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After returning to the rich and powerful family Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:16   Independent & Freelance   Daltonganj   423 views Reference: 60
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Because of the high popularity of Yang Jin and Qin yuan, together with the halo of Zhang Bitao's youngest Golden Horse movie queen, Yu Shuman was not surprised to be on another hot search. Just at this time, the media broke the photos of Ming Cheng waiting for boarding at the airport, and inferred that his destination was Qingcheng according to the time and boarding gate. Did Yu Shuman happen to be filming "The Whisperer" in Qingcheng? Wuwuming is always so sweet ~ "Ever since I watched We're in Love, I've been envying my sister Man and General Manager Ming every day [laughing and crying]." "I'm sitting high on Lemon Hill.jpg" "Are you so sure you're going to visit the class?"? If it's not Yu Shuman powder, how can I wash the floor? "Are you sour today?.jpg" "You are so sour.jpg" Unfortunately, no matter how heated the discussion among netizens was, Yu Shuman did not make any response. She was addicted to filming. Even Le Peng called to ask, which was also answered by Ming Cheng, who was watching her filming on the set. Hearing Ming Cheng's voice, Le Peng's heart, which had been hanging a little, was put down with a thump. Yes, there was no need to worry at all. But she still reminded: "Ming Zong, you were photographed at the airport yesterday." “…… Then Ming Cheng frowned, and after a moment he reacted,temperature screening kiosk, oh, "I can send a location on Weibo." Le Peng Xindaoming was always on the right track, and then casually asked about Yu Shuman and hung up the phone. When Yu Shuman came back after a play, he handed her his cell phone, "Miss Le called you." "Eh?"? What did she say? Yu Shuman paused as he drank the water. Said you were on the hot search. Mingcheng held up his mobile phone, took a picture secretly,digital whiteboard price, and then updated his micro-blog from her point of view. Ming Cheng V: Your Fairy [Love] The accompanying picture shows Yu Shuman wearing a costume and holding a water bottle. He combs his hair in an updo. Under the style button of his military uniform, there are obvious undulating body curves and bright red lips. Micro-blog positioning: Qingcheng · Zhongshan 4th Road. Then Yu Shuman said, "Do you want me to send Weibo?" "Don't worry about it." Ming Zong, who had just finished his micro-blog positioning, waved his big hand, "Everything should be responded to. It's better to eat more when you are free. The response also seems guilty." Yu Shuman blinked and felt that Ming was right. She drank a bottle of water and got up to go to the toilet as if she had been driven away by a dog. Ming Cheng looked up at her, lowered his head and began to look at the comments under Weibo with interest. The first popular comment: "There are many former mansions on Zhongshan 4th Road. Did Ming always go to visit Sister Manman's class? [Excited]" Ming Cheng replied, "Yes." The second popular comment: "General Manager Ming took a beautiful picture of Sister Manman!"! Have you ever studied photography? Ming Cheng replied, "Just so so. I've been playing for a few days." Continue to turn down again, all is rainbow fart, basic is to praise Yu Schumann looks beautiful, he patted well, Interactive digital signage ,smart interactive whiteboard, not too much new ideas, Ming Cheng soon visual fatigue, lack of interest out of the micro-blog. Yu Shuman's next scene is with Qin yuan. Chen Li, director of the Bureau of Military Affairs, began to suspect that Zhao Xinyu was the traitor who had caused the failure of several operations. In order to prove his idea, he held a banquet and invited Zhao Xinyu to the banquet. This scene focuses on the psychological performance of the characters. Yu Shuman's acting skills, which she had worked hard to practice before, are fully demonstrated. The sudden flash of murder in her eyes represents that she is considering whether she needs to create a mess to assassinate Chen Li. But her face was still smiling, even with a touch of blush after drinking. The shooting scene was very quiet, and everyone held their breath and was brought into the story scene by the sparks flying between Yu Shuman and Qin yuan. In a trance, they thought they were one of them. Zhong Heping looked at the situation and felt that the atmosphere was just right. Instead of calling a halt, he called Yang Jin over and whispered a few words. The director did not stop, Yu Shuman and Qin yuan can only continue to play. Looking at each other longer and longer, the meaning of the eyes also changed, and finally understood each other's inner thoughts, he was sure that she was a mole, she knew that she was exposed, after today, all the previous ambiguity turned into a life-and-death struggle. Just then, a man in a suit came in from the door, "Director Chen, so you are here." Zhong Heping directly brought up the next scene. Zhang Fuzhi, the leading actor played by Yang Jin, is an industrialist who is important to the Kuomintang. He is also a liaison officer lurking in Qingcheng. He is responsible for meeting Zhao Xinyu. Knowing that there must be variables in tonight's banquet, he came to take her away. All right, it's over! Zhong Heping shouted to stop at the right time, and a burst of applause broke out around him. Zhang Bitao patted his heart and looked at Yu Shuman. "I was scared to death. I thought it was true just now. I was afraid that you would fight and then I would be shot." Yu Shuman breathed a long sigh of relief, "Teacher Qin's acting is really." My palms are nervous and sweaty. Feel it. "You're awesome, too." Zhang Bitao gave her a thumbs-up, "it's getting better and better." Below the remaining two scenes are supporting roles, Yu Shuman can rest in the side, Zhang Bitao simply pulled her together to take self-portraits to play. Then quietly took a photo of Zhang Yu Shuman and Ming Cheng standing together and posted it on Weibo, "Zhang Bitao V: I didn't expect that one day my cute CP would appear in front of me. For the sake of Ming Zong's kindness to my sister Man, I can ignore the fact that he threw me and @ Yang Jin @ Qin yuan outside the hot pot restaurant yesterday [dog head] @ Yu Shuman @ Ming Cheng". Kind of a response to what happened last night. The net friend thought that quite strange point is: "Seemed since" Summer "after Yu Shuman has been playing with the present entertainment circle first echelon? At first it was Sheng Meixin and Liu yuan, then Tong Ran, and now it's Zhang Bitao and Qin yuan and Yang Jin. At this time, it's not raising a kid, is it? "It's not impossible. I heard that a popular actress used to be like this. She had a bad time in the early stage. Later,temperature scanning kiosks, she went to Thailand and received a big director's play as soon as she came back." Some people do not believe this, "you might as well say that she was with Ming Zong, and everyone began to associate with her for the sake of Ming Zong." "What did Sheng Meixin and Liu yuan say? Were they together at that time?" hsdtouch.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable