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Country Pen Immortal of Cultivating Immortals Full-time Job

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Gong Yilin caught a glimpse of a small'Li 'character at the bottom of the bow and arrow. "How much is it?" He asked. "I'm sorry, but this bow is not for sale." Afraid that Gong Yilin was unhappy, the boss explained: "In fact, many guests have taken a fancy to this bow before, but this crescent moon is the last work of Li Changan's son before his death, and its value can not be measured by money." Gong Yilin said, "It seems that the boss holds Mr. Li in high esteem. He must be able to smile even if he knows something under the spring." "Li Gongzi's works are not many, but they are all fine works." The boss shook his head regretfully when he seemed to think of the aloof childe. "He is also kind, but he died at a young age." Gong Yilin nodded understandingly and pretended to be careless and said, "I saw a young man walking out of the front. He was dressed in black and was very dignified. He had some regrets when he left. Did he also want to buy this bow?" "The young man in black?" The boss was stupefied, reacted, waved his hand and said, "You're talking about him. He didn't come here to buy a bow. I thought he wanted this bow by mistake before. After all, he had to look at it for a long time every time." "Every time?" "He will come every few years," said the boss. "Once I reminded him that the bow was not for sale, but the young man said that the bow named crescent moon was not suitable for sale." The line of sight fell on the string of the bow. Even though it had not been pulled open for many years, it was still as tough as before. The boss sighed: "Later, I thought that he might be a friend of Mr. Li before his death. Every time he came to see a few eyes, it was like remembering an old friend." He made a gesture of'please '. "There are still some instruments in the inner hall. If you don't like them, you can go in and pick them out with me." Gong Yilin shook his head slightly and declined his kindness. "No, I want to see it again." The boss didn't say anything and went to greet the next customer. His fingertips drew an arc across the void,side impact beams, copying the shape of a bow. "When people appreciate the moon, they appreciate the reunion. As for the crescent moon," Gong Yilin put down his hand and intoned, "The crescent moon in three or five nights is the heart of an old man two thousand miles away." He stood quietly under the bow, closed his eyes and meditated for a long time, as if intoxicated, as if there was a new sorrow. Qinghe walked from the rear to the position side by side with him,impact beam tubes, the two looked up at the bow on the wall together. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Gong Yilin's side face, which was rarely silent. He said slowly, "I thought you didn't like Li Changan." He did not know the inside story, but in the tragedy of Fang Bi, Li Changan is definitely one of the sources, Gong Yilin seems to be very disgusted with the king, but in private or love, for Li Changan, Gong Yilin should not have a good impression. His half-closed eyes opened and burst into a bright light. "I really don't like it," Gong Yilin said with a straight face. "It's just that I respect every dead person." All Dharmas are universal, and all Dharmas are the way. The way of ghost cultivation is mostly to suck the essence and cultivate the soul. There are many ghosts in the real world, but few of them can cultivate the entity. Unless there is great opportunity and perseverance, it is possible to succeed. For thousands of years, there are only a handful of people who can succeed in this continent. With this alone, Cold Drawn Tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, Gong Yilin has the capital to be proud of himself. Qinghe, he felt that he had faintly touched the way of Gong Yilin. Look down on everything, see through life and death. If Gong Yilin knew what he was thinking, he would certainly open his mouth and add: "The long road of life, don't be timid and just do it." What do you think of this bow? Asked the Qinghe. The person who refined it invested a lot of effort, skilled, the bow is very good, but the name is not good, there is the meaning of incomplete. "What do you think it should be called?" Gong Yilin bent his lips and said without hesitation, "Moon cakes." Reunion and happiness, what a good moral! No contrast is no harm, listen to the name of Gong Yilin, Qinghe suddenly feel that the name of the new moon is particularly beautiful, but also fresh and refined. What he wanted to know was already known. Gong Yilin had no intention of staying here longer. After looking at the bow a few more times, he quietly left the refining shop. People were still coming and going on the street. In a short while, he had a feeling of being separated from the world. Where is Wei Zhi? The two men walked forward side by side, and Gong Yilin asked. There was a problem with a contact point, and he went to see it. Gong Yilin curled his lips. "It's just a place to gather intelligence, and it's so obscure.". ” Qinghe did not refute, Gong Yilin is very shrewd, but in some places and some silly, but also love truer, he thought more than once, such a complex character, is how to raise out? "What are you wondering about?" Touching him with his elbow, Gong Yilin yawned, "I'm sleepy. Let's go and find a place to sleep." The Qinghe ignored him. Passing by several inns, he saw hundreds of Lingshi taken out by the guests when they checked out. Gong Yilin covered his chest and felt a heart-wrenching pain. "Is there any warm and comfortable place to sleep in the world? The point is that you don't have to pay for it." "A nest of dry grass, twigs, or mud." The Qinghe gave a quick answer. ……” I almost forgot that this guy was born in an egg! Two people walk all the way, Gong Yilin found that Qinghe the route is very purposeful, where to turn, from which lane out, the other side did not hesitate, anyway, there is no good place to go, Gong Yilin followed for a period of time, trying to mix food and drink. When he finally got tired of walking, his eyes gave birth to a bit of hazy sleepiness: "I said why can't the multiplier fly directly in the sky? It's very tiring to walk." Listening to his complaint, the Qinghe said lightly: "The multiplier is too ostentatious." Gong Yilin stopped and looked at him and said earnestly, "In the realm of cultivation, a monk who walks a long distance on his feet is really suspicious." The Qinghe turned his head. "Really?" Looking up to the sky with a deep sigh, Gong Yilin was speechless and said, "Look around if you don't believe me." Looking at the past, there were several curious eyes staring at them. There were people killing and robbing treasures in Nagato at any time. The whereabouts of these two people were too suspicious. They stopped and stopped, and did not multiply. They did not know what purpose they had,Precision Welded pipes, so many people secretly kept an eye on them. Qinghe a cold and fierce look in the eyes of the past, staring at several people coincidentally turned their heads. Gong Yilin, "it seems that you have a clue about the elder who suddenly fell ill and wanted to kill people in Tianyuan last time." cbiesautomotive.com

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