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Harem Ruyi Biography Full-time Job

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Jia Guiren wanted to smile and said, "It's not that I have a good eye, but that when I first saw my sister wearing thin clothes, I was afraid of freezing her.". It turned out to be a piece of the emperor's heart. It's just that this warm satin is rare, and it's not even in the Queen's Palace. I just heard about it and guessed at random. Jia Guiren spoke eloquently, and everyone was inevitably jealous. Mei promised with such a faint expression: "Really?"? The emperor only gave me clothes. I didn't ask much about anything else, and I didn't know anything about it. When the concubines saw that she was just so lazy, they also knew that it was not easy to get along with her. But the imperial concubine Hui said, "After the emperor ascended the throne, the empress has always advocated simplicity in the harem.". My sister just promised, and the dress was a little more luxurious. Mei promised to look up lazily. "Really?"? The emperor likes his concubines to dress like this. Hui Guifei choked for a moment and felt a little angry. The queen saw some clues and said, "All right.". Although the snow has stopped outside, the weather is freezing and the road is slippery. Let's go back early. It's almost the end of the year. Don't freeze your body. They promised to disperse, then each on the palanquin back to the palace. Text 030 Snow in the Royal Garden For Ruyi, she put on a cloud, white, green, and striped wild goose plume, wrapped up the wind hair and the heater, and held her hand and went out. Ruyi looked at the world's snow and silver makeup and said, "Don't pass on the sedan chair. It's such a good snow scene. Let's walk back slowly from the imperial garden." "It's all right,digital interactive whiteboard," he said with a smile. I haven't been out for a few days, and I'm bored. The two of them were just about to step out when they heard a call behind them, "Empress Xian, stay." Ruyi turned her head and saw that Mei had promised to take the hand of a little maid of honor with her. She said with a smile, "Concubine Xian is very happy. I just want to go to the imperial garden to enjoy the snow. I wonder if the concubine would like to go with her." Ruyi said with a smile, "Since my sister is willing, it's better to be a companion than to walk alone." Two people slowly pace forward, although the sunshine after the snow is not much warmth,interactive flat panel display, but with the snow more bright. Over the past few days, the snow has turned the imperial garden into a dazzling white light, as if walking in the crystal glass. Occasionally, the snow on the branches fell to the ground and made a slight rustling sound, which made the surroundings more and more quiet as if they were not alive. At this time, the snow is beginning to settle, and sometimes a few wintersweet plants are flourishing. That wintersweet plain yellow powder makeup, color such as beeswax, golden brilliant tree, plus the new snow between the plum branches, breathing only makes people feel fragrant, cold fragrance to the bone. Ruyi took a deep breath unconsciously. Mei promised to notice and smiled, "Does Empress Xian like plum blossoms?" Ruyi stretched out her hand to cling to a flower branch hanging like honey jelly and sniffed it gently. "Yes, especially the green plum," she said intoxicatedly. "It's elegant and pleasant, touch screen board classroom ,65 inch touch screen, and it doesn't fall on ordinary bones." "Have you ever seen a green plum?" Mei promised. Ruyi nodded and said, "When I was a child, I went to Suzhou with Ama. I saw her twice at that time. She is really the most beautiful thing in the world." Mei promised with a faint smile, and her lips showed a sense of coldness: "The concubine was bought from Suzhou because she was good at playing the Yueqin. Later, by chance, she was sent to the palace." Ruyiqi said, "I heard that Mei promised to be born in the pipa department of Nanfu. Shouldn't she be good at playing the pipa?" Mei promised to gaze quietly, and the dark gray sadness flowed from the bottom of her eyes: "My concubine was originally good at Yueqin, but when she entered Nanfu, her teacher said that the late emperor liked pipa, so she changed to learn it." She sighed in a flash in the cold wind, "where is not the same?"? What you like and what you like are all decided by others, not by yourself at all. When Ruyi heard that she was sad about her life experience, she said tentatively, "Are you blaming the Ulanara Mansion for sending you to the South Mansion?" Mei promised to smile coldly. "To send a concubine is also to send, and it's the same to send someone else. What's so strange about that?"? Do not send concubines into the south house, concubines are just a musician in the house, floating like duckweed. It's not as expensive as Xian Fei's gold and jade. Even the flowers she likes are rare green plums with delicate bones. By contrast, the concubines are just willow catkins in the wind, and the life of Pu Liu is numbered. "It's a pity that this green plum is really rare.". Everything is too strange to last long in the world. Xianfei, don't you think so? Hearing this, Ruyi raised her head, but saw Hui Guifei standing under a wintersweet tree not far away, breaking two branches of wintersweet in her hand and laughing at her. "When Ruyi saw her, she and Mei promised to bow and salute, saying," Greetings to the imperial concubine. Concubine Hui ordered her to "get up" and said with a smile, "The wind is blowing smoothly. I heard that Concubine Xian and Mei promised to chat, which made Mei promise to hurt herself." Smiling, she glanced at Mei's promise. "Don't sit up and take notice. That's Mei's promise." Text 031 Enrage Hui Guifei Mei promised to lower her head slightly. "When we meet again, the imperial concubine will be as graceful and graceful as ever." Hui Guifei looked at her carefully, and finally her eyes fell on her delicate fingertips like water onions: "You are so good at talking. You should be chosen to sing in Nanfu. It's a pity that you only play the pipa.". I haven't asked my sister yet. What's her name? Mei promised not to believe her, but she replied, "My concubine's surname is Bai, and her given name is Ruiji." Concubine Hui had a sweet smile on her lips, but the coldness in her eyes was no different from the ice and snow: "It's really a good name. I was born to enjoy it." Mei promised to jump between her eyebrows, but her face was calm. "It's doomed. If you can give the emperor a moment's pleasure, it will be the supreme blessing of the concubines." Concubine Hui smiled and said coldly, "Don't think that if you make a promise, your honor will last for a long time.". With your lute, the emperor listens to a joke like a sparrow chirping in his spare time. Do you really think that you have become a phoenix singing? Mei promised to be neither humble nor pushy. With only a faint smile, she looked leisurely at the sky and said, "I know that the lute is not as good as the imperial concubine, and her appearance is not as good as the imperial concubine.". But has the empress ever thought about why the emperor doesn't listen to the skill of the empress and only likes the unfashionable skills of the concubines? Concubine Hui looked so cold that before she could answer back, Mei promised to turn her eyes leisurely on her face. As if she had no intention of looking at a nearby wintersweet tree in full bloom, she said leisurely, "Time is in a hurry. It's not forgiving!" Hui Guifei's face changed greatly, only to see a pink face gradually pale down,smartboards in classrooms, straight as the white snow on the branches, at the foot of a slight stagger, the palace people around him were busy holding firmly. hsdsmartboard.com

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