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Shangguan Dingfeng Thunder Fan Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:07   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   770 views Reference: 24
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"Much better, but not fully recovered." "Are you still going to fight?" "Yes, I have to beat the dragon hand." "Oh, forget it, for a woman who has never seen the light of day, why bother to come?"? A real man, why do you have no wife? Besides, your injury has not fully recovered, and fighting again is only harmful to you. "I don't want that woman to be my wife. I want to get a woman's secret martial arts." "The secret martial arts belong to the old man. You can only get that woman." "The woman may have learned the secret martial arts. If I get her, she will naturally teach me the martial arts." "Not necessarily." Yang Jinhua suddenly giggled and said, "If she doesn't know martial arts and looks like a hag, it would be interesting for you to marry her." Then he giggled again. Then I'll have to complain about my life. "You are so stubborn." Suddenly her cheeks turned white and she looked at the golden boy, as if she had a lot of words in her heart, but she could not say them. The golden boy did not question her unfinished words, nor did he guess her mind. He stood up and said, "Shall we go and have a look again?" Yang Jinhua remained motionless. She gave him a bitter look and said, "I'm not going." "Then I'll go and see alone." He strode out of the cave. But after taking two steps, he returned and said,Service Sink Faucets, "What's your name, Miss Fang?" "What's the use of telling you?" "The grace of saving the girl's life will be repaid by my younger brother later." "Do you know how to repay such a heartless man?" "What are you talking about?" If you want to know the reward, you won't always miss the witch. "Alas!"! How do you want me to report. Suddenly, there was another earth-shaking noise. The golden boy thought, "Oh, no!"! Could it be that they are already cracking the wall to get the treasure? Turning to Yang Jinhua, he said hurriedly,Self-closing Shower Valve, "They may have cracked the stone wall. I have to rush to see it." As soon as the words were finished, regardless of whether Yang Jinhua agreed or not, he ran out of the cave and galloped in the direction of Hades Valley. Yang Jinhua resented: "Smelly boy!" Chasing out of the cave, the figure of the golden boy had disappeared. "Humph!" Said she, suddenly gnashing her teeth in a trance! You want to ignore me? Don't dream that one day I will ask you to beg me on your knees. And went listlessly to the Valley of the Underworld. But the golden boy was anxious about the gains and losses of the secret martial arts. He galloped all the way. When he had a cup of tea, he had already returned to the Valley of the Underworld. He looked around and saw that there was no one in the ring. All the people were concentrated under the left wall, facing the smooth mirror-like cliff. Although there were thousands of people, he could not hear any sound. The golden boy felt uneasy and hurried forward several feet, and saw the masked old man holding the "wind and thunder fan" of Panlong Childe, standing on the solemn ground wall. On the left side of the masked old man stood Panlong Childe, Guo Tian Yunlong, and the leaders of various factions. On the right side stood the nine-clawed Shenlong, Dianweng, stainless steel shower tray ,Flushometer valve, Dongting Laosou, and many other people. Behind them were various masters. They were all facing the cliff. It was the place where the woman made her voice. There was no crack on the wall. The golden boy felt strange and thought, "Wasn't that loud noise just now the sound of a masked old man cracking the wall?"? Why are there no traces? Can't a masked old man crack the wall? With this in mind, he seemed to put down a heavy burden and breathed a sigh of relief. "The masked old man can't crack the stone wall yet," he thought. "I don't think anyone can crack the wall except me." He did not go to the crowd, but stood in a distant corner, watching the people's expressions and actions. It turned out that the masked old man was doing exercises to regulate his breath. Without asking, he knew that the two loud noises he had just heard were the sound of him cracking the wall, which consumed a lot of strength. Suddenly, the people around the masked old man retreated. "Senior," said Jiu Gua Shenlong, "I'll help you." "How can I help?" Asked the masked old man. "Borrow my power." All right, try it. The nine-clawed dragon went to the left side of the masked old man and clung to the left palm of the masked old man with his right palm. The two of them stood in eight-character steps and exercised at the same time. All the onlookers craned their necks and looked on intently. The masked old man suddenly spat and shouted, shaking his right hand "Wind and Thunder Fan" and using the "Five Mountains of Thunder" style, a strong momentum like a river, with a rumbling sound, hit the stone wall. There was a loud noise, which stirred up a pile of dust and drifted across the valley, making people unable to open their eyes. The sound returned to the valley, lasting for a long time, and the branches and leaves on the trees fell one after another, like a shower. Half of the people watching covered their ears with their hands, but they still felt that they could not stand it. Only the place where the fan hit, only printed a horizontal three feet, about five inches deep mark, but no cracking phenomenon. The nine-clawed dragon withdrew his hand from the palm of the masked old man and said, "If you don't know how to fan, it seems that you can't open the wall." The masked old man snorted, as if there was nothing he could do. "The Golden Boy knows how to fan," said Master Panlong. "Why don't you ask him to have a try?" "He knows how to fan," said the nine-clawed dragon, "but he's badly hurt! "It will be impossible for him to recover in a day or two. Besides, if you give him the precious fan, there is no guarantee that he will not suffer." "Father's words are right. If we give him the fan, we'd rather not have the secret book." "I don't believe he dares to have evil thoughts," said the masked old man. "What the elder means is.." said the nine-clawed dragon. "Give him the fan." "What if he resists with a fan?" "The old man is in charge." "He is a descendant of your predecessors." The masked old man sneered, "Do you suspect that our master and disciples are acting?" "Your disciple's martial arts are unfathomable. It's really hard to rest assured." "I don't care much. I have to give him the fan to try." "No," said Master Panlong angrily. "Return the fan to me quickly." Give it back to you? Hey! Hey! I'll give it back to you after the stone wall is cracked. With a crash, he put the fan away and inserted it into his belt. Master Panlong turned over his palms and made a gesture to split them. "Are you going to swallow my fan?" He said angrily. "Treasure, everyone can get it, not to mention you are also a conspiracy to get?"? Hum! If you don't want to die, just do it. Turn around and walk away. The nine-clawed dragon hurriedly stopped him and said,Flush Retrofit Kit, "Aren't you afraid of losing your status?" "The old man had said that he would give the fan to the golden boy to try, but your son insisted that the old man swallowed it up, and the old man simply swallowed it up." cnkexin.com

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