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Laugh at the imperial journey all one's life Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:08   Independent & Freelance   Cavelossim   234 views Reference: 26
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But, that is, because he cured him, although he knew that he would help him entirely because of the relationship between the night charm, but he was willing to trust himself and protect himself. She smiled: "I know, but you still drink the medicine, I can rest assured!" " Nine souls heard her say so, simply took the medicine over and drank it. After drinking, he was about to return the bowl to Sima Rui, but his face suddenly changed, his head began to faint, and the people in front of him began to blur. He looked at Sima Rui in disbelief: "You..." The next moment. His step crooked and he fell down. Sima Rui supported him. Looking at the beautiful faces of the nine souls, Sima Rui sighed softly and whispered, "Not only does the night charm regard you as her younger brother, but I also regard you as my younger brother.". Nine souls, I'm sorry that you trusted me so much, but I failed your trust. However, she and Xiao Qin could not leave without losing nine souls. She took out a letter and put it into the arms of nine souls. Looking at the boy leaning in his arms, sleeping quietly, Sima Rui whispered: "Nine souls, to protect yourself in the war, you must.." Alive Then she put the nine souls on the ground. This cold-hearted teenager, ah, she and the night charm are very fond of the younger brother, she really hope that the war is over, the child can live well, then. Even if she and Xiao Qin really had something unexpected,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, it would be a consolation. Xiao Qin came out of the room. The two men went out hand in hand, and Xiao Qin, holding Sima Rui in his arms, flew up to the roof and galloped away. …… In the camp of the God of awe, Xiahou Kui and the God of awe were listening to the news from the servants. The scout said, "All the people over there were very angry, but under the appeasement of Baili Sixiu, they all agreed to give the night charm time for the time being. There is no change at the moment, so they can't take advantage of the chaos to attack." "Don't worry," said Xiahou with a smile. "Sima Rui certainly doesn't want to involve the night charm,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but she should also be reluctant to kill her lover. So she will probably run away." "If she runs away, it will be the best choice," he said. With Xiao Qin's martial arts, it's not difficult to leave the barracks without being noticed. Xiahou Kui nodded: "So, sir, we should hunt down and kill them two people, for the world to eliminate the harm!" "Oh?" God frightens the day frown, in fact originally Sima Rui and Xiao Qin ran away, night charm soldiers over there, even if the heart is dissatisfied with the night charm, can only let it go. After all, when people run away, what else can they do but accept their fate? "Will you go after me in person?" God asked. Probably only if he goes in person, can he guarantee that he will be able to catch people back, but their purpose is not to kill Xiao Qin and Sima Rui, is it necessary? Xiahou Kui shook his head and said, "Not only are you going, but you must also take the army with you."! Then, the night charm can only come out with military forces to save people. The soldiers who can help the night charm save people, push button toilet flush valve ,Self-closing Faucet, only the soldiers of Zongzheng Dynasty, the night charm must know this truth, and the soldiers of Beichen Dynasty, Jimo Dynasty and Min Dynasty may not be in charge. "Not only will you not take care of it," said the God, "but it is even possible that after the night charms lead their troops out to save people, they will mutiny." "Not bad!"! When the time comes, the night charm with the troops, alone outside. Xiahou Kui said here, then no longer say. God sighed and whispered, "The little prince is indeed a close disciple of His Highness the King of Yi!" But Xiahou Kui laughed at himself and said, "It's a pity that Xiao Wang's little skill is still a synonym for stupidity in the eyes of the Master.". "I only hope that Master, who is in the capital and knows Xiao Wang's plan, will not scold him for being stupid again." At this point, Xiahou Kui also smiled. Master's body today, I'm afraid no one has told Master his plan, because he can't even think now. At this very moment. Someone came in to report, "Sir, the spies reported that they had seen Xiao Qin and Sima Rui, both of whom had left the camp." As soon as the words came out, the God immediately got up and looked back at Xiahou Kui: "In this game, I will go according to the plan of the little prince!" Xiahou Kui also got up and bent down. "I hope I won't disappoint you," he said. The God feared the sky and strode away. Xiahou Kui smiled at the corners of his mouth and shook the fan in his hand. But Cheng Xiaojuan at this time, could not help but say: "The little prince seems to be in a good mood!" " In fact, these days of things, Cheng Xiaojuan are clear, so naturally, she also knows, Xiahou Kui put forward this proposal to you, for Zhong Ruobing, what it means. Similarly, as a woman, Cheng Xiaojuan, of course, has some grievances for Zhong Ruobing. Xiahou Chen's smile stiffened at the corners of his mouth. Looking back at Cheng Xiaojuan, he said, "It's because I'm in a bad mood that I keep smiling. Otherwise, I really don't know if Xiao Wang will be driven mad by the uneasiness in his heart." Cheng Xiaojuan was stunned for a moment, but she didn't expect it to be so. She also thought that the person in front of her had no heart at all, and did not care about Zhong Ruobing's feelings at all, so she would be afraid! At this time, Xiahou Kui asked Cheng Xiaojuan a question: "Miss Cheng, you are also a woman, Xiao Wang wants to ask you for advice..." Before the gentleman also for the night charm of things, from a woman's point of view, to ask their own questions. At this time, listen to the words of Xiahou Chen. Without waiting for him to finish, Cheng Xiaojuan interrupted him directly: "The little prince wants to ask, if I were the little princess, would I forgive the little prince?" Xiahou Kui a meal, nodded. Cheng Xiaojuan said, "I think the little princess may take the little prince and disappear into the world of the little prince." 311 Finale (2) Zhong Ruobing had already given birth to a baby boy a few months ago, and was directly designated as the prince by Xiahou. And this year, for the war between the two armies, Zhong Ruobing did not ask much, only peace of mind in the capital to take care of children. But Xiahou Kui knew in her heart that she did not want to ask, but dared not ask. After all, the husband is here, and his father is in the enemy's camp, such a situation,stainless steel squatting pan, asked is only added to the trouble, it is better not to ask. But now, Cheng Xiaojuan said. cnkexin.com

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