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Human Feelings Through the Northern Song Dynasty Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:57   Marketing & Communication   Captainganj   325 views Reference: 9
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Two years passed slowly, and now I am a girl of fourteen years old. I look like a beautiful aunt. Standing in front of the bronze mirror, I am dressed in a light green skirt, which sets off my slender figure completely. I have a standard melon seed face, white as snow, and a pair of smart big eyes shining like black pearls. The small black mole in the corner of the right eye makes the whole face look more charming. The nose is small and tall, and the lips are full, as bright and moist as if they were painted with lip gloss. They are not red. A pair of thin willow eyebrows are not painted, and their hair is black and shiny. It's really a girl in the Wen family who has just grown up. She is quite proud of her appearance, because now I occasionally see Cheng looking at me day by day in a trance, ha ha. Let me be a little proud. Today, I'm going to my grandfather's house, because my grandmother said she wanted to see me, and my beautiful aunt asked me to send me there day by day. Now I'm dressing up carefully. In fact, the so-called dressing up is to draw the willow eyebrows thicker whenever I go out, so that the curvature is smaller, so that the whole person looks more heroic, because the willow eyebrows always give people a feeling of being unlucky, and I don't like them very much. Xiaohe tied my hair into a simple braid,metal stamping parts, put it on his right chest, combed his bangs, looked at his beautiful self in the mirror, and turned around and went out. This hairstyle is the most special one in this family. They all wear their hair in a bun with pearls and hairpins. Because it is very inconvenient for me to exercise every day, so since I started the exercise program at the age of ten, I have always had a hemp braid. Originally, I did not cut my bangs,die cast light housing, because last summer I began to have some pimples on my forehead, which seriously affected my self-confidence. So I cut part of my hair into neat bangs to cover it. The original beauty aunt is not allowed to do so, saying that "the body hair skin, by the parents, dare not damage, the beginning of filial piety also." But she couldn't stand my trouble. Since I had acne on my forehead, I tried my best to hide in my room and didn't want to see anyone. I didn't even go to practice calligraphy. I walked with my head down. She had no choice but to agree. In fact, I really didn't mean to make trouble, because I felt that I couldn't face the perfect children with acne, especially the day after day. Now the acne is gone. But I have formed a habit, and I personally feel that the neat bangs are very beautiful, especially suitable for me, so I have always kept this style. Walking to the gate of Chengjia, the carriage was already waiting for me. Cheng was standing beside the carriage waiting for me. At the age of 19, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, he was more and more handsome. He held my hand and helped me into the carriage. Then he sat in the carriage and put down the curtain. Why, doesn't he usually go out on his love horse, which is red and red? Why aren't you riding today?! "Cheng Shun, let's go!" Cheng said to Cheng Shun outside day by day. Yes, big childe! Cheng Shun is an orphan. He was adopted by his family when he was young. He is a very clever young man. He takes care of Cheng's daily life and diet. His mouth is particularly sweet. When he sees me, he calls me "Greetings to Miss Biao!" People love to laugh, a pair of small eyes often smile into a line. After Cheng took over the family business, he would go out with his uncle or uncle Qi from time to time. According to the modern saying, it was a business trip. He often brought good Rouge, gouache and beautiful cloth to our sisters and three ladies. Every time Cheng sent it to me, he would see Cheng Shun. The carriage set off slowly. It was the first time that I had been in the same room with a lonely man and a widow. Although we had been together for more than four years, there were few opportunities to get along with each other in private except for daily greetings and academic exchanges. We usually made eye contact. Strictly speaking, I basically stared at him in the first three years, and in the last year he would secretly stare at me from time to time. Two people's eye contact seems to have current fluctuations, now in this narrow carriage, I really do not know what to say, feel their nerves are unusually sensitive, as if the hair is standing up, simply close your eyes to sleep, Cheng Shun's driving skills are very good, the car is very stable, the sound of the carriage gently shaking, the sound of the wheels, the noise of the horse's hooves on the ground, It was like a beautiful lullaby, which made me sleepy. I accidentally bumped into the wooden frame of the carriage. "It hurts!" Touching the place where he was hit, he shouted out. At this time, a hand reached over, put my shoulder against him, and then put my head gently on his shoulder. "There will be an hour. Sleep on me for a while first, and I'll call you when I get there!" Cheng's deep voice was in my ears. There was only a faint smell of soap clips on his body. It smelled very clean and comfortable, which made me feel very relieved. Xiaoxiao, here we are, wake up! Cheng said softly to my ear day by day, feeling a hot ear, opening my eyes, I don't know when to hang on him, he held my waist in one hand, my head in the other hand on his shoulder, while his hands were holding his waist, oh My God, what is this situation, suddenly the blood rushed to the forehead,CNC machining parts, and suddenly got out of the carriage. Cheng Shun has stood aside waiting for us, smiling at me as always, but today I think his smile is a little dazzling. The eighth chapter of the main text is emotional. autoparts-dx.com

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