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Officialdom Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:59   Marketing & Communication   Canning   305 views Reference: 15
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Li Xiaolu's eyes showed the color of anger, struggled hard, withdrew his hand, and his face sank in an instant. At this time, Fan Binbin introduced: "Xiaolu, this is Wei Chunliang, the son of Mayor Wei of Yanjing City!" Li Xiaolu just gave a cold hum and did not speak, but said in her heart, "Hum, it's just the son of a mayor. What's the big deal? Aunt, I'm still the daughter of the governor. If you want to take advantage of aunt, you won't urinate according to your own virtue." At this time, Wei Chunliang saw Li Xiaolu's disdainful face. Suddenly his face sank. He said coldly, "Li Xiaolu, don't be so ***ing shameless. You're just an actor. Come on, have a drink with my brother. Let's write off the unhappiness before.". Otherwise, I will make it difficult for you to move in Yanjing City. This is Wei Chunliang's common way to deal with other first-tier and second-tier stars-intimidation. And with his strength and connections, it's really not difficult to do that. However, he did not think that Li Xiaolu simply did not eat his set, but said coldly: "I am sorry, I do not have the habit of drinking with others.". Take your leave. Say that finish, turn around and want to go. At this time, Li Xiaolu's friend Fan Binbin took Li Xiaolu's hand and said with a look of fear and worry in his eyes: "Sister Xiaolu, today you will help people to the end. We can't afford to mess with this Wei Childe. If he says something casually, he can seal up his sister's shop!" Although Li Xiaolu's face was gloomy, the girl was a little soft-hearted. She felt that if she really left, she would bring trouble to her sister who had "taken care of" herself. So she turned to Wei Chunliang and said, "Wei Chunliang, I'll have a drink, but you have to promise me not to trouble my sister in the future." When Wei Chunliang heard this, his face showed a trace of pride, and he said without hesitation: "No problem, we have a deal." At this time, Fan Binbin clapped his hands and a waiter came over with a tray in his hand. There was a double cocktail on the tray. Fan Binbin chose a cup and handed it to Fan Binbin and said, "Sister, come on, you drink less wine." Li Xiaolu also found that one of the two glasses had more wine and the other had less wine. He was grateful to Fan Binbin for his own sake, but he did not see that when the glass of wine reached Fan Binbin's hand, a small white tablet in her finger fell into the glass and quickly melted. Li Xiaolu picked up the glass and drank it down, then put down the glass, turned around and wanted to go. At this time, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible pallet bin, Li Xiaolu did not find that Fan Binbin and Wei Chunliang had secretly exchanged their eyes and nodded inadvertently. Wei Chunliang understood and immediately went over and took Li Xiaolu's arm and said, "Miss Li, would you like to sit down for a while?" Li Xiaolu was a little anxious at once. She struggled to break free and said, "Let me go. Didn't we agree?"? A glass of wine will do. However, Wei Chunliang is holding Li Xiaolu's arm, now Li Xiaolu can be a little anxious. She has a very bad temper, otherwise she wouldn't have worried Governor Li. Pow! A loud big mouth firmly fanned Wei Chunliang's face, and a bright red five-finger print was printed on it. The burning pain made Wei Chunliang's eyes on fire. However, Wei Chunliang's hand still held Li Xiaolu's arm tightly and said: "Li Xiaolu, how dare you hit me!"! But very good, I like you this shrewish girl, in bed must be very open! As a punishment for this slap, you will sleep with your brother tonight, and your brother will give you 1 million! This is what those second-tier stars may not earn in a year! Li Xiaolu clenched her silver teeth and said, "I want you to sleep with me. I want to sleep with your mother." As she spoke, Li Xiaolu raised her hand again and slapped Wei Chunliang again. The slap made Wei Chunliang angry at once. She pushed Li Xiaolu away and said to several attendants around her: "Hit me, hit her in the face. After that, let's play with her tonight!"! Damn it, pretend with me, and don't see who she is! At best, he is just an actor who shows off his beauty! No different than a bitch! See here, Li Xiaolu's face is scared white, she has long heard that these officials of the second generation are more arrogant, did not expect them to be arrogant to such an extent, a person outside, relying on the care of the stuffy stick king. Pow! Another big slap hit Wei Chunliang in the face! A cold voice sounded in his ear: "Your mother is a bitch!" " Voice, fall, Liu Fei appeared in Li Xiaolu's side. When Li Xiaolu saw Liu Fei, she was stunned for a moment, and then a happy smile appeared on her face. She rushed into Liu Fei's arms and hugged Liu Fei's neck and said: "Brother Liu Fei, it's great that you're here. Brother Liu Fei, you must make decisions for me. They.." They bullied me! With these words, Li Xiaolu pointed to Wei Chunliang with her hand. Wei Chunliang was slapped by Liu Fei for no reason on his face. Seeing Li Xiaolu throw herself into Liu Fei's arms, he couldn't help being angry from his heart. He said to Liu Fei coldly, "Boy, who are you?"? I advise you to mind your own business. There are some people you can't afford to mess with. Liu Fei patted the back of Li Xiaolu gently with his hand, indicating that Li Xiaolu quickly loosened his neck, because Li Xiaalu has now grown up, a few years ago that Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket general chest has become very strong, although not as big as Zhao Jiajia's 34D, but the scale can not be underestimated, top in front of Liu Fei's chest, let Liu Fei have a reaction. Li Xiaolu opened Liu Fei's neck lightly, but reached out to hold Liu Fei's shoulder and said to Wei Chunliang: "I tell you,plastic pallet manufacturer, he is my brother!" Wei Chunliang's face showed a few ambiguous smiles: "Brother?"? I think it's a love brother! Li Xiaolu was so angry that her little face turned pale and she said, "Hum, a dog's mouth can't spit out ivory!" binpallet.com

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