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The sky is the shore of the world of mortals Full-time Job

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"Su Shijun!"! It's not safe for you to do this! A childe stood up and took a closer look. It turned out to be the childe who had been proposed before. "You, the ten gold medals should be collected by the childe of Wei. But the title of the first gifted scholar in the south of the Yangtze River has always been acquiesced by everyone. The childe of Jiang is a good person for governing the country. But today, it is not appropriate to crown this title with others just by a poem." "Su Shijun!" Wei Zijun stood up and said, "What the childe said is very true. The title of the first gifted scholar in the south of the Yangtze River, Wei Mou, dare not accept it." "Su Shijun, I have a good idea." Li Tianqi said to Su Li on the mouth, but his eyes were staring at Wei Zijun, "let them have a try, then they can compete with each other?" Wei Zijun raised his face, pursed the corners of his mouth, squinted at Li Tianqi rather complainingly, and scolded him in his heart. Okay, good idea. Su Li agrees very much. Wei Zijun refused: "Shi Jun!"! Wei Mou has little talent and learning, and is willing to bow to the wind, so this competition will be avoided. "Is Mr. Wei afraid?" Shaking a folding fan, Mr. Jiang laughed and said, "Mr. Wei is very skillful, but Mr. Jiang believes that not all warriors are ignorant. Mr. Wei won't let everyone down, will he?" It means what knowledge you can have as a warrior. Wei Zijun could not imagine that Jiang Gongzi was a villain. He was disappointed. "Is Jiang Gongzi talking about me, or is he talking about my second brother?" She wasn't the only one who flew aboard. "Wei Zijun lifted the corners of his mouth and looked at Li Tianqi:" Call you troublesome, this time also be scolded. " This It's between you and me, and it has nothing to do with others. Jiang Childe hurriedly explained. Being kind to a villain is like putting makeup on a dead man. Wei Zijun took one look at Jiang Gongzi and said to Su Shijun, "In that case, please set a question for me." [Volume I Lucheng Chapter: Chapter 44 Competition] "Well, have a good time." Su Li twirled his beard and hesitated a little. "Since Mr. Jiang is the talent of governing the country, let's talk about the strategy of governing the country. May I ask you two, what is the son of heaven?" As soon as this word comes out, the language startles four people, Li Tianqi also glanced at him, this Su Li is really bold. Shi Jun! "The Son of Heaven is the son of Heaven," said Master Jiang. "How can a layman like me judge the son of Heaven?" "Oh?"? What does Mr. Wei think? Su Li asked. Back to the envoy! Wei Zijun replied,micro gear motor, "The Son of Heaven is the son of the way of Heaven.". We should regard fortune and misfortune as worthless, and walk on fire and water as flat ground. We should judge the hour and size up the situation, make the best use of everything, make the best use of people, be broad-minded to accommodate the world, and be broad-minded to accept all rivers. When we are close to all things, we should follow the will of heaven, which is not high but low, and the will of heaven is in the hearts of the people. As soon as the words came out, everyone was surprised. Unexpectedly, the prince of Wei would judge the son of heaven in this way. He would not harm Tianwei, but also said the way to be a king. Even the presence of the Holy One today is to be greatly appreciated. Li Tianqi looked at Wei Zijun's pair of sharp eyes for a moment, and the light that appeared frequently made people unaware of the emotions inside. OK! Good answer. What do you think of the gifted scholars? Su Li looked around and saw that everyone nodded appreciatively. "This question, Wei Childe won.". Let's ask Brother Li to answer the next question. "Good!" Li Tianqi came to interest, "I would like to ask you two, in this court, Gear Reduction Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, how should gentlemen and villains be used?" After listening to the title, that Jiang Childe has stepped forward, "Since ancient times, the villain is in power, the country will suffer, damage the interests of the son of heaven, bad family and national affairs, so the villain should be exterminated, in order to protect the stability of our country, the world is peaceful." "Mmm!"! What does Zijun think? Li Tianqi looked at Wei Zijun, his eyes full of interest. Since ancient times, a treacherous minister and a loyal and good man are irreconcilable. A gentleman is like water, while a villain is like oil. Water and oil are incompatible. To make a good companion, one must make friends with a gentleman. To control the world, one must use both gentlemen and villains. Gentlemen and villains should make the best use of each other. This is the way of emperors. Li Tianqi's face was so calm that he could not tell whether he was in favor of or against it. Without any trace, he said, "The fourth brother even knows the way of the emperor. Is there anything the fourth brother doesn't understand?" Looked at Wei Zijun for a long time, turned to Su Li, "this victory or defeat is decided by the emperor." Wei Zijun gave Li Tianqi a sidelong glance. What are these? You should know that business is like a battlefield. Running a company is very similar to running a country. In order to manage the company well, she has read many books, even the Four Books and Five Classics, not to mention those of Sun Tzu's Art of War and Cai Gen Tan. She has already applied the principles of these villains and gentlemen freely. Indeed, since ancient times, loyalty and treachery are inseparable, but they are closely followed by each other. Only a villain can show a gentleman, and a gentleman will become a stumbling villain at a certain moment. "Mr. Wei won this question." Say, Su Li faces public humanity, "you who have a good topic can be put forward, the two childe will answer directly until everyone is satisfied." Wei Zijun felt helpless when he heard this. He sighed lightly and glanced out of the window. This Su Li also seems to be very idle, for no reason to engage in these tricks, but she would like to enjoy the Qiantang moonlight. All the expressions of Wei Zijun fell into Li Tianqi's eyes. He stared at her helplessly in a funny way and deliberately teased her. "Then please ask the two childs to write a policy. This topic is called'the key to policy '. The time limit is a quarter of an hour." "Su Shijun!" A childe stood up, "Xiaosheng thinks that as a gifted scholar, Jiang Gongzi is good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry and songs. He doesn't have to be proficient in governing the country. It's more appropriate for us to compete with these." "Mmm!"! All right, then play the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Su Li turned to Li Tianqi. "Brother Li, how is it?" "Brother Su, I naturally agree, but Zijun's zither is playing around the beam for three days, the lingering sound is endless, even the musicians in the palace are not as good as it." "Oh?"? "Then you must be good at playing the Yaoqin, but what about chess?" Su Li asked. And this chess, I do not know whether brother Su and Jiang Gongzi had a contest, in short, I and Zijun are two defeats and two wins. "That's terrible. I'm no match for you. Calligraphy is needless to say. Mr. Wei is better. What about painting?" Su Li continued to ask. Painting is needless to say, just simple lines, not the same color, it has been vivid. Li Tianqi sighed,Vending Machine Motor, not that he boasted, but that he did think so. Shi Jun! Empty words without proof, it is better to let everyone see it. The young man who made the suggestion was unrelenting. ichgearmotor.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable