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Journey to the West: Starting from Zero Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:57   Marketing & Communication   Canning   223 views Reference: 10
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Reckery should bend down gracefully and say, "If you take it." Huo Yong turned his head and said to the Bull Demon King, "Elder brother, I'm really admiring the dregs. Just now Reckery told me something about the world of light. I'll report it to you." When Huo's Bull Demon King heard this, he was delighted and put on a blue gun. If you go, I won't go! " When Huo Yong saw this, he did not force the Bull Demon King. The Bull Demon King has instigated Duobao Lanjin until now, and he has never called Duobao Big Brother on weekdays. He is always called Vice Leader! "You elder brothers, you rest burning to continue to practice, continue to practice, the younger brother goes out." Lei Hao laughed. With that, Lei Hao took Rekri out of the Fairy Mansion and went straight to the center of the Ten Thousand Immortals Array. When there is no battle at ordinary times, the ten thousand immortals array is extremely lively. They are all brothers who have been relying on each other for thousands of years. They always have the advantage of getting rid of the cage and meeting again. Moreover, for the slow immortals who have been in seclusion for hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of years, the battle stops and blinks for a short time to let them draw lots, so the ten thousand immortals array makes a roaring sound. Three or four surrounded everything, loudly talking about the game of sitting in the north,non standard fasteners, in short, it's all a lot of fun, huh? A little bit in the presence of the Holy Child 1.nervousness. Fortunately, the immortals are invisible, and I'm afraid the market is as lively as the market in the mortal world! Lei Hao took Lei Keri to walk through the great array of ten thousand immortals. When all the immortals saw Lei Hao, even those who were fighting fiercely would stop their movements and salute Lei Hao respectfully. The names in their mouths were also Demon Emperor Lu Fei,metal stamping parts, "Little Martial Uncle Fei," Little Martial Uncle Ao Coffee. Lei Hao's seniority is high enough in Jiejiao, and his strength is in the top 30 in the huge Jiejiao. His achievements are as terrible as those of ordinary Jiejiao immortals. That's why they have such another hand. Lei Hao was a close disciple of the elder brothers and sisters like Kasyapa and Deng Jiugong. Lei Hao didn't know any of the others, but he still greeted the disciples who saluted him with a smile! Chapter two hundred and forty multi-treasure blue man Lei Keliyi followed Lei Hao, swaggering with Lei Hao through the vast array of immortals but immortals. Because of Lei Keliyi's strange service, the tiger had all the immortals and demons. No immortal before the Great Sage found that Lei Keriyi's upper body was a demon. Lei Hao turned his head and looked at Lei Kerry a few times, and suddenly a sense of threat rose in his heart! Recri can turn into a human form, deceive the immortals of the Great Array of Immortals, and other demon habits! Moreover, there is no immortal to guard the God on the way to heaven. Once a ferocious demon slips into the earth, I'm afraid that in a few days, the world of Pangu will be a dead world with no seats, only immortals, titanium machining parts ,die casting parts, monsters, Buddhas, but no ordinary creatures! At that time, everything was over in the thousand and nine hundred seats! A quarter of an hour later, Lei Hao and Lei Ke stood in front of the Fairy Mansion of Duobao Blue Man. The door of Xianfu was wide open. Lei Hao took a look and found that the layout of Xianfu was the same as the Xianfu where he lived. He stepped straight into the entrance. "Little Martial Uncle, you are so free to come here today!" Kasyapa stepped out of the hall and smiled at Lei Hao from a distance. Big Brother Xun has something important to do today! Lei Hao also laughed. Little Martial Uncle, please come inside! After Kasyapa came forward to give the ceremony, he got up and often walked to the Leihao Hall. As for bribing the waves to steal the ship, Kasyapa didn't ask. As soon as Lei Hao stepped into the hall, he found that the decoration of the cut was very waving. Xu went to the colorful cloud bed and a square table. There was almost no decoration. There was only a copybook hanging in the center of the cut. The copybook was thrown by a very sloppy word. Although Lei Hao's research on calligraphy was not deep, he could also see that he had to call the person who threw the word. The heart must be extremely bored, and seems to have some doubts! Many precious blue people are sitting on the multicolored cloud bed under the word "throwing". Di looked at Lei Hao with a smile. The Duobao Taoist who has returned to Jiejiao is no longer as grand as he was when he was the Buddha, nor does he have a nephew with a full head. Today, he is dressed in the most common blue Taoist robe of a God, as if he were returning to nature. There are traces of starch on the Taoist robe. He has been nurtured by the world, and his face is blinking. He looked quite a bit of self-respect without anger; there was not a trace of pressure all over his body, but Lei Hao only took a look, and then one in front of him, it was a high iron and steel peak, that kind of thick and incomparable one was very similar to the pressure of the Bull Demon King, but the feeling of Duobao to Lei Hao was ten thousand times stronger than that of the Bull Demon King to him! "Younger Martial Brother!" Duobao Taoist stood up and walked up with a smile. Big Brother! Lei Hao "Fist," he said with a bow to Duobao. Come on, it's the first time for you to come here, Younger Martial Brother! Duobaolan went to the square table in front of the colorful cloud bed and sat down. Younger martial brother, can only come, very happy for brother! In those days, my brother just wanted to fight for some luck for Jiejiao, but he didn't mean to do harm on purpose! I hope you don't hold a grudge against me as a brother! As soon as he sat down, Duobao Taoist took the initiative? Feed? With the status of Duobao Taoist today, there is no need to make any explanation to Lei Hao! But because Lei Hao was a disciple of the sage Tongtian, his younger brother, and a disciple of Jiejiao, Duobao still opened his mouth to explain to Lei Hao. At that time, when the sage Tongtian established Jiejiao, there were only four disciples, Duobao and Jinling, Wudang and Guiling! Although Tongtian Sage is the leader of Jiejiao, D Li went to look for Tianbuxi to manage Zhongqiaozuo, and the three holy mothers, Jinling,Magnetic Drain Plug, Wudang and Guiling, are also indifferent. As the elder brother, Duobao reveals the burden of Jiejiao. autoparts-dx.com

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