly, put his toes on the stone, flew up with this force, and pressed his hand gently on a raised stone on the top of the cave. After a while, the heavy sound of "crunch" echoed in the cave, shaking people's hearts. The whole hole swayed slightly, and some sand and stones fell from the top of the head. The cloud hurried to the side to hide, shrinking into a ball, thinking that it was not an earthquake. I saw the boulder tilting outward bit by bit, the gap on the top was getting bigger and bigger, the hole suddenly brightened up, and a bright sunshine fell on the ground. When the gap at the mouth of the cave was as big as two feet wide,Granite Slab Supplier, the vibration was not as severe as before, and the sand and stones on the top of the head did not fall, but only made a dull "gurgling" sound. forustone.com

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