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General raiders-snow mountain fat fox Full-time Job

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Mu Chengze obediently dropped his hand and let Yunxi play with it. "If I don't wipe it for you, you won't be able to wipe it yourself," Yunxi scolded. Mu Chengze: "Well.." Yunxi wanted to kick him very much, but he didn't kick him down after all, and he always felt guilty when he was looked at by those shining black eyes. You He came over to ask about the prince's mansion, but since Aze chose to hide it, he obviously didn't want him to know. Mu Chengze was born as a prince, can never be a blank sheet of paper, on the contrary, if he has his own forces and plans, Yunxi is quite gratified, but some worry about Mu Chengze's intentions. After all, the prince is not the same for the six princes, the prince is the mastermind of the case of Chen Pin. Although the six princes had never mentioned it over the years, Yunxi knew that the six princes would never forget their mother, Chen Pin. And that's what he's vaguely worried about. Yunxi and King Jing thought of many ways to get justice for the six princes and the concubines. However, the emperor did not want to tell the truth of Chen Pin's case to the public. Fang Ruo had been brought to justice as the real murderer of Chen Pin, and the imperial concubine was still staying in Chenggan Palace. As for the prince, he indulged in debauchery and did not do the right thing, but he was like a turtle in its shell, full of small mistakes, but impeccable. Even if the world felt that the position of the crown prince was not guaranteed,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he still sat on the throne of the crown prince for many years. If things went on like this, as long as he lived longer than the emperor, because of the ancestral family law, he would still reign over the world, not to mention justice. The emperor was justice. The prince was hard to shake at the moment. Yunxi tried to persuade him: "Aze, you should think about everything for yourself as much as possible. Don't be impulsive. At the worst, you can start all over again.." Mu Chengze did not know whether he understood or not, and nodded gently. 44. Confession The six princes moved out of Anle Hou Mansion faster than Yunxi imagined. Except for the seven princes, all the other princes got married at about the same age. When the five princes got married,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the Ministry of Works made preparations for the six princes, and the furniture was almost ready. In addition, there was no need to get married for the time being. The courtyard of the imperial concubine was not in a hurry, and it was soon tidied up. Mu Chengze does not care about the mansion, only six prince mansion is not far from the Anle Hou mansion, he is very satisfied. On the day of moving out, Mu Chenghao felt proud and elated, regardless of Yunxi's face, he had to let Lanfei prepare wine to celebrate, but the next day Mu Chengze brought Chunxi to eat, so surprised that Mu Chenghao almost lost his chin, and then remembered that he was far inferior to the six princes in terms of no face and no skin. Yunxi felt relaxed and uncomfortable. After all, Mu Chengze was almost inseparable from him. As soon as he left, he felt that Anle Hou Mansion was empty. Sometimes he went to Mu Chengze's original study unconsciously. He always struggled with whether he should go in and have a look. Then he realized that Mu Chengze had moved out. Before the completion of the six princes mansion Yunxi had been there once, at that time did not happen to Tianxianglou this file, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic welding transducer, he insisted as an experienced person, kindly gave Mu Chengze a number of suggestions, I do not know if Mu Chengze later did. He wanted to go there again, but for various reasons, he could not make it. Mu Chenghao did not know what to do with Mu Chengze, refused to go with Yunxi, Yunxi did not want to face Mu Chengze alone, and the six princes had never given anyone a post since the opening of the mansion, rashly came to the door, it would appear that he was particularly concerned about Aze. But in fact, if he has such an idea, it shows that he has been particularly concerned about it. Zhao Yun later reported that the prince's situation became more and more strange, almost every day to send a few temper, the prince's house people are gone 7788, the emperor even sent several sets of doctors to see, all said the prince was healthy, only a little angry, opened some soup to the fire, was smashed by the prince himself before drinking, at present the prince is being taken care of by the crown princess and several side imperial concubines. Zhao Yun mentioned that the six princes had been secretly inquiring about the whereabouts of a certain person, who was said to have been an aide to the prince before. The emperor had changed the prince's mansion once, and the man disappeared at that time. People who knew him thought he had gone back to his hometown. It was not until the last year that his relatives in his hometown came to find him that they learned that the man had never gone back. The only person who can make the six princes so persistent is the one who is related to the case of Chen Pin. It was the prince's confidant who came up with the plan. Mu Ziyue also put people to death after torture. Is there something wrong? What did the six princes find? Yunxi was worried and couldn't ask Mu Chengze directly, so she had to beat around the Bush to ask Chunxi. The six princes opened the mansion, and Chunxi followed them, but she always said, "Your Highness is the same as usual, the Marquis doesn't have to worry." Even if Yunxi wanted to ask, there was no way to ask. Mu Chengze himself came frequently, but often with a tired face, Chunxi said it was caused by moving, Yunxi also knew the hardship, and looked at the meaning of Zhao Yun, the six princes had not found the person they were looking for for a while, Yunxi thought he would not act. As for the prince's strange, even the doctor can not see, Zhao Yun also can not find new clues. Soon, it was the Lantern Festival of another year. Because this day also happens to be the memorial day of Chen Pin, Anle Hou Fu will not celebrate wantonly, only give the people a holiday. Mu Chenghao talked with Yunxi for a while and then hurried back to Jingwangfu. Yunxi turned down the routine summons in the palace and stayed in the mansion alone. He remembered that at this time in previous years, he would accompany the six princes to sit in the ancestral hall for a while. Now the six princes'mansion has been built, and the memorial tablets of Chen Pin will be moved in the future. The six princes must come over. Most of the people in the mansion were gone, and later it began to rain again. Yunxi was afraid that he had missed the knock on the door, so he went ahead and opened the door. Outside the door, the heavy rain, Mu Chengze stood straight with an oil umbrella, I do not know how long to stay. Yunxi was startled. He pulled him in and said, "Aze, why didn't you call me when you came? What if I didn't come?" Mu Chengze said with a smile, "I just arrived, and my cousin came.". Cousin,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, would you like to go out for a walk with me today? In previous years is to stay in the house not to celebrate the festival, rare Mu Chengze has this interest, Yunxi will want to walk is not impossible. fycgsonic.com

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General raiders-snow mountain fat fox