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Lady Lord from the East Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:12   Independent & Freelance   Canning   420 views Reference: 34
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There are many people who are curious about the origin of these sugars, but more people are thinking about the production and price of this sugar, whether they can buy a batch from Sardinsonshire, after all, foreign businessmen do not go to Prady every day, the market is often unable to sell sugar. Not long after this idea began, the merchants who lived in Dingle found that there was another shop in the town, which sold this kind of sugar, and a lot of it. Some businessmen came in to ask the price and found that the price of the sugar was much lower than that set by foreign businessmen. "This is the wholesale price," said the shopkeeper. "It's only for merchants who buy sugar in large quantities. It starts at one hundred catties. If you sell it at retail, it's still at the market price." If the wholesale price is set at a relatively low level, it is necessary to consider that the merchants have to transport it by themselves after buying it. They have to pay taxes and sell it to the destination, which costs a lot. The price of beet sugar cannot be higher than that of cane sugar. If the price is set at a high level, they will not buy it without earning the difference. Of course, this wholesale price is still very turning for Sardinsburg, after all, how much beet is worth, what price is sugar,custom cosmetic packaging, one in the sky and one in the ground, how they sell will not lose money. The price of sugar in Sardinsburg obviously stimulated these merchants. On the first day of the sugar shop, there was a rush for goods. Some rich and powerful merchants wanted to buy all the sugar in the shop. But unfortunately, they were only allowed to buy one hundred catties of sugar at most in the sugar shop. They also wanted to make a reservation with the manager of the shop, pay a deposit first and then wait for the shipment. They could not exceed one thousand catties at a time. And when the order reaches a certain amount, they don't sell it. Can allow them to order, or because of the new beet delivery,eye cream packing tube, and Wei Wei signed a contract with the beet merchant as promised to send a large number of beets, a full tens of thousands of pounds, but after this batch of beets want to have this year's harvest season. So the sugar business is not always able to do, Wei Wei after preparation from the beet harvest season began to squeeze sugar, and then squeeze to the end of the winter of the new year, the rest of the time no longer do. The question they are considering now is whether to do the sugar business alone. Wei Wei said, "I'm afraid there's no way to keep it secret for a long time that beets can squeeze sugar." Felix nodded. Now that Sardinsburg's every move was being watched closely, the news of their large purchases of sugar beets could not be kept secret forever. Even if their own people did not tell, the sugar beet merchants might leak the news. When those who stare at them find that no new products in Sardinsburg are related to beets, they may guess that the vegetable is related to sugar. After all, sugar cane is not a secret, but the Pradi Empire is not suitable for sugar cane cultivation, so no one does this business, pump tube ,polyfoil tube, but it is impossible for businessmen who often do business across the country not to know the origin of sugar, which is not a secret in those sugar-producing countries. So instead of trying to keep this improbable secret, they want to trade beet sugar for a bigger profit. Felix took out a map of the Prady Empire and ran his finger through several counties near Sardinsonshire, eventually stopping at a territory near the sea. The county of Throat, a county adjacent to the town of Melk, is nearly half the size of Sardinson. The people in the county mainly live on fishing. The county originally belonged to a family of earls, but the family offended the great nobility. The title was reduced to barony, and most of the territory was taken back. Now it is no man's land. Titles are not immutable. If a noble offends the king and the powerful nobles, he will be demoted or even deprived of the title directly. After the demotion of the title, the surplus territory will naturally be recovered, leaving only the area and population of their territory in line with their status, and the recovered territory will be distributed to other nobles as fiefdoms depending on the situation. Now Felix has his eye on this place. Throat County is not a rich county, its own resources are limited, although it is a coastal county, but there is no wharf built in the county, foreign businessmen will not dock there, naturally it is impossible to attract business opportunities, coupled with the original owner is not good at management, so the place is really poor. In such a place, no other nobleman with a little choice would choose such a poor and unpromising fief, so for many years there was no master, only the king's tax collector would make regular trips to collect taxes. Some people may think that it is a good thing that there is no Lord in the territory, because then people do not need to serve. But the fact is that their lives are harder than others. Without the guards of soldiers and knights, wild animals can't be driven away. Robbers can come and go at will, but they still have to pay taxes. But the king's tax collectors only accept money and food, and do not accept labor instead of taxes. In this case, some people often have to starve to death after paying enough taxes. Had it not been for the fact that they did not have to pay extra taxes on fishing and hunting, and could barely make a living when there was no food, I am afraid that after all these years, there would not even be a living person there. Many freedmen who could walk moved to other places, leaving only the old and the sick who could not walk to survive day after day. They are in desperate need of a Lord. Felix, on the other hand, is interested in such a place. Trade the recipe for sugar for the territory with the king? "Wei Wei easily caught his idea." Yes, many of the royal lands are in the western part of the empire, which is the main source of sugar beet. I have learned that your Majesty's land also grows a lot of sugar beet. The recipe for sugar will be a great temptation for him. It is very likely that he will agree to exchange such a land. Wei Wei looked through the information Felix had put together about Slot County and found that the place did not look very good, but in fact it was very promising. Throat County is a coastal county. It has a large area near the sea, and according to the results of the survey, there is an area that is very suitable for the construction of a wharf. It may be that the original Lord did not want to spend this effort, or that he was too poor to build it, but if he could get this land, with Felix's financial resources,tube lip gloss, he could build a good wharf. That's a good idea, but the size of Sardinsonshire should be a standard earldom, and you can have other territories. emptycosmetictubes.com

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