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Imperial engagement: the sweet wife of the ghost king boss Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:56   Marketing & Communication   Calangute   311 views Reference: 7
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Su Yun did not make a sound, but nodded at his cell phone. Do you have to do that with him? Although Su Yun is the best friend, but when Jane said this, she was still very embarrassed. What's there to say? Then do it! Su Yun thought it was a big deal. Isn't it simple? But Chen Yuhang, he. Jane spoke hesitantly. What happened to the chairman? He's not dying, is he? Su Yun's words were surprising. No, no! Hearing Su Yun say that Chen Yuhang is no good, Jane hurriedly defends Chen Yuhang. In the morning, when she kissed him, she clearly felt that Chen Yuhang had a reaction, so Chen Yuhang must not be impossible. That "He has an obstacle in his heart!"! Because I was very painful before, but also suffered from neuralgia, he has a psychological shadow, now he is always afraid of hurting me, dare not touch me! "Huh?"? "So how to do, want to go to cure?" Su Yun has always felt that between her and Gao Li, it is very tortuous, but they are much smoother than between Jane and Chen Yuhang. Su Yun, usually. Under what circumstances does Gao Li miss you most when he sees you? Jane did not answer Su Yun's words, but directly asked her for advice. Su Yun and Gao Li for so long, that aspect, how to let the man ~ hold ~ not to live, Su Yun should be clearer than her. As long as that man likes you, no matter when, he can't hold it! When Su Yun said this, Gao Li just returned to the room and heard Su Yun say this, he nodded at her to show his agreement. Then a face of thief smile,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, walked to the side of Su Yun, one hand around her, one hand, on her body, up and down its ~ hand. It made Su Yun tremble. But Jane on the other end of the phone was a little frustrated. "He can just hold on to it now." Yesterday, he rushed into the bathroom and saw her in Guangguo, but he escaped immediately. Then redouble your efforts! Su Yun's voice trembled a little. Because by this time, Gao Li had already pulled down her clothes. His lips were in front of Su Yun. How hard? Jane's heart is on how to work hard, and did not notice Su Yun's strange. Love ~ Qu ~ Sleep ~ clothes, have not heard of! Gao Li has held her on the bed and moved her lips all the way down. Su Yun's body has always been sensitive, where can withstand such a high glass, her body shaking badly. …… I've heard of it! Jane's face was very red and unnatural. "Do you have to wear that?" "When.." Ah Su Yun's words had not yet come out, and the brief feeling on the other end of the phone heard Su Yun's cry of surprise. Because when Su Yun said when the word, Gao Li a ~ strong ~ potential ~ attack. Chapter 534 what to buy is so mysterious. That impact, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine price, in an instant, turned Su Yun's "ran" word into a screaming "ah" word! Su Yun mercilessly glared at Gao Li, but Gao Li had a bad smile on his face, and then wanted to attack Su Yun. Su Yun shook his head hurriedly and shook the mobile phone in his hand. Gao Li's face was unhappy, but he stopped the attack for a while. He fell on Su Yun's body and kissed her gently. What's the matter, Su Yun? Did something happen over there? Hearing a loud cry from Su Yun, Jane asked anxiously. No, nothing? Gao Li stopped attacking, but his lips were still there. Su Yun's words were somewhat depressed. She was afraid that Jane would hear something. She hurriedly said, "What I just said must be useful. Try it." "Well, that." I'll try. Gao Li's movements began to grow again. If not, you can see ~ film, learning to learn! Su Yun spoke very fast and breathed a little. Su Yun is not right, Jane found again, "Su Yun, your voice is not right, are you uncomfortable?" Uncomfortable? Su Yun glared at the person who had made her uncomfortable. Gao Li still had a bad smile on his face, and then he began to act again. Uh Su Yun couldn't stand it any longer. "Gao Li, you bastard!" "Is it?"? Actually, I can be more of an asshole! Gao Li's grinning voice came. "No, I'm talking to Jane!" "As it happens, I'm teaching Jane by example!" With that, Gao Li worked even harder. Ah! You change your state.. Jane, Jane, I'm not with you. Doodle! Before Su Yun had finished speaking, the phone hung up. Jane was stunned for a moment before she came to her senses. Original Su Yun is not uncomfortable, but. Dizzy. However, although the face is a burst of shame, but the bottom of Jane's heart is secretly envy Su Yun. Envy Su Yun and Gao Li, the two of them, really good happiness, is the kind of quiet years of happiness. Pajamas like that? When Jane came to her senses, she remembered what Su Yun had just said. Jane rubbed the floor, got out of bed, and ran to the wardrobe. Open the closet. It is Chen Yuhang's clothes. Although Chen Yuhang went to sleep in the guest room, he only brought a few clothes with him, and most of the clothes were still here. Looking at Chen Yuhang's clothes in the wardrobe, Jane's heart was warm. Chen Yuhang, you must get better soon. Do you know that you are jealous of my clothes now, because my clothes can be next to you, but I can't be next to you now. Thinking of getting together with Chen Yuhang, Jane remembered what she wanted to do when she came to the wardrobe. She came to see her pajamas. Jane almost turned over all the pajamas in the wardrobe. "Alas!" Finally, Jane sat on the ground with some frustration. She still had a nightgown in her hand. She lifted the nightgown in her hand and stayed in front of her eyes. "Alas!" Jane sighed heavily again. She just found out that her pajamas were all long hands and feet. Only the one on the hand is a nightdress, but even the nightdress is long-sleeved,Automatic nail machine, and the skirt is longer than the knee. That's it, not to mention men, even she can't bear it. 3shardware.com

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