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Sound into your heart Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:59   Marketing & Communication   Canning   311 views Reference: 14
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The elder sister who works part-time with Chi Miaoren is on her period. She is not feeling well and her temper is exploding. She can't stand it for a long time. She argued with the person in charge. The sister had helped Chi Miaoren a lot before, and she was a very warm-hearted person. As soon as Chi Miaoren saw that the situation was not right, he took the initiative to smooth things over. She took all the rest of her sister's work and let her sister who was not feeling well go home early to rest. One person took the work of two people, Chi Miaoren like a spinning top, has been running all over the field, hot to collapse. She couldn't walk any more, and whether she was dirty or not, she sat down on the steps. She took off her gloves and held the heavy headgear in both hands to free her oppressed neck a little, and a long, thin shadow slowly moved in front of her. Chi Miaoren, caged in a dark shadow, looked up blankly and saw at a glance the two handmade bear paw ice creams in the hands of the man standing directly in front of her. He swallowed his saliva and looked up. Yi Fang? Are you here to get even with her? Chi Miaoren was very guilty at the moment, holding the hand of the headgear silently back. Don't let him see what he looks like. Do you want ice cream? Yi asked. Chi Miaoren looked up at him: "." Is she hallucinating? "I can't eat so much alone. This is for you," Yi said, holding the bear paw ice cream in his right hand. "Buy one, get one free. Do me a favor." He seemed to be explaining. ……” It's definitely an illusion! This person must not be easy,collapsible pallet box, is a little angel ah! Immersed in the "illusion" of happiness, Chi Miaoren unconsciously reached out and caught the bear's paw ice cream in the hands of the "little angel". Slow half a beat to react, this touch seems to be real?! I got up hurriedly and said: "Thank you, General Manager Yi." Forget to change your voice and call each other. General Manager Yi! When she finished thanking her, she was stunned. Finished, this is purely in the rush to send the head ah! As if he had not noticed,ibc spill containment pallet, he nodded to her with the same face and turned away. Turning out of Chi Miaoren's field of vision, he stopped against the wall and stood in the shadow for a moment. He looked back at Chi Miaoren, who had taken off his headgear on the steps. Her forelock was wet with sweat, and her black hair clung to her white cheeks. Holding the ice cream in both hands, he took a bite with his mouth wide open and his beautiful big eyes narrowed slightly. Like a cat, it's like a greedy trouble at home. Yi looked at her from a distance, and the corners of his mouth rose unconsciously. The ice cream in his hand melted and dripped on the tip of his index finger. Feeling the coolness on his fingers, he withdrew his sight and looked down at the ice cream in his hand. Took a tentative little bite. Greasy. He took a few steps forward and threw the ice cream into the trash can. Chapter 21: Jinjiang Literature City Exclusive Free on Sunday, Chi Miaoren drove to his grandmother's house after a good sleep. She bought some fruits and snacks for her grandmother's home and took out the medicine box at the head of the bed. She checked the dosage of the medicine one by one and happily praised her grandmother for taking the medicine on time. Yu Chaoling is always hanging around in front of her. Recently, she has frequent contacts with Jin Luyao. It's hard to see her on weekends. Chi Miaoren estimated that there must be something wrong with these two. While chatting with her grandmother, she wore her hair up. He wore a square scarf on his head, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible bulk containers, put on an apron, rolled up his sleeves and began to clean up. Although the house is a little old, Yang Shuzhen has always kept the house very clean. The older Yang Shu-chen gets, the worse her health gets. Chi Miao-jen has long stopped letting her do heavy work, and Chi Miao-jen takes over the task of cleaning every week. Moving a chair from the dining table, Chi Miaoren climbed up and dusted the refrigerator with a feather duster. Worried that she was falling, Yang Shuzhen stood behind the chair, holding the back of the chair firmly with both hands. The sound of the TV in the living room was quite loud, and the door of the outer room was knocked for a long time before Yang Shuzhen heard the noise. Turn your head sideways and listen carefully. It's really a knock on the door. Remind Chi Miaoren: It seems that someone is coming. Grandma is going to open the door. Stand by yourself and be careful. Chi Miaoren stepped firmly under his feet and answered, "All right." Then Yang Shuzhen let go and went out to open the door. Probably an old friend of Grandma's, they chatted happily in the outhouse. I don't know whether it's Grandma Wang or Grandma Chen next door. Chi Miaoren cleaned up the ashes on the refrigerator and swept the ashes that had fallen to the ground with a broom. After tidying up, he washed his hands and went out with a tray of tea and snacks to greet the guests. Sitting on the sofa, Zou Meifen, who was peeling oranges to eat, saw Chi Miaoren coming out of the kitchen at a glance and waved to her with a smile: "Miaoren, come and sit down.". Your grandmother and I are talking about taking you to see your father-in-law in the evening. Come and listen. Chi Miaoren did not expect that it would be Yi's grandmother sitting outside, and he paused a little. Remembering that the ring given by his grandmother had been left in the bedside table in Yi's room, he quietly hid his left hand without the ring behind him. She went to the sofa, put down the tray with the snacks, and called out, "Grandma." "Be good." Zou Meifen pulled her down and put the peeled orange into her hand: "Eat the orange." Chi Miaoren smiled and said, "Thank you, grandma." Zou Meifen tilted her face to look at the scarf tied on her head: "Oh, this child, how did the dust of a scarf fall?" "If you clean the house for me, it will be dirty." Yang Shuzhen said with a smile, "Miaoren, I'll go to see my father-in-law with your grandmother Zou later, but I have to take a bath before I go out. I want to laugh like a little cat." See father-in-law? Yi's father? This counts up, with easy to get a license in a hurry for some time, Chi Miaoren really has not seen easy to his father. After Chi Miaoren's marriage, she also heard her grandmother describe the situation of Yi Fan's family in detail. Yi Fan was the only child in the family, but he was not born to Cao Keying, the wife of Yi Fan's father, Yi Fan. He was born to Jiang Niansheng, Yi Fan's first love. In the early years, Yi Fan just took over the group and was put together by the most trusted shareholders. The Yi family was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was the Cao family who pulled the Yi family out of the crisis. However,plastic pallet crates, the Cao family made a request afterwards. If the Cao family wants to continue to help the Yi family, Yi Fan must marry Cao Keying, the eldest daughter of the Cao family. binpallet.com

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