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Peasant woman reborn in the eighties Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:05   Independent & Freelance   Calangute   339 views Reference: 17
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Qin Dazhou went back to the original house to get the usual appliances. When only Li Mei and Liu Yun were left, Li Mei's eyes were red and she took Liu Yun's hand. "Xiao Yun, the luckiest thing for me to marry into the Qin family is to know you as a sister-in-law.". I wouldn't be able to live without you. "Don't cry, sister-in-law, and live a better life in the future." Then she said with a smile, "This house is a little small. I did it on purpose. Fourth Sister will have no place to live when she comes." "Well, it's good. It's convenient here. It's much more convenient than our previous house. It's also close to the vegetable market and Linlin's school." Li Mei has no other idea. Her only idea now is to make money and manage the family well. As for the problem of children, let it be in the future. After all, it's not that she didn't give birth, but that her husband's family didn't give her the chance. The small courtyard was not very peaceful now. Gao Cuihua was waiting at home. Finally, when Qin Dazhou went back, she didn't see Li Mei coming back. She asked, "Where is plum? Isn't she coming back today?"? I have packed my luggage, but I have to catch the bus back at noon. Qin Dazhou replied, "Plum has been discharged from the hospital and has gone to a new house. Four younger sisters will live here alone." Then he went to the kitchen to clean up the pots and pans. What? Let the fourth sister live alone?! Gao Cuihua's face lengthened again. She ran into the kitchen and scolded, "What's the matter? Can Fourth Sister live here alone? Where is your new house? Just let Fourth Sister go with her." Qin Dazhou did not speak, put everything in the basket,beam impact tubes, and went to the room to clean up their family's clothes. Seeing that his eldest son ignored him again, Gao Cuihua hurriedly followed him again, "Big Zhou, why are you so cruel?". "You can't just leave the fourth sister alone." "Mom, I beg you." Qin Dazhou suddenly raised his head, his eyes red and his face painful. He grabbed the clothes in his hands and felt a pain in his heart. "Mom,side impact beams, that's my own flesh and blood, just like you did to the fourth sister.". Can't you understand my feelings now that I don't have that child? Plum is now discharged from the hospital, the body has not been good, our shop is also busy, simply too busy. "I've paid the fourth sister's tuition and living expenses. You can let her live in the school. All the children in the city live in the school. Why can't she live there?" Chapter 32 This is the first time that Qin Dazhou refused Gao Cuihua's request in such a serious and resolute tone. Gao Cuihua was stunned for a moment. In her cognition, she cared less about her eldest son, but her eldest son was always the most obedient and took care of his younger brother and sister. So she always knew that her son would not refuse his request. But in the face of Qin Dazhou like this, She didn't know what to do. After struggling for a long time, she could only cry and shout: "What have I done? I don't worry about one or two things." The eldest son and the third daughter-in-law do not accept their daughter now, Gao Cuihua has no choice but to persuade Qin Simei to live in school. Although Qin Simei did not agree, but there is no other way, can only agree first, beam impact tubes ,cold drawn tubes, but the face is a bitter melon face. When Gao Cuihua saw that the girl was unhappy, she took out the ten yuan that her eldest son had just given her from the bag. "Take it to buy something to eat. Don't suffer yourself.". Mom will come to see you when she finishes her work at home. "Oh-my mother still loves me." Qin Simei laughed. Since Qin Simei lived in school, Qin Dazhou found another night and talked with his daughter-in-law for a long time. The couple once again spoke out their hearts deeply, and they also understood each other's difficulties. The next day, they resumed their previous intimacy. Liu Yun is very happy for their reconciliation, no matter how difficult, the family can not be separated. Qin Dazhou is not wrong, wrong is to have such a spoiled sister. After Li Mei raised her body for two months, the couple began to work on the new shop. The shop in the vegetable market was still in use, so he asked another helper to guard it, while Li Mei's main energy was in the shop. With new things busy, the couple also slowly out of the dark clouds, the face also began to appear a smile. Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder. Liu Yun asked Feng Nan to go to Chuancheng, where he wanted to find a chef who made hot pot. Hot pot is indispensable in winter, and she is going to set aside a special place to eat hot pot on the first floor of the hotel. Feng Nan is also a capable, only went a week, called back, the master please, although the cost is high, but the craft is absolutely authentic. Got the letter, Liu Yun also began to let people customize the hot pot stove and table. Boss Zhao had eaten hot pot before, and he liked the taste very much. The first day the chef came, he showed his skill. The authentic red oil, boss Zhao was so spicy that he couldn't stand up straight, and his mouth was swollen like a sausage. He also praised the authenticity. The publicity of the hot pot has been handed over to Feng Nan, and Liu Yun is planning the New Year's Eve dinner these days. Nowadays, people's consumption concept is very different from that of the future. Everyone prefers to do it at home and eat around the table. At this time, the risk of doing the New Year's Eve dinner project is high, just like recommending combs to monks. Maybe there is no business at all, maybe.. Make a lot of money. Liu Yun's first target group is still the kind of public enterprises or private units, as long as there are many people, she began to send coupons for New Year's Eve dinner. At the same time, professional interior planners were invited to start designing the planning for the New Year's Eve dinner. Don't we have a rest during the Spring Festival? People eat at home during the Spring Festival. Who will come out. Zhao Mushan rarely disapproved of Liu Yun's practice. Uh Liu Yun continued to look at the planning book without raising her head. She carefully considered the whole process, including publicity, preparation of dishes in the early stage, ordering meals in the later stage, and the activity plan of the day. She found that there was no problem,side impact door beams, so she put it in the document bag and handed it to Boss Zhao. Boss Zhao raised his eyebrows. "What are you doing for me?" "This is the arrangement of my whole activity. You leave each stage to Feng Nan alone. I can't stay in the hotel at that time. All these things depend on the big boss." "What?!" As soon as boss Zhao heard that Liu Yun could not sit in town, his face collapsed immediately and he played dead on the table. "Liu Yun, you can't leave me alone at this time." cbiesautomotive.com

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