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Taiping (book edition) Full-time Job

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Chapter Words: 3679 Updated: 07-10-10 19:21 "Miss Taiping?" Lu Gui showed a rare look of surprise. Uh A peaceful smile. Looking for me? "Mmm." Taiping still smiled and turned to walk side by side with the road. What's the matter? "Mmm." "What is it?" He still can ask really, peaceful laugh, ask in reply: "Had a meal?" "No." The way is to tell the truth. In the past few months, he has been used to going to "midnight" for dinner, so that people at home can stay up late waiting for him, which is convenient, delicious and inexpensive. "Go to dinner?" "Mmm." Lu Gui nodded and naturally reached out to pick up the lantern in Taiping's hand. Taiping handed it to him, sighing in his heart, how did such a man grow in this place? Could it be that when I was a child, I was a son-in-law of another family, and I was used to taking care of my wife? Lu Gui did not know what Taiping was smiling at, and he was now full of doubts and a little strange. What Taiping said a few nights ago, he intuitively knew that she was not a casual lie, but he did not know how he should deal with it, this woman is very strange but too beautiful, delicate but also strong, like a child, people unconsciously want to take care of, she said that she loved him? But he had never thought so, and his first reaction when he came to his senses was that he was at a loss. Was he wrong? "Why are you always on duty at midnight?" There should be no full-time night shift in ancient times, right? "Change it." The way is light. Are you being bullied? Taiping raised his eyebrows. Very good "I felt that what I said was too simple, and I wanted to explain it again, but when I looked down and saw the light smile of Taiping, I was slightly stupefied, and my mood suddenly became happy.". Always on duty at this point, even if people have the intention of deliberately excluding him,Low Rpm Electric Motor, but also he is willing, he really likes this time, quiet, do not have to contact many people. I do not know why, he did not want her to think that he was bullied, see her smile like this, he knew, do not need to explain too much, she really understand. Walking all the way to the gate of "Midnight",24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, both of them did not speak any more. When they entered the courtyard, Taiping stopped at the foot of the steps in front of the building, reached out to take the lantern in the hands of Lu Gui, and signaled Lu Gui to go in first. There was an indescribable feeling in Lu Gui's heart. He saw that she had acted in the past and knew by intuition that Taiping was not the kind of person who could pay attention to the rules of secular etiquette. It was obvious that he did so because he saw a person who should obviously be taken care of by others to accommodate him. It felt like she was a strange but beautiful person. "There were no lights in the courtyard at midnight, but after repeated complaints from the young ladies, they set up eight stone lamp posts on the green brick ground at their own expense. Although they were not as bright as day, they were no longer dark enough to collide head-on." What's the matter? He did not go up the steps, but looked at Taiping and asked. Taiping, who was looking at him in the same place, blinked and repeated, "Miss Taiping is looking for me. What's the matter?" Looking at his handsome face, which was serious and expressionless, Taiping smiled: "It's all right. I'm just going to pick you up from work." The way to return to the eyes fixed, did not say anything, turned away. He did not ask what "off duty" means, it is easy to guess that this woman is too beautiful to be true, so serious and gentle smile, especially. He didn't feel very happy, gear reduction motor ,brushless gear motor, he wasn't used to it. Watching the way back to pick the curtain to go in, Taiping shrugged, she actually started to chase a man, no, no, can not say that the pursuit is normal, this feeling seems good, really want to intervene in this way to start a normal life? Such a good man, can she really bear the happiness of his life? Taiping is actually at a loss. Instead of going straight up the steps to the front door, he walked sideways around the back of the building. The lantern was handed over to the maid in the back building, and the secret door on the left led directly to her private plot. The screen was half-covered, and no one noticed when she came and went. Even if someone saw it, he would not associate it with the man who had just entered the door. Chang'an came forward to help her untie the cloak, Ming yuan is playing chess with Mei, holding the chess pieces without lifting his eyes, but Mei looked up at her, meaning something, but ultimately did not say anything. Taiping sat down, took a sip of tea from his cup, and did not look much at the way he was sitting in his old seat. He lay half sideways on the couch, his eyebrows and eyes drooping lazily. At this time, it was the beginning of Yin Shi, the thickest night, and also the most lively time of "Midnight". There were not many people eating and drinking. With the spread of "Midnight" fame, in addition to the young children of the aristocratic families, there was another mainstream guest group here, that is, the elusive Jianghu guests. For Jianghu people, it's the best place to come, whether it's to avoid being chased or to negotiate with enemies. No one will seek revenge here, not to mention the iron law that the people do not fight with officials, with the master here, no one will easily offend the black and white officials. Here, enemies meet by chance, cynicism is inevitable, but no one really dares to kill on the spot, really can not bear to start two gestures, it is also possible, but in accordance with the rules of the host family. The host will happily take the lead in lighting torches in the courtyard, and the guests will clap their hands and watch the scene of bustle. They can't kill anyone. If they win, they have to pay for the rental of the venue. If they break something, they have to pay for it. Who would like to seek revenge like this? Everyone is willing to learn from each other. So Jianghu people like to stay here in the middle of the night, even if it is just to find a place to sleep, it is much safer than the inn, although inevitably noisy, but also more secure than other places to sleep. In this way, the ladies of the aristocratic families who comment on paintings and poetry, the officials of the imperial court and the swordsmen who violate the ban by force, are living in peace under the same roof. From time to time, they can drink a little wine shoulder to shoulder, communicate with each other and exchange some benefits. How can "Midnight" not attract people's attention? Although it is not no one wants to follow suit, however, such a special status of peace, she is the only one in the world, this kind of shop, in addition to her, no one in the world can open,24v Gear Motor, apart from anything else, without the permission of the emperor's special decree, the inner city curfew will not pass. This is better than the Longmen Inn. Taiping sniggers. ichgearmotor.com

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