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Tang Shuanglong Biography-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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"It's about respect," said Zheng Shiru. In their minds, Song Que is the Han people who can treat ethnic minorities well, never cheat them half a penny in trading, and take good care of many disadvantaged ethnic groups in Lingnan area. If you want the Bashu Hui people to choose the king of the world they support most, it must be Song Que. Xu Ziling said with a wry smile, "It's a pity that Xie Hui, who has the closest relationship with him, won't look at the whole thing from this standpoint.". But frankly speaking, I think Xie Hui's view is wise and correct. If he overturns the agreement with Li yuan, he will be angry with Li yuan. At present, Li yuan has the advantage, and it is quite good that Song Que can unify the south to form a confrontation. For the huge family, Xie Hui is not without his difficulties in opposing Song Que. Zheng Shiru said in a deep voice, "Forgive me for speaking frankly. Ziling made the same mistake as Xie Hui, that is, he underestimated Song Que.". To endure, Song Que can endure more than anyone else. Therefore, he was able to avoid the conflict with Yang Jian and spent many years in Lingnan to cultivate talents in various fields. With Yang Jian's strength, he still did not dare to venture into Lingnan, which showed his awe of Song Que. After a pause, he looked up at the starry sky and said slowly, "But when the angry dragon,jujube seed powder, which has been dormant for many years, rises from the lurking place, no one can stop him.". Yes, he seems to have missed a good opportunity to let Li valve sit big; Kou Zhong's young marshal army is in a place where there is no danger to defend, and it has not yet become a climate. But you should know Kou Zhong better than me. Song Que and Kou Zhong, I'm sure they can turn the whole situation around. One day Xie Hui will regret his decision today. Xu Ziling can not help but think of Song Yuhua, she was caught in the middle, left and right to do difficult. She was a talented woman who had foreseen today's situation,fenugreek saponins, so she begged herself not to let Kou Zhong and Song Que meet, but she had failed to live up to her trust. Alas! With a fanatical look in his eyes, Zheng Shiru said, "To tell you the truth, Ziling, Song Que is the person I admire most among the many people in the world. I have worked hard to study his strategic means of pacifying southern Xinjiang and repelling the foreign barbarians. I have also observed his way of doing business. He is really a man of great talent in civil and military affairs. He is good at making strange things with strange things. There are ghosts and gods that are unpredictable.". No one can see through his intelligence and ability until he really acts. Now it seems that he and Kou Zhong seem to be at a disadvantage, but perhaps this situation is deliberately created by him, in order to make others underestimate him. "Kou Zhong and I seem to have underestimated him, too," said Xu Ziling. Zheng Shiru took a deep breath and said, "I am convinced that I will never be wrong about Song Que. One day my guess will be confirmed." Xu Ziling was still dubious, because no matter what ghosts and gods Song Que had, fighting was not a confrontation between two people, but would be constrained by other personnel and objective conditions. "Tell me who told me you would come to Chengdu today," said Zheng Shiru. "You can't guess." Xu Ziling wondered if it was Shi Qingxuan. It didn't make sense to think about it. She had never been involved in the affairs of the world, and she didn't know anything about her coming to Shu. She shook her head and said, phycocyanin spirulina ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, "Brother Zheng, expose the cup!" "It's Fat Jia Anlong," said Zheng Shiru with a smile. Xu Ziling lost his voice and said, "Is it him?" Zheng Shiru said, "An Long came to me last night and asked me to inform you that Xiang Jia would take advantage of the opportunity for you to come to Bashu to see Shi Qingxuan. As a conscientious person, he would kill you by all means. I warned you." Xu Ziling's heart is really strange to this matter, unless Shi Zhixuan orders Anlong to do so, otherwise Fatty Ann will never be so kind to himself. But why did Shi Zhixuan do this? He thought of the answer in his heart, but he didn't want to admit it. Zheng Shiru said in a deep voice, "I asked Fatty Ann why he was so concerned about your safety. Fatty Ann smiled bitterly and told me not to tell you where the news came from.". Why did Fatty Ann help you? Xu Ziling shook his head blankly and could not speak. Kou Zhong summoned his civil servants and military commanders to burn the midnight oil. Present were Xu Xingzhi, Xuan Yong, Ren Meimei, Gao Zhandao, Chen Laomou, Bai Wenyuan, Jiao Hongjin, Zha Jie, Niu Fengyi, Bu Tianzhi, Chen Changlin and Luo Qifei. The leaders of the Shaoshuai Army all gathered in the hall of the Shaoshuai Mansion, which had the flavor of the first court meeting, but it was held in the evening. Kou Zhong sat in the main seat at the end of the hall facing the door, while the others sat on both sides. Kou Zhong's expression was calm, and no one could see the loss and dejection that he had just been puzzling over. They knew, of course, that he had something important to say and waited with bated breath for him to speak. Kou Zhong glanced at the crowd and said with a smile, "I just talked to Master Gui, and I realized I was naive.". Li Zitong distributed his troops in Yanling across the river in Jiangdu, Zhongli at the confluence of the river and Gaoyou, which is closest to our southern Xinjiang. He was very clever in strategy. I agree with Gui Gang Leader that if we March into Jiangdu, we will be defeated. People will not turn pale. Xuan Yong said, "According to Master Gui, will Li Zitong fight against us?"? If he ordered the troops of Gaoyou and Zhongli to invade northward by land and water, it would be very difficult for us to cope with it. Kou Zhong shrugged his shoulders and said, "That's exactly what Master Gui is worried about.". But I'm sure Li Zitong doesn't have the guts. To be exact, Li Shimin has no confidence in Li Zitong. Ren Meimei was puzzled and asked, "Young Marshal, can you explain clearly?" "Now that Li Zitong has returned to the Tang Dynasty," said Kou Zhong, "Li Shimin is his master. Li Shimin doesn't expect Li Zitong to destroy me, so he will order him to try his best to contain me and at the same time prevent me from attacking Jiangdu in the south. Li Zitong's soldiers were divided into four cities, perhaps from Li Shimin's meaning. Otherwise, with Li Zitong's cowardice and fear of death, how could he not concentrate his soldiers in Jiangdu? "The young marshal's words are very true," agreed Xu Xingzhi. Bu Tianzhi said worriedly, "If we are pinned down by Li Zitong until we can't move, and one day the city of Luoyang is destroyed and Li Shimin's army comes east, and Li Zitong invades our cities in southern Xinjiang, won't we be attacked on both sides?" Chen Changlin said, "The navy of the Tang Dynasty and Li Zitong's fleet have enough ability to cut off the traffic of our canal and blockade the coastal cities." Kou Zhong said with a smile,lutein eye complex, "Of course we can't just sit back and wait for death. The solution is very simple. It's to defeat Li Zitong before the city of Luoyang is destroyed. This is called choosing the weak and eating." Everyone was confused. Just now Kou Zhong said that he would be defeated if he attacked Jiangdu. Now he said that he would defeat Li Zitong. Isn't it inconsistent. Only with a smile and no words, it was obvious that he had invited Kou Zhong to sell some medicine in the gourd. Kou Zhong said cheerfully, "Please tell me what you think and see if it coincides with me." prius-biotech.com

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