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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155401 Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:58   Marketing & Communication   Canning   299 views Reference: 12
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The magic of this thing is that no matter how seriously injured you are, as long as you still have a breath to take this pill, you can recover to your peak state in a moment. It can be said that this thing is the best thing to save your life and kill the enemy. Just think, if two people fight against each other, there is almost no difference between them, then once the other's Reiki is greatly damaged, you can take a seven-turn pill. Victory or defeat stands out. Haofang is a little moved, although Xiangucao is also hard to find the best, but compared with the ten seven-turn soul Dan, it seems to be much weaker. Most of the monks in the field have completely given up the idea of bidding, anyone can see that this item, the ultimate owner, can only be produced in several transcendent forces, and Chen Feng, is completely out of their consideration! As Wang Ruobing's voice sounded, several other families also began to be impatient and began to bid one after another, and the most intense competition, of course, was the Sky Curtain Sea, Sword Sect, Guanghan Palace, Ice Palace and Yunwuya, because in addition to them, the alliance, Chen Feng, and the middle-aged man sitting in the center of Tianxuan Palace had not opened his mouth to bid. Time is climbing in the fierce bidding,ibc spill pallet, and Haofang, standing on the platform, has already trembled with excitement. Although he has long known the preciousness of this thing, he never thought there would be such a hot scene. In fact, Haofang still looked down upon the strange fire of heaven and earth in his hands, because whether it is the Sword Sect or the Sky Curtain Sea. Among these transcendent forces, there are core forces that specialize in refining elixirs and immortals. If the monks in the school refine the strange fire of heaven and earth, then the whole school will rise in a short time and overwhelm all the schools! The voice sounded from time to time in the mouth of several factions, listening to the monks in the field secretly shocked, what is the super force? This is the real super power,secondary containment pallet, whose inside information and rich family property are by no means comparable to other sects. Two thousand Huaying monks, three thousand Xuan-level top-grade healing medicines, three thousand Xuan-level top-grade instruments.. Just as several detached forces were fighting until they were red-faced, a faint voice suddenly sounded. At the same time, the middle-aged man in beautiful clothes, who had been sitting on the seat of Tianxuan Palace with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the stunned people with a playful look. Huh? The friar in the field was stunned, Haofang was stunned, Chen Feng was also stunned, what did the old man mean? Can it be said that people can be sold? Exchange the monk in the door for the strange fire of heaven and earth? This This is too no human rights! "Win.." Lord Ying, you.. You mean.. Haofang's mouth grew wide and his face was full of disbelief. Two thousand baby monks, what is this concept? Not to mention some medium sects, even some large sects, at best, there are only three or four thousand quantitative infant monks, but Ying Fei actually directly promised each other two thousand infant monks and elixir Xuanqi, which invisibly means that if Haofang agrees to the conditions of the Lord of Ying Palace, then Tianshi Valley will immediately become one of the large sects in the interior. That's right. I'll trade you with two thousand baby monks, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet bins, three thousand elixirs, and three thousand Xuan-level instruments. Would you like to? Lord Ying's voice was flat to the extreme, as if he were talking casually, but all the people in the field felt their scalps tingling and scolded him for being a madman. Even Ying Fei, who was sitting beside Lord Ying, could not help frowning and looking at his father with some differences. OK OK I I Change words and did not say, suddenly an old voice suddenly sounded: "Slow..." The voice was not loud, but it was heard clearly in the room. The vice leader of the alliance got up slowly and looked at the Lord of the Ying Palace with deep and silent eyes. Then he smiled and looked at Hao Fang. He opened his mouth and said, "What is Hao Xiaoyou doing in such a hurry? Don't you want to hear the exchange of my alliance?" Silence. At the moment when the deputy leader of the alliance got up, it seemed that an invisible pressure enveloped the whole audience. The king of the palace frowned slightly and snorted coldly, but did not look at the deputy leader of the alliance. Deputy. Senior Vice Leader of the Alliance, you.. Go ahead! Haofang is now completely silly, the brain has been completely insufficient, he licked some chapped lips, the voice trembling opening said. Uh! The vice leader of the alliance nodded his head, then glanced around several major forces, and then said lightly: "If you give this thing to our alliance, our alliance will protect you from the prosperity of Tianshi Valley for ten thousand years. And from today on, you, Haofang, are the honorary elder of our alliance. The soldiers of the alliance can be used by you.." "What.." What? Honorary Elder? Vice leader, let the scene boiling up, ten thousand years of prosperity is small, the title of the honorary elder is too important, if Haofang will give this to the alliance, it means that Tianshi Valley was printed on the alliance mark, after only he hit others, but others dare not touch him a hair, and the most important thing is that if the alliance is willing to lend him troops, then I'm afraid not ten thousand years, Tianshi Valley can easily be included in the transcendent forces and become the peak of existence. The field was unusually quiet, and everyone looked at Haofang and the animal fire in Haofang's hands with envy in their eyes. Chen Feng has been sitting in place, looking at everything in front of him, in the heart can not help sneering, Ying Gong Lord and deputy leader really good calculation, Ying Gong Lord to Tianshi Valley monks, nothing more than because Haofang simply can not command these people, I believe that in the near future, these monks will disintegrate Tianshi Valley, let Tianshi Valley completely disappear, and then return to Tianxuan Palace with Dan medicine. But the deputy leader of the alliance is different, he is in this condition to cultivate a new force loyal to himself, and really speaking, the alliance did not spend a cent, not only got the beast fire, but also a future transcendent force, easily received in the pen, as expected is a good calculation.. Volume I 191. Two for one 191. Two for one The scene was out of control for a while, and everyone's face was covered with layers of confusion and puzzlement. It is reasonable to say that the beast fire, green wood tripod, is indeed the God of the God, this kind of thing no matter to that school, will make the strength of the whole school improve a lot. However, the actions of the leader of the palace and the deputy leader of the alliance are obviously beyond the value range of the beast fire and the Aoki tripod. However, in everyone's view, the deputy leader's move is mainly to suppress the Lord of Ying Palace, because Tianxuan Palace has been in the limelight in recent years,plastic pallet crates, overwhelming other sects, and there are some signs of challenging the alliance. If Tianxuan Palace gets this thing, it will pose a great threat to the alliance. binpallet.com

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