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The Complete Book of Grave Robbers Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:10   Marketing & Communication   Canning   253 views Reference: 28
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When Jude heard this, he was both excited and disappointed. Excitedly, it was clear that there was more behind the figure than he thought; disappointingly, after listening to these accounts, he still knew nothing about the figure. He wanted to see the bronze alchemy furnace in the old professor's mouth, but it was almost impossible at that time. At that time, it was very difficult for an American to go to China, especially for such a notorious dealer of cultural relics. But Jude is a very conceited man, and no one can stop him from doing what he wants to do. He still thought of a way: he could not go to China, but after so many years of cultural relics activities, he had a tight network in China. He began to try to get in touch with the old connections in China, to find someone to go into Qimeng Mountain, to visit the Taoist temple in the deep mountains, to understand the situation, and preferably to steal the alchemy furnace and transport it to the United States. At that time, China had just suffered a ten-year catastrophe, and everything needed to be done. His old relationship had disappeared. The older generation of local masters had all died and fled in the purge after liberation. The smuggling of cultural relics had been completely reshuffled. With the help of his connections in the Kuomintang, he almost exhausted all channels and could not find anyone he knew. In desperation, he could only take the risk of turning to several cultural relics smugglers who were not familiar with him at that time, and let them introduce some new people in this industry in Changsha. After several twists and turns, his efforts paid off,wholesale plastic pallet, and finally, he got in touch with a Chinese who was willing to cooperate with him. This person is Xie Lianhuan. Xie Lianhuan is how to enter this line, the third uncle was puzzled at that time, because of the environment at that time, even the old man of the Xie family did not dare to set foot in the old line, can only eat the old capital. This smuggling of cultural relics is a major crime, and now drug trafficking, is the head on the belt of the work,stackable plastic pallets, generally not in a hurry to save money, no one dares to do this. And Xie Lianhuan was a playboy at that time, completely the second generation of ancestors. The old man of the Xie family intended to wash the bottom. He was not allowed to contact the family business from an early age, nor was he allowed to learn anything. Therefore, regardless of courage, vision, experience or other objective conditions, he could not enter this line of work, and there was no reason to be able to contact foreign smugglers. To put it more popularly, the smuggling of cultural relics requires skills in hand, such as taking goods, appraising goods and evaluating them. Without twenty or thirty years of training and accumulation, it will not become a climate. If you do not have these abilities, even if you want to enter the industry subjectively, you will not be able to find a way, plastic pallet supplier ,spill plastic pallet, and your buyers will ignore you. Therefore, if Jude Kao can contact Xie Lianhuan through an intermediary, it means that Xie Lianhuan must have had business contacts with these people and gained the trust of the other party. It is impossible to think of the ability to solve the chain. This problem has been troubling the third uncle, until he came back from his first trip to Xisha, began to investigate the matter, asked the eldest brother of the family, only to know some of the context. However, this matter has nothing to do with Jude's case, and there is no need to mention it here. After Xie Lianhuan and Jude Kao took over, Jude Kao sent his plan to Xie Lianhuan. It was a detailed document, with the old man's sketch of a bronze furnace and an advanced camera. He told Xie Lianhuan to first confirm whether the Taoist temple was still there-during that time, such things as historic temples belonged to the four old and might have been destroyed-and then collect information about the alchemy furnace, take photos, send them back to the United States for confirmation, and if everything was correct, then look for opportunities to smuggle it out of the country. Although Xie Lianhuan does not know how to go to the field, he can still go to a place to see if things are there and inquire about things. After he got the information, he went to Shandong, and according to the old man's recollection in the information, he found the mountain area where the ancient Taoist temple was built. Fortunately, because the Taoist temple is very remote, it has not been disturbed too much. It has been miraculously preserved in the turbulent ten years. However, the old Taoist priest has died, leaving only the son of the old Taoist priest, who is also in his twilight years. Xie Lianhuan photographed the Taoist temple and the bronze alchemy furnace and sent them back to the United States. Jude took out the translated pattern and compared it. Sure enough, the old man was right. The pattern on the lid of the bronze alchemy furnace was exactly the same as that on the silk book. However, for the origin of this alchemy furnace, because the age is too long, the old son can only say a general, and the old professor said the same content, can not get more clues. Be that as it may, Jude was already overjoyed, so he sent instructions for the chain to start preparing and find a way to smuggle the alchemy furnace out secretly. However, as soon as Xie Lianhuan prepared, he found that this was actually an impossible task. What Jude did not take into account was that the alchemy furnace was much larger than he had expected. Times had changed, and such things could not be shipped out through customs in China at that time. But if through the smuggling ship, must first arrive at Zhejiang or the Guangdong area, the risk is also very big, at that time the southeast coastal chaos, is the ordinary person is unable to imagine. They tried many methods, but without results, they attracted Leizi's attention. In desperation, Jude Kao had a crazy idea. He asked Xie Lianhuan to smash the whole alchemy furnace, saw it into more than forty pieces, then marked it and shipped it out in batches mixed with the silk exported at that time. This is a heinous beast for the archaeological community, but Jude does not care at all, because the value of this thing is meaningless to him, what he wants is the information on it. It can also be said that there is no book without coincidence. When Xie Lianhuan was sawing the alchemy furnace,plastic trash bins, he found that there was a very ingenious mechanism at the bottom of the bronze alchemy furnace. It was with this mechanism that the secret of the mysterious figure on the Warring States Silk Book was finally solved. Chapter 12 Astrolabe With these words, the third uncle took out two crumpled photos from his broken bag and handed them to me. I know these two photos must be taken by the alchemy stove. These photos should be given to him by the foreigner. It's a complicated matter. Without these photos, I'm afraid I can't explain it clearly. Now he's using it on me. cnplasticpallet.com

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