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Dad is a dragon Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:07   Independent & Freelance   Fatehpur   314 views Reference: 43
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The mermaid looked at him with colorful glass eyes and a smile on her face. Then he closed his mouth and seemed to be singing. At the same time, the beautiful voice came to Tianyou's ears. The voice echoing in the brain, as if to suck the soul away, makes people intoxicated. —————————————— Behind the scenes production footage Origin of the story The story was brewing in May, when H, who was writing Han Shi Yi Wen Lu. I think the one-to-one H is really not satisfying, and I hope I can write NP. But that pairing has been finalized, and the small attack will never tolerate anyone else to share it. So the story was hatched. All I could think about at that time was H. Xiao Shou is a lovely child, Xiao Gong is not human, and the story is a little surprising at the beginning of the idea. The'bravery 'of the small attackers will frighten the children. Later, when the Sichuan earthquake happened, I saw countless touching stories and thought that this year was indeed a year with many disasters. I hope to write a warm and hopeful story to comfort everyone's heart, so I have this story. Does God bless the brave, kind, intelligent and lovely people to comfort your soul? I hope you can be like God bless, even in the face of difficulties and obstacles do not give up, do your best,ultrasonic cutting machine, there will always be a turning point. About the baby dragon This story was brewed in May, and every time I surf the Internet, I can see the four words'God Bless China '. So let Xiao Shou be called Hua Tianyou, hoping that God will bless China. Why is it a dragon? Because we are all descendants of the dragon, descendants of the Yellow Emperor on the land of China. God bless half human, half dragon, so that he can see things from a human point of view. It is set to be a twelve-year-old boy whose mother is an ordinary Oriental human who has passed away. He was raised by his mother's foster sister. Tongren's aunt deliberately cultivated him into the image of a cute little girl. So he has a lot of friends both inside and outside the school,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and he doesn't feel lonely at all. When Tianyou was born, he was like a human baby, without any strength. He thought he would be an ordinary human, so his father did not bring him to the dragon clan to raise him. He also grew up slowly at the rate of ordinary human beings, but when he was twelve years old, he suddenly grew dragon horns, indicating that the blood of the dragon clan in Tianyou's body began to wake up. Tianyou still does not have the great power of the dragons, but he has another power, that is, human wisdom. After the story, Tianyou will continue to solve problems with his own wisdom. The power of human beings will never lose to demons and monsters. Dad is the Dragon Clan (Father and Son) New Year's Shadow Chapter 18 Chapter Words: 2170 Updated: 08-11-26 20:49 Tianyou listened attentively, felt light and comfortable, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic generator driver, and saw the colorful coral and fish in the sea in front of him. It's so beautiful! [Come on.. Join us … …] The beautiful voice echoed in his mind, tempting him to respond. Don't go! Don't leave me! Suddenly a voice came in, completely breaking the voice in his mind, and the image in front of him disappeared. Tianyou felt that he was in a warm embrace. Second elder brother Ao Lan put the child down and said helplessly, "Have you forgotten what you promised just now?"? It's dangerous for you here. Still not understanding the danger, Tianyou naively took Ao Lan's hand and pointed to the mermaid, saying, "Second brother, look, what a beautiful mermaid!". First time I've seen it! I've only heard it in fairy tales before. Narrator: Come on, this isn't a zoo. It's not a mermaid, it's a shark man. They like to confuse people and never look into their eyes or listen to their songs. The owner of this shop likes to collect souls, so he keeps a bunch of these things.. Ao Lan pulled up Tianyou and walked away, still muttering in her mouth: "Really, obviously I am much more beautiful than him." Narrator: Attention, everyone! It's a'he ', not a'she', and that shark is a male D! Tianyou looked back and saw the shark man sticking in front of the transparent film and watching them leave, with a disappointed face. Tianyou could only watch him wave goodbye. The shark's mouth opened and closed, as if to say, "Welcome to come again next time.". Back to the water pavilion just now, Ao Guang they are still chatting, it is estimated that they did not find Tianyou missing. This made Tianyou breathe a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that his father would punish him. Other Ao Guang may not know that Tianyou is running around, but he doesn't want the child to be afraid of him. He is the Dragon Emperor, and it is easy for people to fear him and revere him, but they don't want their children to revere him as a God, so they are very careful. Seeing them come in, Mr. Lu said to Tianyou with a smile, "The young man is innocent and lovely. He really needs someone to accompany him.". I will lead the way, as long as the little childe likes to tell it, Lu will give you a discount. Mr. Lu walked ahead, and Ao Guang took Tianyou's hand and followed him. The pavilion looks small, but the interior is complex, during which many rare animals are seen. It was really difficult to choose. Ao Guang turned to the other two sons and said, "What suggestions do you have?" Ao Lan picked up a small white ball and put it in Tianyou's hand. The ball moved, revealing a pair of big black eyes, a pointed mouth and two small ears. It turned out to be a snow-white fox. "How about this one?" Tianyou touched the soft fur and couldn't put it down. "So cute!" The little fox kissed Tianyou on the mouth with a chirp and was immediately picked up and thrown away by Ao Guang. The fox can't! Are you kidding? There is already one charming goblin. If there is one more, won't his youngest son be eaten up? Ao Ling pinched an old turtle and said with an expressionless face, "Take care of people and have rich experience." But the tortoise walked so slowly that they had already walked ten meters, and the tortoise was still marking time. Ao Guang: Forget it. Forget I asked you. Ao Guang picked up a small silver dumpling and put it in Tianyou's hand. "Does Youer like it?" The silver dumpling had beautiful scales,ultrasonic metal welding, and its small eyes rolled and whooshed into Tianyou's clothes. Yeah ~ Itchy.. Don't lick there.. Hum ~ ~ ~ "Tianyou moved his hands and feet, reached out to undress, and almost performed a strip show on the spot.". Ao Guang had to use magic to catch the damn Jiao. He almost forgot that Jiao was the most lustful. Not even this one!. fycgsonic.com

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