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Grave search Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:07   Independent & Freelance   Candolim   482 views Reference: 25
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Old Hu waved his hand and said, "All right, you have to let Lao Jin see how much this is worth. We are not the real experts here. Let's not fight here, OK?" Then he handed the pearl hairpin to the big gold tooth. The big gold tooth habitually put it on the edge of his nose and smelled it. Then he weighed the hairpin in the palm of his hand and said, "There is no substantial fixed price for antiques. Things on the market are generally fixed. How much is a catty? The value of antique toys is very arbitrary. As long as there is a buyer, If the buyer recognizes this thing, it is valuable. Otherwise, no matter how good it is, no one will buy it, and it will be worthless if there is no market for it. Sorry, I seem to have mentioned this before, I am not nagging, mainly to explain that most of the funerary objects poured out are discussed according to people, not the dead price set in the industry, this hairpin in my opinion, the level of craftsmanship is exquisite, but also the burial objects of the imperial relatives, at least can be exchanged for thirty or forty thousand! I roughly estimated that if I and the fat man hung the jade chopsticks and porcelain bowls in the bag,Stainless Steel Toilet China, they should be able to exchange for fifty or sixty thousand yuan. Although this inverted bucket can not be said to be a full load, it also has a small gain. Thinking of this, I can not help but feel beautiful. Old Hu said with a smile, "It's all right. I didn't lose money at all. It's thanks to Commander Wang and Master Qi." The big gold tooth went on to say, "Yes, I know an antique collector in Taiwan. He is especially interested in the funerary objects of the Qing Dynasty. If you show him these things that have been poured out, it may be more than this price. If you make him happy,Prison toilet for sale, it is not impossible to give him one hundred and eighty thousand yuan." The fat man patted the big gold tooth on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Lao Jin, this important task will be given to you. Earn back the money that Lao Jiang brought to Taiwan." After everyone agreed, they decided to hand over the funerary objects from the Princess Mausoleum to the big gold tooth to contact the buyer. Because I had to go back to Shanghai to send a message to Pan Jiazu, the trustee, I planned to leave after staying in Beijing for a few days. Besides, we've made a mess of their ancestral land, and we dare not say that we want the twenty thousand yuan we promised before, but this explanation is unavoidable, and this ancestral house in the shade will more or less affect people's life. If we don't rebuild it as soon as possible, I'm afraid Pan Jiazu will have more trouble in business than his social intercourse. I also want to find out whether the ancestors of the Pan family had touched the gold captain. Lao Hu said, "Why don't you stay in Beijing for a few more days? The matter of exchanging the funerary objects for money has not been settled yet. If you want to leave, you have to wait for the money to be divided before you leave. We can study the mysterious art of geomancy together.". I said that as soon as this matter was over, Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, I would come to Beijing to learn more about this industry from you. Besides, I haven't even seen Lao Hu's prospective daughter-in-law yet. I heard that Shirley Yang, who was born in the United States, is not simple. How can I miss such a good opportunity? When the time comes, I hope Lao Hu will introduce you. What prospective wife? Shirley Yang is not a wild girl in a mountain village. I, Lao Hu, will never be able to rely on this relationship in my life. The fat man interrupted and said, "Well, you, Hu Bayi, are also a man who has led soldiers and fought in wars. Staff Officer Yang didn't take this to heart. How can you, Lao Hu, be closed-minded?" Although I have never met Shirley Yang, I have the impression that she is an open-minded and considerate female Comrade. I told myself that I had to come back to Beijing to meet Shirley Yang and get to know her. Chapter 38 Pan Gong's Secret Record (I) As a result of returning to Shanghai this time, although I had already made psychological preparations and planned to let Pan Jiazu scold him without talking back, my heart was still a little difficult. So when I first arrived in Shanghai, I did not go directly to Pan's house to find Pan Jiazu, but turned to the rental house to find Zhang He. He happened to go out and just opened the door. Unexpectedly, he bumped into me head-on. As if he had closed his eyes, he didn't even look at me. Without thinking, he shouted abuse: "Who the *** is the loser who walks with his eyes closed?"? It all bumped into me. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he felt something was wrong. He looked me in the eye and immediately changed his expression and shouted, "It's you.." Qi Shao? Things are done in Beijing. "Top your lungs!" I scold a way: "You his mother's sophistry, go out not to look at a direction, bumped into to still rely on others to come." Zhang He smiled with embarrassment and said, "How do I know? I didn't look ahead just now because I was in a hurry to start work. I didn't expect to bump into you, brother." Work? I said, don't you have a rest at this time? Why are you going to work again now? Are you going to push him a few Pai Gow! As soon as Zhang He heard this, he shook his hands vigorously in front of me, fearing that I had wronged him. He said, "No, absolutely not. I, Zhang He, dare not touch that no matter how I mix it up. I have always kept in mind the words of Qi Shao. I was in a hurry to go out just now because I found another part-time job outside, so that I could earn more money." Today is the first day to start work. If you are late, you will give people a bad impression, right? So that's what happened. I didn't think Zhang He was really a transsexual. He said, "Yes, I should have thought so long ago. I still want to have a drink with you. It seems that it's really not a coincidence!" Zhang He hurriedly welcomed me into the room and said, "It's all right. I'll put down this job today. I still want to eat less with you for this meal. Anyway, it's easy to find a job that sells my strength in Shanghai. I'll find another part-time job another day." I say we go down the street to that "hangout" restaurant! The whole thing there is not bad, and it suits the appetite of the diners. Before I could finish,stainless steel toilet, Zhang He interrupted, "The restaurant was being renovated a few days ago. The shopkeeper has made a little money in the past few years, and now he plans to make the shop bigger. Now it has become a place for rich men. It costs at least a hundred yuan to have a meal there. How about this? Let's save some money and have a hot pot in the house by ourselves. How about we have a good drink?" cnkexin.com

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