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Turn over a hand man to turn over a hand woman Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:05   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   399 views Reference: 18
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"I don't know." Sudi spread out his hands frankly. "Dad only said it was the news from the Vangu Academy. Maybe it was the ability of some prophetic sorcerer." What do you need Anki Island for? Kansas is part of the Freedom League. You should go to the League for approval. You can rest assured that the Freedom Alliance has agreed to send a team of adventurers into Kansas Island, and they will send their own people anyway. Anki Island is a close neighbor of Kansas Island, so there's no reason not to participate, right? When the time comes, everyone will rely on their abilities to see who can make the strange beast recognize the Lord. Saifel grinned. Lord Soth really knows how to be a man! The prophecy of the Vangu Academy will certainly not inform only the country of Georgia, and it is only a matter of time before Anki Island knows the news. On the one hand, the Lord of Soth pulled the forces into the island, on the other hand, he sent messages in advance to sell his good intentions. It was unrealistic to act in secret. He simply fought in the open. Those who fished in troubled waters benefited. He had a good plan. Are you going, Sudie? Saifel asked, tilting his head. "That sounds dangerous.." "Who knows?" Sudie had an indifferent expression. "I'll go if Dad sends me." "Well, let's go to Anki Island and join in the fun." Saifir smiled and pointed to the other side, and pointed to himself, "If you go, then I also go." "You go in person?"? Not good,side impact door beams, is it? Sudie looked worried. "They all said it was dangerous." "A warrior who runs faster than a dart. With you here, I think it's all right to run for your life, right?" She suddenly laughed like a thief, "said, you have to protect me!"! This is your promise! “……” Sudie hung her head feebly, and once again realized what was called-a loss of "words" into eternal hatred. When the carriage drove back to the Earl's House,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, Saifir had already prepared a reply and discussed the matters related to the rendezvous with the city of Soth. Watching her take out a huge and strong Yam family seal from the bottom of her skirt with her petite hand and stamp it on the reply, Sudi felt nervous-she carried such a heavy thing in her skirt! It must be very painful to knock people as a brick! Noticing his strange look, Saifel smiled. "Remember to keep it a secret for me, brother Sudi.." Cold! Sudie's hair stood on end again. The young Lord of Soth was sent away, and Saifir received the two men who had been invited by the captain of the guard at the Earl's House. The embodiment of justice, your eyes are beautiful and special, which is really enviable. After greeting each other, she looked carefully at the girl in front of her, and the strange pupils attracted her attention at once-no whites of the eyes, just pure black and deep, aluminium coated tubes ,Precision steel tubes, with scarlet light on the edge, which was unforgettable. Those who have seen heros2 should be able to imagine what the eyes look like, and I like it very much. The funny words amused the girl on horseback: "The countess is so humorous. Just call me Ann." She pointed to herself. "Please don't be so curious about my eyes.". To tell you the truth, I'm a sorcerer, and I'm good at pupil. "It turned out to be a sorcerer rarer than gold!" Saifel's face lit up. "Miss Ann is so awesome!" Her clear eyes burst into passionate adoration, as if they were excited and admired to see a hero. Where? Where? Faced with the reverent eyes of a nine-year-old girl, the heroic girl suddenly became shy, "I, I actually see things more clearly than ordinary people.." 'Oh, lovely Miss Anne, would you like to stay and work at Earl's Court? Guards, bodyguards, or guest ministers and so on. When Saifel laughed, he was very innocent. "I really want to have a big sister like you to accompany me!" Such a request is abrupt and even rude. It is not proper to leave strangers at Earls Court without asking about their backgrounds. But such a Frank and straightforward invitation greatly satisfied Ann's appetite and made her like the "innocent" Countess. After thinking about it, Ann said with a smile, "Actually, I just left the family to start my adult experience, and I'm looking for a job!"! If the salary is more attractive, I think I will be very happy. "The salary is not a problem, so we have a deal!" Saifir clapped his hands and cried happily, calling Lady Lucy to prepare Ann's room and introduce her to the Earl's Court. Ann was grateful for her gentle and amiable smile and her unsuspecting and considerate appearance. After seeing Ann off, Saifel turned his face to another person in the corner of the room, leaving only her and him in the small hall. I don't want to stay here to work. Before she could speak, the fork waved lazily. "If the Countess has nothing else to do, I'll go home." "At least tell me your name first." When facing the fork, Saifel changed his appearance again. He had a gentle atmosphere with a bit of elegant aristocratic lady temperament. His eyes were very clear and slightly cold. He knew at a glance that he was a very assertive girl. I'm just a little fisherman in a fishing village, and everyone in the village calls me a fork. The dark boy grinned. "Your name?"? No "Fork?"? Interesting name. Saifel grinned. "Your martial arts are very good. Why are you willing to be a fisherman?" "How can one answer this question?" The fork shrugged, "I was born in a fishing village, grew up in a fishing village, and never thought of leaving the fishing village.." "Shouldn't young people see more of the world?" Saifel slowly approached two steps, "I thought that young people always have the heart of blood youth!" The little girl's voice was a little old-fashioned, but the fork felt that it was not strange for her to express it-knowing that the countess was not as naive as she looked, he would never treat her as an ordinary little girl. Maybe the aristocrats need to see the world, but I'm just a little fisherman. The fork thought about it and said slowly, "The fate of the little people is always like this. I didn't expect to be a hero. I'm satisfied with my life now." "How old are you,stainless steel tube 304, fork?" Saifel asked abruptly. This I'm, I'm going to be sixteen. "No wonder you don't have a name. So you're not an adult yet." Saifir grinned. "Why would a man who is not an adult say such a gloomy thing?"? Little people and big heroes.. Life has just begun, and you have limited yourself to the future? cbiesautomotive.com

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